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message 1: by Sheila Jean (last edited Aug 30, 2018 12:06AM) (new)

Sheila Jean | 326 comments I read The Secrets of Nanreath Hall by Alix Rickloff on the transcon flight to Seattle. In fact I'm still on the plane.... The book was on Veronica's Lems Library shelves, probably because the author also does paranormal romance.

Anyway, this is historical fiction (the mystery romance dual timelines variety). Thought it was a decent read. Don't need to take it home with me if anyone's interested in trying to nab it from me over the course of the weekend.

If not obvious from the title, the place to do this would be at or in the immediate vicinity of PAX West in Seattle.

message 2: by terpkristin (new)

terpkristin | 4222 comments I’m going to be there...

I’ll be enforcing in the mornings but otherwise around.

message 3: by Sheila Jean (new)

Sheila Jean | 326 comments If you want the book, message me and we figure out details. I'm also Enforcing mornings.

message 4: by Mark (new)

Mark (markmtz) | 2590 comments Muggle question. What's Enforcing? I envision both of you walking around with a baseball bat, liberally applying upside heads as needed.

message 5: by Sheila Jean (last edited Aug 30, 2018 12:32PM) (new)

Sheila Jean | 326 comments Yeah, the name does evoke that image. Enforcer is the name that PAX coined for their volunteer workforce when they started the convention. The name stuck, but we're generally answering questions, corralling lines, and staffing areas for tabletop, console, video game play and tournaments, etc. Link

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