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Suzy Davies | 2 comments The classic story is they did not do well in math because they wanted to figure out all the alternate ways to work out that math problem rather than stick with the formulaic instructions handed down by the teacher. How do we support original thinkers in their enthusiasm to learn and explore and innovate while making sure we teach them what we need them to know in order to move on from one lesson to another?

A very useful and inspiring article! I was the classic "sucks at Math" kid in a girl's grammar school in late 60's Britain. I hated the formulaic approach to Math and the way in which it was taught. Fast forward to an Adult Learning Centre in Britain four years ago, and I met a magical Math teacher! I actually succeeded where I had only known failure before! The reason - the instructor knew how to hook her students and captivate them. I was stunned when she opened a class about symmetry with Blake's poem, "Tyger, Tyger burning bright ...." I listened and learned. She geared her teaching to all kinds of learning styles, and delivered it clearly, concisely with minimal "teacher talk" eliciting answers from motivated, engaged learners - from teens to adults, in bite-sized chunks. The classes were always well planned, yet she allowed for that element of creative spark and spontaneity that did away with rote, unmeaningful learning.

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