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message 1: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 33 comments Hi, all,

I am available to beta read any genre and I am open to any age level. I do have space for a couple of beta reading projects at this time. Please PM me here with any specific beta requests, project length, time frame, and any other questions. As I run a freelance editing business I do typically mark grammatical issues, typos, and any other errors that I come across. I can also help answer questions with formatting, publishing, and covers.

Beta reading is free, all other services please contact me directly at

Kind regards,


message 2: by Abby (new)

Abby | 49 comments Hello, my name is Abigail! I would love for you to check out my book.

My story "Our Father" is a 79k word suspense thriller. Here is a blurb:

Robyn Bell is an upcoming actress. With a movie finishing up and a budding romance with her best friend Jason, everything should be sunshine and rainbows. Instead it's raining secrets. In the shadows of her success, Robyn’s childhood best friend Nathaniel, is stalking her, seeking revenge for betraying him. When she bumps into him at her hotel, she panics. At the advice of her ex-boyfriend, she forms a makeshift team to fight against him. Before they can act, Nathaniel kidnaps Robyn and unlocks suppressed feelings when he brings her to Leonard Bell, her estranged father. A man who left the night of her sixth birthday is now asking for her help.

The connections they made with people in the past influenced their future. An ex-girlfriend, an old fling, a stranger, a brother, or a father. These strings of connections force the characters to relive the past and the mistakes they made along the way. Some connections were key players in the capture of Robyn, and others are the missing link to helping Robyn's father.

As a Beta Reader I would need you to check on:

• Areas you felt were missing something or weren’t developed enough
• Sections or scenes superfluous to the story
• Any part of the story, dialogue, or narrative you didn’t understand or found confusing
• The flow and pace of the chapters
• Are there enough descriptions/details?
• How did it make you feel?
• Does the dialogue sound natural?
• Thoughts about the characters?

As for time frame I would say within a month? I can be flexible if you let me know what schedule you have in mind.

Let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for your consideration. If email is preferred, here it is:

message 3: by Dave (new)

Dave Anderson | 54 comments Hi, Melissa.

"Wounds of the Heart" is a 72k word dark Romeo and Juliet styled NA romance I need a beta reader for.

Having suffered physical, emotional, and sexual abuse by the time he was eleven, Cody Chandler has lived a life few would envy. But instead of being crushed by his experiences, he rises above his circumstance through an incredible act of sacrifice he hopes will free him from the ghosts who haunt him. When Cody is forced to examine the impact abuse has had on his life, he must decide how much of his past he can safely reveal. While revealing his deepest childhood secret might be liberating, it might also prove to be his undoing.

If you're interested, please send me an email at and I'll send you the MS.

All the best,


message 4: by Mark (new)

Mark Kasniak | 19 comments Melissa wrote: "Hi, all,

I am available to beta read any genre and I am open to any age level. I do have space for a couple of beta reading projects at this time. Please PM me here with any specific beta requests..."

"The Hunger" 74K zombie novel I need a beta for.

After a sudden illness, Peter Demerath has awakened to discover that not only is he still dead, but the government has known of the undead for some time. Now a prisoner under house arrest, after four years of purgatory, Peter finally makes contact with the outside world, his world, the world of the conscious dead. In a traveling underground society known as the Alliance, others like Peter, socialize, party, and plan a future where the undead will one day be able to walk amongst society again.

If interested contact me at Thanks.

message 5: by Evette (new)

Evette | 43 comments Hi, I'm not sure if you are full or not I'm not sure or if you'd be interested, but I have a book that is fantasy but based more in reality. You may think of it as tame in that it is low fantasy and more here on Earth. Let me know if you're interested.

I have a finished manuscript which is YA realistic fantasy which bends toward the literary side. The world is basically the same as ours. The time period is different. The society is theologically based. The protagonist is female. It is a mixture of adventure, tragedy, mystery, politics, and hope. There are supernatural elements toward the end but nothing over the top. I need to know where I have flaws, be they developmental or with the plot itself. I prefer sending the file and not copying and pasting.

Very briefly it is a book about a girl looking for her father but becomes entangled in a political conflict which may lead to war between her home country and their enemy to the south. Those living there are runaways who decided to flee south and forge their own country after facing persecution. There's some action as well with smuggling and traveling and stealing.

There is no sex, cursing, or gratuitous violence. I thank you for your time. I greatly appreciate it. If you have time and are interested, please let me know.

message 6: by Jon (new)

Jon | 8 comments Melissa, would you beta read children's lit for me? I have 5 stories for a combined 10K words that will go into 1 book. They are for small children up to age 9. I could really use outside eyes. The book is for my grandmother who turned 100 recently, so I'm looking to turn these stories around asap. Thank you in advance.

message 7: by Djj (new)

Djj Mizzi | 7 comments Hi. I have an 82,000 medieval YA fantasy. Please message me if you're interested or e-mail me:, or reply to this comment on this thread.

If you finish the MS all you'd need to do is fill in a short five minute survey for me. That's the only feedback I ask. It's really easy.

Anyway, here is a short synopsis: Naphtali is an ordinary boy, who lives an ordinary life as a blacksmith’s apprentice with his aunty in the city of Aldun. Naphtali hates it, he yearns for adventure. But Naphtali has no overwhelming skills, nothing that makes him stand out; there seems to be no way of escaping the mundane grip that life has on him. The Dragon Slayers are quiet and mysterious although their skills are renown throughout the land. They keep to themselves. They don’t talk about their guild. They don’t talk about their training. Torin is one of those Dragon Slayers. One night, Naphtali finds himself locked outside the city gates with his cousin Korah. Torin is also sent out that night in hunt of a dragon causing trouble in the farmlands. When the dragon attacks Naphtali, Torin watches unseen from the shadows, curious as to how the boy will handle the situation. There was nothing special in the way that Naphtali moved, nor in his fighting technique and ability; but Torin sees something in Naphtali that cannot be taught. Absolute persistence. Torin saves Naphtali, and leaves him with an offer to join the Dragon Slayers.

message 8: by Kat (new)

Kat Devitt (kat_devitt_author) | 103 comments Hi Melissa,

I have a Gothic historical in need of a beta reader. It's approximately 14,000 words long, so it's a shorter read. I'm looking for someone with an eye for plot, condensing words(I can be verbose sometimes), and overall character development.

Please email me at if you're interested! Thanks :)

message 9: by Oscar (new)

Oscar Calderon (oscarcalderon) | 8 comments Hello Melissa,

I'm sending you a PM.

message 10: by Kristen (new)

Kristen | 3 comments Hi Melissa,

I'm looking for a beta reader for my non-fiction book. I'll send you a message about it. Thanks!

message 11: by Kat (new)

Kat Devitt (kat_devitt_author) | 103 comments Hello,

I'm looking for beta readers for a dark ghost story. It started as a Jack the Ripper origin story with a romantic supernatural twist, but became another story on its own. No Jack, but plently of the supernatural, light on the romantic. It's dark, it's Gothic.

This story comes in at approximately 9,200 words. It's short. I'm looking to see if certain parts of the plot come across and need to be expanded. Also character development and likeability.

Please contact me at if you're interested!

Kat Devitt

message 12: by A.K. (new)

A.K. (alexis_queen) | 32 comments Hi,

I'm looking for beta readers for a poetry chapbook that has ~27 pages with 22 (relatively short) poems. Some of the themes I've written about are immortality, space, youth, love, and nostalgia.

I'm looking for some feedback on the individual poems, but mainly want to focus on whether all of the poems go well together in the way I've ordered them and split them into sections.

If this interests you, please contact me at


message 13: by Demetra (new)

Demetra Georgiou | 20 comments Hello there!!
I would really love to send you my book to share your thoughts with me!!
It is the first part of a duet, consisting approximately of 85k words and is a contemporary romance, containing erotica!!!
How is your schedule? I would really like to have your opinion before new year if possible!

message 14: by V.M. (new)

V.M. Sang (aspholessaria) | 59 comments Hi, Melissa. I have recently finished a historical novel set in the Danelaw during the Viking era in Britain. Unlike most other tales set at this time it does not follow the Danes going viking (raiding) or the wars they fought. It deals with a young girl who has the misfortune to fall in love with the son of a jarl. As she is not of noble birth, things do not go well. The story deals with the rivalry between Helgha, the protagonist, and the woman Erik (the Jarl's son) marries for political reasons, and the results of the jealousy they both have for each other.

I hope this plot encourages you to accept my book to read. I have had some critiques on the first few chapters, and they were positive, but I need someone to pick up any major problems with it.

I hope to have it ready for publication in the New Year, but that could be postponed for a week or so, or even a month if you are busy.

Thank you for reading this.

message 15: by Aneta (new)

Aneta Dabrowska | 28 comments Hi Melissa, I've just sent you an email :)

message 16: by Alex (new)

Alex (alexjb) | 7 comments Hi Melissa. I have a 52K LGBT story in a contemporary setting centered around an all-female fight club. It's not pervy though. ;) Any interest?

message 17: by Margaret (new)

Margaret | 28 comments Hi Melissa,

I hope you can beta-read the first 5 chapters of my YA Fantasy novel, Caged Kingdom. It is around 10k and I don't have a time-frame. This is the Blurb.

Thirteen years old Ayla is angry. She is angry at her uncle for selling her off for some cheap bucks, angry at being kept in a cage like some animal, angry at being treated like she was nothing. But she isn’t sure what to feel when she is shoved head first into the betrayal and magic and wonder that came along with the Morguis.

The Morguis are creatures with power and magic, and they are organising a Tournament to find the bride for their Prince. At first, she wants the power that could come with the opportunity but as time goes by, it is clear that she is nothing but a pawn for the greater scheme of things. Rebels are starting to attack. Demons are getting stronger, day and day.

Ixan is not a place for a human girl.

Caged Kingdom is the first book of a series, Birth of a Dark Queen.

Note - This is not a cliche ‘girl goes into a dangerous tournament and wins and the prince falls in love with her’ story nor does she join the rebels. I have used a lot of YA cliches and tropes and tried turned them around. This story has magic, betrayal, secrets, friendships, many twists and a bit of romance. It’s pretty fast paced and humorous in places and dark in other.

If you are interested, we can arrange the times.


message 18: by Kat (new)

Kat Devitt (kat_devitt_author) | 103 comments Hi Melissa,

I'm looking for beta readers for a touching piece of historical fiction, which is approximately 4,000 words in length.

It's set in Victorian London and revolves around the theme of memories.

Please let me know if you are interested by contacting me at

Kat Devitt

message 19: by V.M. (new)

V.M. Sang (aspholessaria) | 59 comments Hi, Melissa. I asked if you would be interested in beta reading Jealousy of a Viking, but have not had any reply. You can contact me at

message 20: by William (new)

William Walters | 111 comments Hi, I need Beta Reader to review first 6 chapters of a Family Saga/ Historical Fiction.

message 21: by Mytchel (new)

Mytchel Chandler (authormytchelchandler) | 42 comments Howdy! I am hoping to find someone to review by upcoming book; The Dark and Dangerous Days of Sin Shadow. It is YA Fantasy and sits at a whopping 84,000 words. Blurb:

Sin Shadow, after discovering he has the ability to travel through shadows, is anointed as the ambassador between the two sides of his world, light and dark. Both sides seem to be creeping closer and closer to war, and it's up to him to hold the pieces together as they come crashing down. He will very quickly realize that his newfound powers will only help him get so far...

Hope to hear from you and thank you!

message 22: by V.M. (new)

V.M. Sang (aspholessaria) | 59 comments William wrote: "Hi, I need Beta Reader to review first 6 chapters of a Family Saga/ Historical Fiction."

Hi, William. would you be willing to do a beta read swap? I've a historical novel set in the Viking Era of Britain. It's completed, but currently undergoing the dreaded rewrites!

message 23: by William (new)

William Walters | 111 comments Would love to but I am doing several more at this minute maybe later in the summer if you want.

message 24: by V.M. (new)

V.M. Sang (aspholessaria) | 59 comments I'll keep,it in mind.

message 25: by William (new)

William Walters | 111 comments Thanks love to read

message 26: by Edwardo (new)

Edwardo Mahaga | 5 comments Edwardo Mahaga
Hi Melissa. My book is called "10 ways to waste your youth in the modern era". It's about various ways one can squander their youth in the modern times. I also give advice on how to avoid these pitfalls.

message 27: by N.L. (new)

N.L. LaFoille (nllafoille) | 13 comments Hi Melissa,

Lesser Evils is an 80k slow-burn historical romance set in the Old West.

"Half-dead and handcuffed in the desert, Abby is rescued by a gruff stranger whose motives might not be as pure as he claims. As their lives slowly entwine, Abby finds the courage not only to live with what she’s done, but to overcome new dangers, protect her true friends, and face her past when it finally catches up with her."

There's nothing explicit and it's heavy on character and emotional development. Trigger Warning: references to past sexual trauma.

Let me know if you're interested in taking a look!

message 28: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Keast (christopher_keast) | 18 comments Hi Melissa,

Would you be interested in beta reading my 90K-word sci-fi dystopia novel?

A little about my story:
In the not-so distant future, as the digital world’s freight-train steam rolls right into its inevitable threshold of physical data storage limits, strange things begin to happen. At the same time, Kicis and Anna are each at a philosophical crossroads of sorts. For Kicis, his knowledge of history cannot yet help him decipher what the future holds regarding the limits of humans’ Earthly data aggregation and smartphone obsessions – including his own. For Anna, it’s what to do next with her life after a major career change from law to photography, followed by a provocating breakup with her former lover. The two of them collide into one another under most inauspicious circumstances: the world’s most reveled structural human artifacts begin mysteriously disappearing. As the rest of the world tries to find the meaning and reasons behind it, the two of them become transfixed on this new problem, trying to solve the final riddle plaguing humanity. Despite world leaders outlawing such detective work, someone needs to figure it out, as global worries peak. Has a tipping point been reached within the bounds of Earth’s physical constraints? Or is it simply the beginning of the Datapocalypse?

Please let me know if this is of interest. I'd be most appreciative.

Thanks in advance,

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