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The Court of Broken Knives (Empires of Dust #1)
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Good Morning D&J members! I'm pleased to announce another author Q&A for the Mod Special. Anna Smith Spark has kindly agreed to answer any questions about her novel.

Welcome Anna and a big Thank You.

I just wanted to officially set up this thread in case anyone has already read the book and wants to start asking questions. I'll be starting the book after I finish my current one. ^_^

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Cupcakes & Machetes (hybridcreature) | 884 comments Mod
Okay, it's a good chunk of the way through the month and I've finished the book so I'll try to get the questions rolling.

Anna, what first inspired you to write this story?

Alan | 158 comments I'm not finished yet (only about 60 pages in so far), but am really enjoying this one. I wasn't sure at first, as I think I'm tapped out on roaming bands of mercenaries (I just happen to have read a lot of this this year--nothing against it in the least), but the courtly chapters sucked me in immediately and now I'm finding it hard to put down.

This is a weird question (or possibly series of questions), but to preface: I am intensely obsessed with ancient Carthage, and wrote my own MS about seven (eep! Was it really?) years or so ago. It's a fantasy version of the Carthaginian empire and its neighbours. I shopped it around a bit but it shelved it temporarily as it seemed too long for a first novel, but it's still probably the best thing I've written.

Some of the mythology I was drawing on seems to have been an influence on your book as well, enough that I assume you've probably also done a lot of research on what little we do know about Carthage and Punic culture/Phoenician culture more generally. I know when I was writing, because the evidence is so sparse, I also ended up drawing on a variety of other cultural inspirations and historical data to flesh out the city and its environs.

My question is how you approached this same issue/if it was something that even was an issue for you, but also (assuming Carthage/Phoenician culture was an inspiration), what drew you to it? It's not something you often see, and so I'm super excited about that element in your story, and that another fantasist might share that interest!

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