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Book Issues > 6680424.Kagen_Lesley appears to be a fake translator as the books listed don't exist.

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message 1: by Steven (new)

Steven | 28 comments Looks like someone created a fake Kagen Lesley that is a translator.

I can find a Lesley Kagen as an author on Amazon but it shows no translation work.
This GoodReads author matches whats on Amazon

All of the books I tried on the Kagen_Lesley page are not found when you click the Amazon link.

FYI I also opened this issue for one of those books

message 2: by Renske (new)

Renske | 11543 comments Sometimes automatic imports list the narrator as translator (some incorrect listed data at the source of the import) which seems to be the case here.
And not all books can be found on Amazon. As in your other thread, an edition can be only available at other places, such as overdrive.

Some edits would be needed, but it doesn't seem to be fake.

message 3: by Steven (new)

Steven | 28 comments So since WorldCat seems to be the source and have wrong data about Lesley Kagen's being the reader. It seems likely that if she had been the reader for all those books she would have something about it on her website but she doesn't.

I'm thinking someone moved these off her name which is in WorldCat on to the reversed name to preserve the bad data.

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