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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. NA/Adult Contemporary Romance; College romance similar to Charade. Girls bf cheats, meets hero friendship blossoms into romance. Spoilers ahead. [s]

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message 1: by Hailey' (new)

Hailey'  (hayley-glockpaperscissors) | 3 comments I read this book around 2015/2016. IT is similar to Charade in terms of cheating boyfriend on college campus during first year at the school but that's about it. Sorry in advance for the attempted description ahead.

Spoilers ahead but jumbled.
The book starts off with the girl in her dorm, she's in college. She's dating a guy and I thnk hes in a fraternity or joining one, Maybe even on a sports team, all I know is he lives in a house with a bunch of other guys, She's friends with her roommate but if i remember correctly there is a girl thats not to fond of her. Trying to "steal her friends" However, that may not be in this book may be confusing it with another, but i'm pretty sure it is.

She visits her boyfriend at his frat house, is friendly with his friends.

A few scenes I do remember is in bits and pieces are, the girl shows up to the house party and finds her boyfriend cheating on her, she runs out the front door and runs into the hero. The house including the hero all knew he was cheating on her as they all live in the same house, but never said anything to her. Sh's upset trying not to have a panic attack.

Second part I remember is shes in a basement when her ex comes to speak to her and she starts having a panic attack for some reason and he tries to help her holding her, thinking she wants him back but its just shes having a panic attack, the hero walks in an the ex tells him to leave them alone before the hero shoves him away and helps her calm down from the attack (he is the only one who knows about them) she calm down instantly, and the ex realizes what was going on and that she was not reciprocating his feelings.

She Spends time in the heroes room throughout the book, as friends. Eventually turned lovers. Her best friend does not go to the same school, you hear about her but don't meet her until later on in the book when the hero, the heroine, and their friends go to a cottage, have a party there. the heroine and hero stay in the same room, right after they get together,

I'm trying to remember as best as I can but can't seem to see the scenes clearly in my head but remember them somehow just bad a t explaining.

This is a stand alone story. No continuations.


ImaBookaddict | 171 comments Sounds good. Hope someone knows this book title.

message 3: by Brianna H (new)

Brianna H | 10 comments Was this on Wattpad because I feel like I’ve read it?

message 4: by Hailey' (new)

Hailey'  (hayley-glockpaperscissors) | 3 comments I found out ! Its anti stepbrother by tijan

message 5: by Kris (new)

Kris | 36481 comments Mod
Glad you found your book, Hailey. Here's the link - Anti-Stepbrother by Tijan.

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