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message 1: by Milena (new)

Milena (love_tea78) | 157 comments It's interesting to me that before reading TBTHC, you felt that Alexander had more power in the relationship than Tatiana. I haven't read TBTHC, I've read Tatiana and Alexander, but I always thought that Tatiana had more power in their relationship. In all their fights and disagremments Alexander always yielded to Tatiana's wishes.

message 2: by Milena (last edited Aug 30, 2018 04:50PM) (new)

Milena (love_tea78) | 157 comments There has been a lot of discussion in this group about Dasha and Alexander and if they had sex after Luga. There is no clear answer and every reader has their own thoughts on the issue. I chose to believe that they didn't have sex after Luga. Nowhere does it say explicitly that Alexander and Dasha were having sex while Tatiana was waiting on the roof (at least not in any American editions). This is the beauty of Paullina's books. Her characters are complex and flawed, their relationships are complex and flawed, and she puts her characters through the ringer before they can get their HEA. Alexander and Tatiana had to fight very hard for each other and for their happy ending because everything was stacked against them. So if they made mistakes and weren't always perfect, I chose to forgive them both!

message 3: by Patty (new)

Patty (semj) | 14 comments All I know is that Dasha told Tatiana that she didnt have sex with Alexander since August, I don’t remember very well which month Luga took place...maybe once or twice Alexander had sex with Dasha after Luga, maybe a quick cold sex .... I hope

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