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Need help finding this book !

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message 1: by Hailey' (new)

Hailey'  (hayley-glockpaperscissors) | 3 comments I cant seem to remember the title for the life of me ! Read it few years ago.

Similar to charade. Sort of.

Girl is on campus, goes to house party with roomates and catches boyfriend cheating. Runs out and meets hero. I believe the house knew ( a bunch of guys living there including not sure if it's a frat or they play a sport)
Guys new he was cheating but never told her.

They become friends and eventually more. 2 scenes I remember the most is that some friends the heroine and hero go to a cottage or away together with everyone after getting together.

Shes in the basement of the house think at least or separate room when she has a panic attack or memory. Her ex was trying to talk to her and she goes into this attack and he thinks shes wanting to get back together, hero comes and the ex says to leave them but the hero makes him realize shes not interested and help her through the attack.

TIA I really want to re read. I really liked the development and story.

message 2: by Nicole (new)

Nicole | 2 comments Sounds good, would love to read it too!!

message 3: by Hailey' (new)

Hailey'  (hayley-glockpaperscissors) | 3 comments Forgot to update! I found it on the Facebook find that book page !

Its anti step brother by tijan

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