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a spacious house on the fringe of town, with access to a public forest area that june spends as much time as she does the house itself. often cluttered with gifts nikos has bought for his daughter, despite her best attempts to keep the place clean. very little design coordination outside of june's pillow forts and a needlessly ostentatious bathroom. often without power from the bills not being paid.
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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments June had gotten off of school for the week, and the weekend laid before her to do whatever she wanted, which always revolved around going intot he woods and playing in the dirt, despite getting her bad suburns and becoming ill if she is out for too long. Papa had been gone for a few days now and June had to fend for herself, eating what they had in the fridge. He always left a small bit of money for her if she ever remembered to go into town and get dinner, but she was usually playing outside until the night, and then she was too tired and fell asleep in the bed they shared. It had been a few hourse since school ended and June decieded to take a nap in the hammock, her signature red blanket over all of her to protect her self from the sun, even though the hammock was im a shaded area and was snoring away like she always did, her small body spread over all of it and her small bookbag, red to match the blanket, was on a tree stump next to the setup.

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Two days gone, and only that morning had Nikos remembered his daughter's existence. He had been called on to work that night, but June took precedence over everything. As he had many times previously, he'd grabbed the very item that had reminded him of his daughter. This time it had been a little umbrella a child had been lumbering past him on the street with, red and faded pink in patches. It had been easy enough to take it, and after acquiring the prize he had abandoned his work partner and rushed home.

He had swerved his silly little Vespa right up to the door before parking it, sliding off and flouncing in through the door without mercy for the hinges or paint job as it slammed open. There was a dent in the wall from the door handle, the plaster well-used to his recurring rough treatment. Opening the umbrella and slinging it over one shoulder, Nikos skittered through the house searching for June, unsurprising when his searching found nothing.

Wide smile in place he headed outside, letting out a small cry of triumph when he found the telltale red bundle of June resting in her hammock.

"June-bug," Nikos crowed, both 'u's dragged out impossibly long as he jogged lightly over to her, umbrella dropping to the ground behind him so he could scoop her up, ensuring the protective blanket remained in place as he bought her up to rest on his hip. "I'm home, little bug, did you miss me?"

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments Even deep within her sleep, the drawl of her father stirred her up and she slowly began to stretch and rub her eyes when June was suddenly lifted off the hammock! She moved the bpanket off her face to see Nikos, smiling like a fool, and it caused the little girl to break out in a grin. "Papa!! Your back!" She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave her a tight hug. She quickpy scrambled off of him though. "I found two really, really big dragonflies yesterday and..and I found this really pretty flower that smelled like vanilla.." She began to ramble about her adventures for the past two days, taking on his hands with both of hers and began tto drag him towards the house and then into their bedroom, the large bed now decorated with a sheet over it and a few of her toys. June ran over to a corner snd grabbed a little book she put all her finding in and scrambled onto the bed so she was mor eye level and opened it wide to show everything off. She just shined like a beacon and radiated happiness whenever Papa came home.

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The two of them seemed to draw energy from each other, and endless loop providing focus for Nikos and a source of love for June, near manic in the way the excitement fed back on itself.

He was unconcerned as June all but spring-boarded off of him, oblivious to the care one was supposed to provide a child. He eagerly allowed himself to be led back towards the house at what was a high speed for such a little girl, nimbly plucking up the umbrella by the handle as they passed. If it were anybody else he would have jammed the object in their ear canal for ignoring his gift, but the genuine interest he had in June's adventures alone was enough to completely eclipse any disappointment he felt. She was so happy and while that was not uncommon, it was something Nikos was perptually enraptured by.

He gave the appropriate noises of interest as June laid out a jittery narrative of her time while he was away, focusing as she often did on her adventures outside and not much of anything else. Nikos himself was proud that she was so linked to nature, her love for it outshining his own even as the witch-blood in his veins sang for it. He had never been good at respecting his connection with nature, but to see it thriving in his daughter made their relationship so much more real. He was certainly a better father than her biological parent would have been.

"They're gorgeous," Nikos agreed with her, cutting her off gently as he slowly reached for the flower she had collected, the pale petals already soft with age and discolouring at the edges. "Would you like to preserve this one?" He asked, hoping he would be able to recall the recipe for how to set the delicate thing correctly. Ah, but she had collected it for its scent, perhaps they would have been better off enjoying its ephemeral beauty rather than rendering it uselessly timeless.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments "Huh?" June calmed down a little when Nikos spoke, taking the flower out of her scrapbook letting him mess with it. "No..when it gets old and smells bad I will put it back outside. But it is nice now, so Ill keep it. " She noticed something else in her hands and smiled a sweet, small smile compared to the grin she had plastered on earlier. "Is that for me?" She asked, slowly coming off the bed to get a better look at it. She was a terribly curious child, about everything, even stuff she shouldnt, so despite her innocence (somehow) still remaining intact, she knew quite a few things no normal 10 year old would. Her blanket began to slipp off her shoulders and she quickly picked it up, tying it around her neck expertly like a cape. June took the umbrella and fiddled with it until it was open. "Oooh. I could use this when my blanket is cleaning in the washer. Thank you Papa." She gave him another hug, glad to have him back. They were going to have so much fun this weekend!

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Nikos straightened up as June took note of the umbrella, immediately relinquishing his grip when she moved to retrieve it, placid interest giving way to his previous thrum of excitement. He gave a soft, self-satisfied smile in response to her gratitude, glad to have once more found a suitable gift. It had taken a couple of years to get right, a few gruesome or useless presents eagerly cast aside, but he'd been doing better and better recently, as was evident from the ever-building clutter in their home.

"I'm glad you like it, June-bug, the colour red suits you," Nikos said, curling into her embrace. He dwarfed her, having to slump forward to bring her in, but the contact further grounded him to lucidity. Touch in the waking world was so different to that in dreams, and the contact was affirming.

"Have you eaten today?" He inquired, pulling back to inspect her. She looked healthy enough, and while Nikos himself often forget to eat, he was persistent when it came to the habits of his daughter. He'd attempted several cooking courses over various platforms but never quite managed to achieve anything above basic culinary knowledge. Some of his happiest moments had been in the kitchen cooking with June, though, so he'd grown comfortable with the tedious task of meal making.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments "Uh.." She kind of blinked and scratched her head, trying to remember if she actually did eat today or not. She had picked up on lots of Nikos' tendencies, and that was unfortunately was one of them. "No, but I did eat yesterday." Her stomach suddenly growled and she laughed a little. That sort of proved she was hungry. "I think I want some food. Can you make burgers? Pleeaassee!" She put her arms behind her back, setting the umbrella on the floor and twisted her body a little. That little move was proof that she knew how to get what she wanted if she wanted something badly. She didn't use it often, but only enough where it kept its effectiveness, as it is a 'dangerous' move. This little vampire girl can be a tactition if she needs to be. June would proably stick with the blanket, but if Papa and her go out to fancy places with all the peolpe he works with, she would use the umbrella as it os nicer.

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Nikos frowned at her answer, mouth drawing into a small pout and his jaw clenching. As was always the case with June, though, his disproportionate response was washed away quickly as she continued. He was never going to develop a defense against her.

"Do we still have fresh ingredients or should I get some delivered?" He asked, turning on his heel and heading out of the bedroom and towards the kitchen. He didn't particularly enjoy letting strangers near his house but it was a better option than having to wander through a store and have to actually buy things. It was too tedious. Although, perhaps he could call upon his Defacto partner. Call it an emergency and then get him to retrieve the ingredients.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments She gave a little cheer as she quickly jogged up to Nikos and walked beside him to the cluttered kitchen, mostly wood and had the scent of cherries always. "We have fresh stuff, I think. You went shopping last time you were home..which was two days ago." She huffed at that part, not liking it when he was gone for more than a day, but underdtood why he did have too. June climbed up onto the chair, she was just a small little thing after all and stood on her knees. "I want to have lots and lots of cheese on mine." She exclaimed. She ate her burgers nearly raw anyways, it was a good way for her to get her blood intake in without realizing that she was a vampire. June just thought she was a strange little girl with a much stranger Papa.

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"Of course you do, June-bug," Nikos said, clapping his hands together and rocking back on his heels as he surveyed the kitchen and it's minimal clutter. She'd done a good job keeping it clean, although he wasn't certain the ingredients available would be fresh. Had he last gone to the store a month ago? Two months ago? Or just last week?

Once he had flitted his way through his cupboard and scavenged everything he could, he was please with the sizeable mountain of half-full, not-quite-moldy produce.

"Put the big cast iron pan on, and put a bit of oil in-- oh, and put the oven on, too?" He ordered June, getting started on putting the meal together. "Talk to me about school while we cook."

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments "I know, Papa." She shook her head and got to work with it all, moving at her incredible speed and soon had it set up for him to cook. She also moved her chair next to the pan where he would cook so that she would be able to get a better view of him and the food. "School is fun..though peolpe are getting kind of scared. They say there are bad peolpe trying to kill the school, but why would they do that? Its not a very nice thing to do." Oh young, naive, June. Not knowing her father was a part of the same organzation she was talking about but the bad thoughts qyickly passed through her scateerbrain. "But! We also got to lots of magic and my teacher even made a kid fly today! It was really, really fun." She then would blabber on about school for awhile as Nikos got things set up. "How was work, Papa?"

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Nikos shrugged off his daughter's concerns without pause. She was young, she wouldn't be involved, and if anything happened then Nikos would always be there to protect her. He was guilty of having checked in on June without her or his partner's knowledge on several occasions.

"Work was good, thanks June-bug. I'm sorry I forgot you again, but you know how demanding those tigers I tame are," he said, rolling his eyes dramatically. One of the many lies he'd told his daughter, that he spent time training tigers. He also, as he would have her believe, did deep sea diving, fixed magical curses, battled long-dead gods, and-- oh, no, the last one was real. He would have to never mention that again.

He'd made the burger patties and had dumped them unceremoniously in the heated pan, shifting over to the bread buns to prepare the for the oven. Everything else was ready to go and he had to admit he was looking forward to the meal.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments June laughed when her father spoke about his job. She knew that he proably didnt work with tigers, but since she had nothing else to go on, the girl usually just beileved what Nikos said, so June honestly thouhht thats just what he did. Plenty of the drawings that she drew shpuld the demon in his wild adventures she forced him to talk about while they laid in bed. It was by far, her favorite part of the day when he was around. Hearing the sizzle of burger made June's stomach growl and her face to lit up a cherry red color in embarrassment. "Sorry..guess I am hungry.." She awkwardly laughed and watched the burgers from her chair, of course not sitting on it but kneeling so to get a better of everything and also watched him prepare the buns. "Was Lenny there today?" She had named a particularly kind tiger that Nikos told a story about Lenny and asked everytime he said she was tiger taming if he was there. Nikos should count his stars for June's wild imagination, it was the only way his lies got past her, that and her extreme love for her papa.

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