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Ellen | 2318 comments Morocco in the 1950's was a glamorous and exciting place for 'Tangerines', or those who lived in Tangier. Alice Shipley lives there with her husband John but while John embraces all that the city has to offer, Alice is afraid to venture outside of their apartment. A knock on the door one afternoon brings Alice back to her days at Bennington College as she is surprised to see her old college roommate, Lucy, standing in front of her. The two women had not seen each other in several years since a horrible accident separated them...Alice to the hospital and then into the care of a spinster aunt and Lucy to New York City. Alice is confused by Lucy's sudden appearance in Tangier and not entirely pleased to see her. Lucy has always made Alice slightly uncomfortable and rightly so; Lucy is obsessed with her friend. When John goes missing, Alice begins to suspect that Lucy may have something to do with his disappearance but it is possible that Alice is losing her grip on reality.

It is hard to like a book when I don't like the characters and I liked none of them. There is obviously mental illness in play here but it is difficult to say which of the two women is the one afflicted; very possibly it is both. There is some suspense to the story but other than that - meh.

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Jgrace | 3109 comments I'll take your word for it. Thanks for sparing me the pain.

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