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Michelle | 2549 comments Starting September planning but I honestly don't have any. So I'm just going to read whatever.

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Michelle | 2549 comments Buddy🗯 , BOTM 🅱 and challenge reads 📌
✔ Mated to the highlanders 🅱
✔ Strangers in death -JD Robb 🗯
✔ Salvation in death

Next in Series 📚
✔ Nowhere - Bink Cummings 🏍
✔ Alien outcast-Tracy St. John 👽
✔ Court and Spank - Tymber Dalton
✔ Dark longing - Aja James
Cross ties -Esther E. Schmidt

Binge read 🗃📖

reminding myself of what's what
✔ Reconsider me -Tymber Dalton

rereading (cos nothing else looks good )

Standalones 📔

Didn't plan on it ( impulse reads )
✔ New Years' eve - Ainsley Booth
✔ His bride
✔ personal delivery
✔ Personal escort
⏸ Personal disaster
✔ searching for a heart -Tymber Dalton
✔ A certain girl
✔ love slave for two:Resilience
✔ Lsft: Retribution
✔ Shielding her - Kelly Lucille
✔ Obey: orders from the biker billionaire- Kenzie Haven
✔ Submit
✔ Comply
✔ Writhe
✔ Release
✔ Revel
✔ You don't own me - Georgia le Carre
✔ You don't own me 2
✔ You don't know me
✔ Ritual in death -JD Robb 🗯
✔ Dark desire -Aja James

Carried over and waiting

August '18
✔ Just a bit shameless - Alessandra Hazard 👬
a low blue flame-A. J. Downey 🏍
His wild blue flame A. J. Downey 🏍
⏸Dishonest - Bethany-Kris

July '18
⏸ The choice - Shayla black
⏸Rocked in Oblivion 🎸

June ’18
Fire in his blood - Ruby Dixon (Lal ch)📌
No escape -Jaid Black 👽(Lal ch) 📌
Saddle and spurred - Lorelei James (Lal ch)📌
corralled -Lorelei James

April '18
No escape - Jaid Black 👽 (LAL TBR)📌
Undaunted -Crystal Daniels 🏍
Pestilence-Laura Thalassa

January '18
Wild - Adrienne Wilder ( started but just didnt feel it)

September '17
Primal law -J D. Tyler ( LAL challenge)📌

Sinner's revenge -Kim Jones
Anna Zaire boxset - twist me, capture me
American prince ☆

message 3: by Laura (new)

Laura | 2344 comments Happy reading!

message 4: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (laurenjberman) | 4523 comments Mod
No plan is a good plan! Enjoy!

message 5: by Lieke (new)

Lieke | 1211 comments Enjoy your reading Michelle!

message 6: by Michelle (new)

Michelle | 2549 comments Strangers in Death (In Death, #26) by J.D. Robb

One of my all time favorite couple. I'm slowly trying to catch up with my buddy read of this series. This one was more about the couples than the case. Although it was interesting that wasn't really the focus. I love how the all are just growing.

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Michelle | 2549 comments Mated to the Highlanders (Highland Fling Brides Book 3) by Katie Douglas

This was a BOTM with a new group for me to read with. I loved the cover because honestly I'm that shallow and has me only after then reading the blurp. Okay check that sounds good. So I'm in.

Highlanders in the way back that are werewolves and mates with a lassie. A town that is unique. The the Scottish brogue was thick , the lassie a bit ... Not weak but not strong and almost scared of everything. The guys are also just okay. No one and nothing really said read some more. I finished the book only because I wanted to see more could be added to confuse everything up. For a third book I might be harsh as this is the first of the series I'm reading. But still it felt a little chaotic still for a series and I'm just not interested in unraveling anymore of this. 2* is my final say on it.

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Karen ♐ (kmk1214) | 443 comments Have a great month, Michelle!

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Veronica  (readingonthefly) | 1631 comments Reading whatever sounds like a good plan to me, lol. Have fun with whatever you read.

message 10: by Michelle (new)

Michelle | 2549 comments Personal Delivery (Billionaire Secrets #1) by Ainsley Booth Personal Escort (Billionaire Secrets Book 2) by Ainsley Booth New Year's Eve by Ainsley Booth His Bride by Ainsley Booth Personal Disaster (Billionaire Secrets Book 3) by Ainsley Booth

While trying to find out when the latest of a series was coming out I find on the authors page two short stories in that series I wasn't aware of. And after reading those I thought why not start the other series of hers I've been meaning to.

Personal delivery starts off as Undercover Boss with the billionaire wanting to know more about the company his taking over. While in that persona he meets and falls for the heroine. It was light . I liked the supporting cast as it were and the story was actually sweet as well.

Personal escort is your old let's pretend to get the family of my back that I pretend to have a boyfriend etc. Only thing is that He is her older brothers best friend and turns out to somehow have become hers as well. He doesn't like the plan and both realize that they have feelings for each other. I liked this one as well. A light read and made me think of those early romance books I Decoured when I was in early reading .
I think by the time I started Personal disaster I was over the sweet and beside the latest of another series came out. So this one is on pause for now while I jump into the bright and new book

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Michelle | 2549 comments Reconsider Me (Suncoast Society, #59) by Tymber Dalton Court and Spark (Suncoast Society, #79) by Tymber Dalton Searching for a Heart (Suncoast Society, #80) by Tymber Dalton

I love how this series has no real timelines, and trust me I don't say that of any other ties. These books overlap sometimes with others stories. Sometimes it just that they happen again the same time. It kind of makes me realize that life happens and that sometimes friends and family have there own things going on. But the crux is that this is a group of friends though some are not of the original group, that have one common thing that is the centre of it : they are all kinky and have their own lives they live.

Having said this most of the Books are almost novella that the author sometimes have a follow up story. That's the case with Reconsider me and Court and spank. Searching for a heart is one of the characters from court and spank and one previously mentioned. Confusing ? Yes but it all makes sense why this is #80 in the series.
At this point I'm so invested in the friends and not so much the kink but who am I minding. I do read the kink ;-)). I just love how Dalton can still bring something out and I'm not bored.

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Michelle | 2549 comments Obey Orders From the Biker Billionare (Billionaire Biker series Book 2) by Kenzie Haven Submit Taken by the Biker Billionaire (Billionaire Biker series Book 1) by Kenzie Haven Comply Desires of the Biker Billionaire (Billionaire Biker series Book 3) by Kenzie Haven

Know when you 1-click and forget about them? Well this ... I don't know what to call them. They are this chapter at a time publishing not novella. Anyway. Nothing of this book can be taken as anything but fantasy. Saying yes to a stranger making you their sex slave. He might be a billionaire and Lordy how hot he makes you I'd still be asking way more questions.
So once you can look over that fact it's smut time all the way with nothing for a story line. That's never stopped me and I'll be reading the other free books that I have of this.

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Michelle | 2549 comments Love Slave for Two Resilience (Love Slave for Two, #5) by Tymber Dalton Love Slave for Two Retribution (Love Slave for Two, #6) by Tymber Dalton

Honestly. I read this series years ago. And honestly I think the author herself thought she had concluded the story arc. Surprise ! Year later she hears them calling and writes more. So I remember the story somewhat but not of the details. i was determined that I wouldn't have reread the previous books. But this books has so many char there and then the mentions from other books not of this series that this author has written? Yes difficult. The first 3/4 of the book I really struggled to stay the course. In fact I jumped to the end and was pleasantly surprised that I should stick it out because that's a ending worth traveling the journey for. The first was the usual haawtness and emotional upheaval and kind of going with what's happened but for me it was just to slow moving and too much going down an angsty path. So having jump ahead I realized that it takes another turn an that was something unexpected. That's was much more engaging and moved so fast I really had to keep my wits about me
The next book picking up were the previous finished. This book really had some twist and turns I didn't see coming and had me read it to either confirm my suspicions or just enjoy the ride down craziville.

I will definitely continue this series as the author has said its not the last of them. Maybe the kids will get their story ... I don't know but I'm just hoping it won't be a long wait

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Michelle | 2549 comments Nowhere (Crimson Outlaws MC #1) by Bink Cummings

This will have a lot of triggers for most people. This first chapter had me asking if I really want to continue? I mean group sex/gangbang? With your stepbrother involved? Add in the conflict of the woman who is doing it? I knew their had to be a story , a reason maybe so on I continue. And I wasn't disappointed , their was one. .
But this author doesn't make that the reason it just how her kink works. Add in the fact that she doesn't see it as a kink and this makes for a interesting read of how this woman deals, copes, basically functions.
Not a fan of the cliffhanger and the following book has no date for when it's coming out? Frustrating

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Michelle | 2549 comments Dark Longing (Pure/ Dark Ones #2) by Aja James

I have a love/hate relationship with this series. I love the story. I love the angle of this. I even love the romantic couple in each book, granted this is only th second book on the series I've read. The love story always pulls at my heartstrings. It feel genuine and I really am rooting for them.

Now for the hate. Everyone has something to ... Not exactly say but it's ...a I suppose it's setting up for their own story to come. I sometimes felt like hello you've lived for millennia so you must know something of how feeling and emotions and all that stuff that makes us humans work. Running away or postponing a much needed discussion and keeping secrets for fear of hurting is not the way to go.

I suppose it does have its place. I'm just looking for the simplicity of a one couple storyline, the others waiting there turn and a new spin on vampires.

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