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Satoshi sat at a bar stool, legs crossed and eyes narrowed. He had a board expression on his face, as a couple of people surrounded him. They were practically begging for the chance to speak with him, and their neediness was irritating. "Sorry, I don't date people who are on their deathbed, gramps." Satoshi spat, turning towards the bar tender. His narrow eyes and resting bitch face seemed to intimidate/attract most, but Satoshi was on neutral terms with the bartender. They got along nicely, without anything weird going on in between.

"I'd like a strawberry sunrise." Satoshi said, resting his head on his hands. He bit his lip slightly, bored of being at the bar. He was initially trying to scout out some cuties and waste a bit of time, but so far nobody was catching his eyes. Huffing a groan, he sipped the drink that the bartender handed him. Satoshi spun in his chair so his back was no longer facing the rest of the bar. His snake like eyes surveyed the room quickly, as he sipped the fruity drink.

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The cold air nipped at Niko’s now slightly pointed ears. He tugged at the hood of his dark cloak, draping it over his head so it fell directly in front of his eyes. He trudged down the street, clutching a small metal flask in his hand. His fingertips had faded into white, due to his strong grip on the metal object. A small frown graced Niko’s already bored looking face, as he pulled the door to the bar open. Niko bit his lip softly, as he was instantly hit with a blast of warm air coming from the fireplace.

Niko began making his way to the end of the bar, sitting down at a table in the corner where he could only be seen by the people sitting at the bar. Niko plopped down onto a wobbly stool, reaching up to pull his hood back. He tugged at the hood slightly, letting it naturally slide back into his back. His messy brown hair was revealed, causing Niko to run a hand through it. He made sure his hair covered the pointed tips of his ears. Niko set the flask into the table, before unscrewing the fight metal cap. He brought the flask to his lips, before talking a small sip of the metallic tasting liquid.

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Satoshi spotted someone enter the bar- he narrowed his eyes ever so slightly, as he stopped biting his lip. Standing up abruptly to the point where he got a bit dizzy, he shoved past the people that had been near him. He kept his light green eyes on the boy, not even bothering to be discreet. Once he made his way to the back of the bar with his drink in hand, he leaned against the table that the stranger was sitting at.

"Hey hot stuff." Satoshi practically purred, setting his drink down on the table. He definitely didn't know what personal space was, as he snaked his way onto the stranger's lap. It was an odd position Satoshi was in, but he basically was straddling him. "What's your name?" He asked, biting his lip ever so slightly. He leaned forwards a bit, now noticing the sharp fangs that poked out, as well as the smell of blood. "Haha, what the fuck?" Satoshi questioned out aloud- had he encountered another enigma like himself? Well, Satoshi didn't really mind- he hadn't mingled with a vampire before, maybe it'd be interesting.

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Niko paused for a moment, setting the flask down. He grimaced slightly, as the warm liquid trickled down his throat. The metallic taste repulsed him, but he refused to drink from humans, despite how much he craved human blood. Niko knew once he tasted it, he would never be able to go back. Niko was too busy staring at the flask to notice someone walking up to the table. He gazed down at his barely noticeable warped reflection in the metal surface.

Niko didn't respond at first. How the hell was someone supposed to respond to that. "None of your damn business." Niko replied, before glancing up at the male. Sure, he was very attractive, but- No. Niko needed to stop, but before he could respond with something rude, the stranger had already seated himself on Niko's lap. "What the fuck are you doing?!" He questioned, unaware of the slight flush of his pale cheeks. Niko had no idea his fangs were visible, until he felt a sharp prick on his lower lip. He quickly brought his hand to his mouth, covering up the slightly red teeth.

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Satoshi's lips curved into a smirk, as he stared at the boy, who was most definitely a vampire. Thinking about it now, Satoshi could smell the blood on his clothing. To be frank, it was disgusting. It reeked, but he didn't say anything. The incubus wouldn't let that deter him though, as he wrapped his arms around the other boy's neck. He leaned even closer than before, his lips close to brushing against the vampire's ear.

"You know..You're not the only one with a secret- I'm an incubus..Do you know what that means? ♥" Satoshi whispered, eyes lighting up as he pulled away. The annoyance in the other male's voice only made him continue. "You look like you could use some excitement in your life. I'd be happy to entertain the thought of it for you." Satoshi said, letting his hand rest on the other male's shoulder. It'd definitely be a sight to see for anyone who happened to look over at the two of them.

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Niko glared at the male on his lap, although he hardly had the strength to shove him off. His face flushed red when the other male whispered in his ear. He could feel the tips of his ears heating up from embarrassment, and hoped that they weren’t poking out. “I-I know what that means...idiot.” He mumbled, averting his empty gaze. Niko’s gaze drifted down to Satoshi’s neck. No- he couldn’t! But the temptation was almost irresistible.
Niko could feel his hand drifting away from his mouth, lowering itself back down to his lap. His mouth opened slightly, revealing the fangs once more. Niko didn’t know how much longer he could contain himself, seeing that the temptation was becoming too much.

Niko couldn’t take it anymore. “Just..Just shut up.” Niko said, before sunk his teeth into Satoshi’s neck. The taste was almost indescribable. Niko instantly felt better. He felt stronger, more alert, as the blood entered his system. Although as soon as Niko began to feel better, he quickly pulled away, holding his hand to his mouth. “Fuck!” He cursed, as his fangs began to retract. Niko didn’t know what to do. He hoped he pulled away fast enough, so the other male wouldn’t turn.

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Satoshi definitely didn't expect to get turned, or even bitten by the vampire. He at first let his smirk become more visible when he felt the male's lips brush against his neck. "That's a little kinky." He commented, before his eyes widened. A sharp pain sunk into Satoshi's neck, and when the vampire's fangs retracted, he practically hopped off of him. A dizzy feeling came across him, as he held a hand two where the freshly bleeding bite mark was.

"You..You fucking creep!" Instead of giving away the fact that he was bitten by the vampire, he said something more incriminating. It was a lie of course, but Satoshi had most people in the bar wrapped around his finger. "Help!" He said, turning towards a tall male. He had a scared look on his face- "He.. He did something despicable!" Satoshi lied, making up a story to tell the stranger. He wasn't sure whether or not the male would do anything to the vampire.

Satoshi's grip on the bite marks tightened slightly, as he hissed a bit in pain. It hurt like hell, but he wasn't exactly sure what was going on. He felt odd, and his senses seemed a lot more improved than before. Satoshi's eyes narrowed at the vampire, and his fists clenched tightly. Whoever that vampire was, they definitely didn't have self control. "What an asshole" He grumbled, licking his lips. Before Satoshi could do so, his tongue grazed his unnaturally sharp canines. They weren't that sharp before, which made his concerns sky rocket.

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Niko didn't expect Satoshi to react in such a manner. Most people were too dazed to realize what had happened. Niko was relieved when the other male hopped off of his lap, although he hoped that he wouldn't say anything about what had occurred. "I'm the creep?! You came over and sat on my lap!" Niko retorted. He scoffed when Satoshi lied about what Niko had done. He didn't defend himself, there wasn't a need to. All Niko had to do was turn invisible and slip away.

"My god." He grumbled, clearly annoyed with Satoshi. Niko ran a hand through his hair, which revealed the pointed tips of his ears. He frowned at being called an asshole, and quickly stood up, causing his chair to tip over and hit the wall. "I may be an asshole. But at least I'm not a slut." Niko retorted, unaware of the fact that his words could deeply impact Satoshi. He crossed his arms and returned Satoshi's glare.

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Satoshi's much more suave nature seemed to come crashing down at Niko's insult. Sure, he tended to be over dramatic and emotional, but insults like that really got to him. It wasn't his fault that it was practically in his blood to be a lot more sexual than most. Satoshi's narrowed eyes widened ever so slightly. His words cut deep, albeit Satoshi trying to remain tough.

"I- I'm not a slut." Satoshi spat angrily. He tried to seem angry. He tried to keep glaring at Niko, but his bottom lip trembled ever so slightly. and tears welled up in his eyes. Noticing this himself, Satoshi sent an angry tear filled look towards Niko and spun away on his heel. He shoved past a few people, before going back to the bar to sulk. Satoshi didn't know why exactly he was crying- while he cried out of anger often, he felt a bit of sadness. He was used to being called terrible things. To be considered "absolutely filthy", and normally those things didn't affect him.

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Niko had really fucked up this time, hadn't he? Niko shouldn't have called the boy a slut, as it obviously had an impact. "Hey- I'm-" He began, stuttering slightly, but Satoshi had already turned away. Damn it. Niko thought. He had no idea why he felt bad. Usually, offending someone had little to no effect on him anyways.

Niko decided that he should apologize. He reached down and drank what was left in the flask. Niko almost gagged at the foul tasting liquid. "Ugh...fuck.." He grumbled. Niko tossed the flask into his pocket, and began walking to the bar. He didn't apologize to the people he rudely bumped into. Once he reached the bar, Niko swallowed his pride and sat down next to Satoshi. He tried to say "I'm sorry," And "Are you okay?" at the same time, and ended up asking "Are you sorry?!"

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Satoshi brought a hand to his neck, where Niko had bitten him. "Stupid vampire." He grumbled to himself, earning a look from the bar tender. He ordered another drink, not wanting to damage his pride by grabbing the one he left at Niko's table. Side eyeing Niko, he wiped his eyes. "I beg your pardon?" Satoshi questioned, before smirking ever so slightly.

"Am I that hard to resist?" Satoshi asked, picking up the drink the bar tender sat down for him. Taking a sip, he opened his mouth as if he were to speak again. "But no- I'm not apologizing. I didn't do anything wrong." He set his drink back down on the table, slamming it slightly. "Also, what the fuck did you do to me?!" Satoshi asked, raising his voice at the vampire. The area where he had been bitten was sore, and still bleeding a bit. Satoshi's teeth on the other hand, were sharp, but not sharp enough to puncture his lip.

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"I-" Niko began, clenching his fist. "That's not what I meant to say, alright?" Niko took a deep breath. He wasn't too keen on the whole 'apologizing' thing, so Niko had no idea where to start. Niko rolled his eyes at Satoshi's question. "Sooo hard." He replied, voice monotone.

Niko wasn't quite sure how to respond. "I- You sat on my lap? That-" Niko began, but stopped himself. Even though he felt he did nothing wrong, he needed to apologize. "Are you stupid? I bit yo-" Oh. That's what Niko did. "Uh- Sorry?" Niko said halfheartedly. He didn't mean it of course. Niko felt no remorse whatsoever. He was only worried for himself, and the fact that he might have turned Satoshi.

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Satoshi went to take another sip, before practically gagging. "No shit, Sherlock!" He said sarcastically rolling his eyes. "I mean, I think you turned me into a vampire!" Satoshi continued to raise his voice, before abruptly stopping to take a breath. "Listen. I don't know who you are, but biting me crosses the line. Unless, it's in bed of course." Satoshi said winking, before getting back to the main topic.

Satoshi sent a weary glance towards his drink. "I already have enough on my plate. I don't need some weird vampire bothering me." He said, acting as if he hadn't mentioned what he was to the other boy earlier. Satoshi crossed his arms, slanted eyes watching Niko carefully.

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Niko furrowed his eyebrows. "I- Are you sure?!" He questioned, a panicked expression spreading across his face, "I don't think it would happen that fast..if even." Niko mumbled. Surely he wouldn't get in trouble for something like that-although Niko wasn't sure how or why he would. A crimson blush spread across Niko's pale face. "I-Wha- Thats not- huh?!" He sputtered, unable to formulate a response.

Niko shook it off and collected himself. "Alright then. Incubus" Niko retorted, turning away. Niko turned to the bartender and ordered red wine. It would taste repulsive, but Niko wouldn't mind. He wondered if he could still get drunk- probably not , although it's definitely worth a shot.

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Satoshi rested his head on his hand, letting out an exasperated sigh before standing up. "God, you're a mess." He said, leaving some money on the counter. It looked as if he had left a little more, maybe enough to pay for a glass of red wine, but you couldn't tell. "And honestly, it's a little pathetic." Satoshi shrugged a bit, biting his lip ever so slightly. He wanted to get over that night's events soon, but he wasn't too sure. He wanted to have the vampire's attention. Most people gave attention to Satoshi whenever he wanted, yet Niko didn't. To Satoshi, Niko was a challenge that he'd need to overcome.

Leaving the bar again, Satoshi looked for someone else to mingle with. He made eye contact with a few people, before walking over to a cute boy. Letting his hand graze the male's bicep, he sparked up a conversation. Satoshi would spare a few glances towards the vampire every now and then, but nothing too obvious. After a bit of talking, Satoshi had become a bit bored. The male on the other hand, seemed very interested in Satoshi- which was unsurprising.

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"And you're a bitch." Niko responded, before taking a sip of the wine that had just arrived. Jesus, it tasted awful, but Niko kept drinking until the glass was empty. He pushed it to the end of the bar, before turning around in his chair. He needed to keep an eye on Satoshi, just incase he would turn. Niko groaned softly when his eyes landed on Satoshi, who was chatting with another male. "What the hell is he doing?!" Niko mumbled to himself, hopping down from the chair.

Niko felt nothing. No buzz, absolutely nothing. A small frown appeared on his face. Of course, he should have expected that. Niko made sure to keep an eye on Satoshi. He got a little bit closer, although he hoped that Satoshi wouldn't notice him.

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Satoshi didn't notice he had moved, until he glanced once more, only to see that the vampire was gone. Sighing softly, he practically froze when he felt a hand on his chin, forcing Satoshi to turn and look at the other male. Satoshi raised an eyebrow. "Excuse me?" He asked, taking a small step back. That didn't seem to do much though, as the other male stepped closer to him. "Look, I think I'd prefer someone...less uglier than you." He grumbled, before receiving an angry look.

Satoshi's thick eyebrows furrowed angrily as he listened to the other male begin to rant. The other male even thought threatening him would be a good idea. Yet, the man Satoshi had been flirting with wasn't the only one seeing red. Satoshi grabbed him by his shirt collar, and pulled him close. "Shut the hell up." He said coldly, then proceeded to bite him. He definitely seemed like a different person. Realizing what he had done, Satoshi's eyes widened and he pushed the stranger away. "Oh shit, oh fuck." Satoshi stammered, snapping out of whatever state he had been in. He looked like he was panicking, and instead of trying to ask if the stranger was alright, he stood there freaking out.

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“Fuck!” Niko exclaimed as he saw Satoshi bite some random male. In a split second, Niko was standing right beside Satoshi, ready to pull him away. “What the hell were you thinking!?” He asked, grabbing the male by the shoulders and pulling him away. People were starting to get wary. The male that satoshi had bitten was freaking out, although Niko highly doubted that Satoshi turned him. Niko heard murmurs about vampires throughout the bar, although he believed everything to be fine until someone shouted: “There! The vampires are over there!”

“Shit!” Niko cursed, letting go to yank his hood over his head. He reached out and grabbed Satoshi’s hand, pulling him towards Niko. Niko turned to the side, and began making his way through the crowd of people. Niko had to get out of there fast. It was his fault that Satoshi was now a vampire, and he needed to deal with the issue. But for now, the two needed to get out of there before the guards showed up. There was an exit that lead to some alley ways in the cellar, Niko was hoping they could escape through there.

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Satoshi glanced towards Niko, wide eyes now narrowed again. "I..I don't know! It just happened!" He responded, unsure of why he bit him. Was being a vampire like that? Uncontrollably impulsive, and out of control? Or was it simply because he was knew to the whole shebang? Satoshi didn't care- he wanted to be normal again. Well, as normal as an incubus could get.

Satoshi followed Niko to the best of his ability- he wasn't much of a runner, but he was pretty in shape. He held Niko's hand tightly, not realizing that he was digging his nails into the other boy's hand. Once they got out into the alley ways, he turned his head to see if anyone was following them, only for a bunch of his hair to get in his eyes. Groaning, Satoshi brushed his hair away from his face and sighed in relief when no one was there.

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Niko rolled his eyes for what seemed like the tenth time. “We can discuss this later. Let’s just focus on getting out of here.” Niko continued to pull Satoshi along. Once they reached a small staircase, Niko quickly started hopping down the steps, his grip tightening on Satoshi’s hand. When they were about halfway down, Niko heard voices. He quickly picked up the pace while going down. The voices seemed to get closer and closer, until Niko was sure that they would be caught. Civilians weren’t allowed in the cellars, and word had already broken out that vampires were in the bar.

Niko quickly noticed a door, and pulled Satoshi over to it. He slipped inside before he could notice that it was a closet. A small blush crept across his face when he noticed how close Niko was to Satoshi. Since it was dark, he hoped that Satoshi wouldn’t notice. Niko took a deep breath, trying to collect himself. As he did so, he could now smell Satoshi’s pheromones. Usually, Niko would have detected such a thing, but the smell of alcohol must have blocked it out while they were upstairs.

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Satoshi crossed his arms, noticing how cramped the closet was. He didn't complain though, since Niko had saved them. "I didn't mean to do that." Satoshi whispered, before Niko could even begin to think of chastising him. He was thoroughly fed up with the vampire boy- whose name, he still hadn't gotten yet. Satoshi himself was rather angry- he didn't really care too much about the stranger he was flirting with getting hurt, as he was more focused on the fact that he could never show himself in that particular pub again.

Satoshi glanced at Niko. He couldn't tell the boy was blushing, but with the awkward way he was standing, and the deep breath, he figured something was up. Satoshi scooted closer to Niko, closing any distance they had between them. "Say..You can't seem to get enough of me, can you?" Satoshi asked, breaking into the habit of biting his lip. What he didn't expect, was for a fang to puncture it. Softly hissing in pain, he wiped at the blood that was now going down his chin.

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"It doesn't matter now. We just need to get out of here." Niko repeated. His face grew even more flushed as Satoshi got closer. Sure, Satoshi was probably the most attractive person Niko had ever met- no. Niko couldn't think in such a manner. He didn't deserve to think in such a manner after what he had done. "S-Shut up." Niko mumbled, turning his head to the side to avert Satoshi's gaze. By now, Niko's entire face was bright red. He hoped that Satoshi wouldn't notice.

A splitting pain shot through Niko's head. One hand clasped over his mouth to muffle the soft cry of pain, Niko used the other to rub the back of his head. The scent of Satoshi's blood triggered something in him. He was starving. The animal blood barely did anything, and Satoshi's blood made him feel so much better. He wanted more- He needed more. But he couldn't, not again.

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Satoshi took a step back, noticing the slight blush. "What a virgin." He said under his breath, as he uncrossed his arms. He was still having a hard time grasping what was going on. "I'm shouldn't be a vampire- why the hell would you turn me into one?" Satoshi rambled, voice raising as he continued to speak.

Satoshi raised an eyebrow, almost immediately shutting up when he heard Niko's cry. "What's wrong?" He asked, trying to remain nonchalant. Of course, he was curious about what was going on, but he didn't care too much. A part of him thought that he should step out of the closet and go home, but since Niko helped him out, he decided to stay.

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Even though Niko was experiencing chronic pain, he still felt the need to reply to Satoshi's little comments. "I-I'm not a-" He began, Niko huffed. "That's none of your business anyways.." Niko rubbed the back of his head once more. "I- I wasn't thinking! Biting is a defense mechanism, alright?!" Niko retorted. He quickly lowered his voice. "I think there's a way to turn you back. Maybe." Niko mumbled, uttering the last part quietly.

"I'm fine...it's nothing," Niko lied. Another jolt of pain shot through his head, causing Niko to let out another slight cry of pain. He wondered if he could possibly make it long enough to get out of the city and find someone to feed on. It was very tempting though, seeing that Satoshi was right there. The scent of his blood was still very prominent in the air. Niko didn't know how much longer he could last without going crazy.

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Satoshi snickered a bit, leaning close to Niko again. With a mischievous glimmer in his eyes, he put a hand on the other male's shoulder. He definitely didn't know what he was messing with- Satoshi could only imagine the vampire in front of him as an antisocial person with self restraint. He'd be in for a surprise though soon.

Satoshi could taste the coppery liquid of his blood, frowning when a bit more dripped from his lip. A few drops landed on Niko's shirt, and he groaned. "Sorry, that was an accident." Satoshi said, before moving his hand from the other's shoulder. "How did you become a vampire?" He asked out of no where, bluntly.

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"It's fine." Niko replied flatly. He decided to see how long he could last. "W-What?" Niko asked. He was taken aback by Satoshi's question, but decided to answer truthfully. "I can only assume I was bitten by another vampire. My memories were taken from me afterwards." Niko didn't elaborate on the last part. He ran a hand through his hair, and brought his gaze back to Satoshi.

Niko couldn't take it anymore. Satoshi was so close. His thirst for blood was becoming overwhelming. "I'm sorry- I can't do this anymore.." Niko mumbled, inching closer to Satoshi. He pushed the other male against the wall, his lips brushing against Satoshi's neck softly. He could feel his canine teeth sharpening into fangs as he opened his mouth, sinking his teeth into Satoshi's neck.

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Satoshi went silent, unable to say a thing until a soft gasp escaped his lips when he was being bitten. It hurt terribly, and the pain was evident on his facial features. Satoshi however, brought his hands up to run through the other male's hair. Trying to keep his cool, he spoke. "Hah- Harder, daddy." Satoshi said, voice breaking out into a whimper due to the pain. "I..Didn't know your tastes ran in this direction."

Letting his arm drop to the sides, he clenched his fists together. Not only was he being bitten a second time, but the second bite was on the opposite side of his neck! It'd be almost impossible to hide the bites, but Satoshi's mind was elsewhere at the moment. His thoughts were a bit cloudy, as he wasn't thinking rationally. Hell, he was still flirting with the guy that bit him! Satoshi let out a shaky breath. "Get..Get off of me." He said softly, furrowing his eyebrows. Obviously, he had teared up a bit.

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Niko quickly pulled away once he was finished. A small streak of blood was trickling down his chin, although Niko hadn't noticed that yet. "What the fuck?!" He asked, completely oblivious to the faint blush dusting his cheeks. Harder...daddy?! Niko thought. He'd never heard the expression before, but it certainly made him blush. "I'm sorry.." He mumbled, looking the other way.

Now that Niko had fed, he wouldn't have to worry about it for another few months or so. Niko backed away, pressing himself against the opposite wall. Niko's eyes widened. The people were most likely gone by now, although he didn't mind being stuck in there with Satoshi. Niko would rather die than admit that though.

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Satoshi brought his hands up to cover the bites on his heck. The one from earlier was bruising- most likely because he was still in the process of turning. The fresh bite, however, was bleeding worse than his lip. Blood got onto Satoshi's hand. He wasn't sure if they'd get caught, so he crouched down on the ground, knees to his chest.

"Are you though?" Satoshi hissed, venom lacing his voice. "Because I think you're enjoying this." He continued, breath shaky. He definitely wasn't used to people being dominant over him, nor was he used to being bitten. His gaze on Niko was filled with malice, before looking down at his knees. "I don't want to be a monster like you." Satoshi muttered.

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Niko balled his hands into fists. "You obviously don't understand. Do you think I want to do this?! That I enjoy hurting people?!" Niko snapped. Niko's voice was wavering. He was shaking with rage, almost unable to control his anger. Despite being mad at Satoshi, Niko still felt the need to offer bandages or something. No- He shouldn't do that.

"I'm not a monster." Niko replied, his voice hard and cold. Niko was going to offer to turn him back, but decided not to. "Forget it. You can stay like that." Niko snapped harshly.

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Satoshi stood up in the cramped closet, practically seeing red. "I don't want to stay like this." He hissed, putting the same emphasis on the word like Niko. "You've bitten me twice now! The least you could do is change me back." Satoshi muttered, tearing up out of anger. He glanced downwards so he could meet Niko's gaze, noticing that he was shaking.

Satoshi knew deep down that calling someone a 'monster' definitely wasn't the right thing to do. It simply happened because he spoke without thinking. Similar to the incident earlier, which Satoshi had finally let go.

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Niko shrugged. "Well guess what. I'm the only one who can cure you, but whatever." Niko snapped, his voice laced with venom. Niko turned to the door, and forced it open. He shot a quick glare at Satoshi, before exiting the closet and slamming them door.

Niko turned the corner, casting a quick glance up the staircase to make sure no one was there. He debated on turning invisible, but decided not to. Niko began walking down the hallway, searching for the exit that lead to the alleys.

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Satoshi sat there in silence staring at the closed door, trying to register what exactly Niko had said. Finally processing it, he widened his eyes and tried to force the door open as well. While it took more than one try, he eventually got it open. "You can't just leave!" Satoshi shouted to the thin air. He was almost shaking in anger, as he looked around frantically.

Satoshi had nothing to cover the bite marks, nor did he had anything to hide his face with. Quietly making his way out, he looked around for the vampire. If he found Niko, he didn't know what he'd do. Satoshi was beyond upset- how could someone be that much of an asshole? He thought, wincing a bit as he carefully checked to see if he was still bleeding. Satoshi looked like a mess- his hair was unruly, his bottom lip was bright red and a bit swollen, his neck was bruised and had dried blood on it, and overall his demeanor was very tense.

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Niko heard Satoshi yell in the background. He rolled his eyes and turned away. Niko carefully wiped his chin, frowning at the dried blood that flaked off of his pale skin. It had trailed down his neck, leaving a slightly noticeable stain on his dark shirt. Niko felt a twinge of guilt for just leaving Satoshi was there, but he quickly shook it off.

Niko quickly picked up the pace so Satoshi couldn't catch up with him. His foot caught on a loose stone in the ground, causing Niko to fall forwards. He caught himself on his hands, but let out a slight cry of pain. His palms were skinned and raw, beads of blood forming on his skin.

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Satoshi heard what he thought was Niko yell, and followed the sound. He walked quickly, being careful to avoid tripping on anything. Turns out, Niko wasn't as careful as Satoshi was. He looked down at Niko, raising an eyebrow. "Shouldn't vampires be..y'know, more alert?" Satoshi asked softly, frowning.

Satoshi's pride was doing its best to keep him from apologizing, but eventually he forced himself to. "Look- I'm sorry for calling you a monster. It definitely wasn't right." Satoshi definitely was apologizing begrudgingly, but he was trying his best.

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