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Asylumm | 131 comments ♧ Unable to afford a plane ticket home this year, Muse A resigns to grabbing a TV dinner for one at the local supermarket and flying solo. They don’t expect to bump into their ex’s (Muse B) parents in the frozen food section nor do they expect to receive an invitation to spend the holidays at their cabin in the mountains. Muse A honestly doesn’t think it’s a good idea to accept, but when Muse B’s parents insist that Muse B will be happy to see them, Muse A agrees to join. Muse A packs a bag and drives up the cabin the following afternoon, hopeful for a pleasant reunion with Muse B, whom they still have feelings for. Only when Muse B answers the door in stunned silence, it’s immediately clear that Muse A is the last person they expected to see on this family vacation. It doesn’t take long for Muse A and Muse B to realize that Muse B’s parents are scheming to get them back together. But will the parents’ efforts—paired with a romantic atmosphere and plenty of opportunities for cozying up by the fire—do the trick?

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Asia/Merci Muse A or Muse B?

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Asylumm | 131 comments Either one is fine with me, on this one.

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Asia/Merci Mind if I’m Muse B? I want to try roleplaying as a male on this one.

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Asylumm | 131 comments Sure, i never be the girl with a MxF in a long time. So sure thing lol.

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Asia/Merci Sweet! Would you like to start?

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Asylumm | 131 comments Sure.

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Asylumm | 131 comments Olivia was pissed that she wasn't able to visit her family for the holiday like she did every year. But, college had her so busy that she didn't really notice that won't be able to afford a ticket. She sighed before she called her mother, who she knew was going to be pissed off at her. Her heart started to beat faster and faster, as she waited for her mother to answer the phone.


Olivia hung up the phone after her mother finished giving her a long speech. Olivia already felt bad, but after getting off the phone with her mother. She felt ten times worse. Olivia was born in raised in Canada, her accent was wrong. It is one of the things that makes her stand out in the USA. Olivia decided to go to the local supermarket to grab a frozen dinner for herself and maybe some snacks. If she couldn't be with her family, then watching movies all holiday was the next best thing to do. She grabbed her coat before she left her studio apartment.

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Asia/Merci “And what else do you need?” A woman asks over the phone, the couple shopping in a local grocery store.

“Just some energy drinks, that’s all.” A male voice signs through the phone.

“Alright sweetie, we’ll see you in a bit.” The couple hangs up, the woman putting the phone in her white bag. They begin to browse the aisles, putting food, spices, drinks, and a few other items into their cart.

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Asylumm | 131 comments Olivia walked into the local supermarket, she grabbed a shopping cart from the corner. She put her purse into the cart and started to push the cart down the aisle. As she went down the aisles, one by one. She grabbed some popcorn, and she also grabbed some can sodas. She stopped in the candy aisle and got stuck. Candy was her weakness, sourly candy is her favorite. She started putting boxes in her cart. She had up to five boxes by time she left the aisle.

She went to the frozen aisle, finally getting what she actually came to the store for. Olivia got some dinners and was heading to the cash register. But she stopped when she saw a familiar face in front of her.

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Asia/Merci A woman turns around to notice Olivia, her face lighting up almost instantly.

“Olivia, dear! Is that really you?” She gasps in excitement, a large grin forming on her lips, the husband turning back, formally known as Mr. Welch, with that same smile upon seeing Olivia.

“It’s been a long time.” He hums happily.

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Asylumm | 131 comments Olivia was still in shock, she didn't except to the Welch's now. She haven't seen them for almost two years. But if feels longer. "Mr and Mrs. Welch, its so great to see you both." she said, she left her chart and headed toward the two. Olivia hugged Mrs. Welch. "How have y'all been?" she decided to ask, in her mind she couldn't help but to think about someone.

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Asia/Merci “It’s been great sweetie! We’re actually planning a family vacation.” Mr. Welch returns the tight hug, before letting go and stepping back. “And.. we bought a ticket for my sister, but she canceled on us. We can’t return the ticket, so maybe you could come? I believe we owe you one as well.”

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Asylumm | 131 comments Olivia was shocked by the offer. But, she was not sure about the whole idea of going on vacation with them. When she just told her mother that she was going to stay home the whole holiday. Since she couldn't go see them but, she knew she would be pretty lonely. "Umm, i love the idea but, i don't everyone would be to happy to see me." she said with a small smirk on her face.

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Asia/Merci “Everyone? No, sweetie, it’s just us. Plus, I’m sure you’ll like to get out of the house for a bit!” Mrs, Welch chimes in. A little plan seems to form in the couple’s mind almost instantly.

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Asylumm | 131 comments Olivia cheeks turned slightly red, embarrassed that she thought other people would be there. She sighed and glanced at her cart. Then meet eyes with Mrs. Welch. She nodded with a smile before she spoke. "Well, how can i say no." she said as she shrugged her shoulders.

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Asia/Merci Mrs. Welch claps her hands in excitement, a smile on her lips. “Great! I can send the plane ticket right over, tomorrow afternoon. Be sure to pick what you need! You’ll enjoy it!” Mrs. Wiggins hums happily, before checking out their groceries.

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Asylumm | 131 comments "Yes, ma'am.." said Olivia with a smile. Before she walked off, she got to her cart and decided to most of the stuff back she would be leaving tomorrow. She only bought the candy, and left the supermarket shortly after. Olivia was excited and nervous at the same time, she never been alone with her ex's parents before. When she was around them, he was with her. So being alone them would probably feel weird without him there, at least thats what Olivia thought.

Once she got home, she started packing. She thought about calling her mother and telling her everything that happened. But she knew that if she did, it would only make her more pissed than she already was. So Olivia decided not to, what she doesn't know won't hurt her. Right? Olivia was almost done packing by night fall, she at the leftover she had in her refrigerator from the night before. Once she was done eating, she went straight to bed thinking about her ex. Someone she had forced herself to stop thinking about years ago.

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Asia/Merci The next morning arrives, the sun peaking out from the horizon. Mr. and Mrs. Welch arriving at the cabin with their son, Gio. He is a tall man, standing at 6’2”, with short, black hair and piercing grey eyes that complimented his pale skin and sharp jaw. He was mostly athletic, as he took time to take care of himself.

The family gets out, and starts to pack the cabin.

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Asylumm | 131 comments The ticket arrived in the afternoon. Just like Mrs. Welch said. Olivia was on the plane by one o'clock. She texted her only friend, which was her best friend Rachel. She could trust her with her life. She told her about bumping into the Welch's and their offer. Rachel was the only one, who believed Olivia and Gio was going to get back together. So she was excited for Olivia to go.

Liva: I am getting on the plane, i will text you when i land.

Ray: Oh, okay girl. Be safe, I love you bunny.

Olivia shook her head at the nickname, it was a name Gio gave her but everyone else decided to use it once they broke up. Thinking it fit her perfectly.

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Asia/Merci Once they were settled in, Gio sat in the living room, relaxing as his parents go into their room to unpack.

‘Maybe I should take a nap..’ Gio thinks to himself.

He lays down on the couch, curling up and closing his eyes. Slowly, he falls deep into a dreamless, black void.

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Asylumm | 131 comments A couples hours later, Olivia landed. She texted Rachel was she was off the plane. She had butterfly in her stomach, she was really here. Olivia waved for a taxi, she was luckily said the man. This was his last driver before he was off for the holiday. She gave a fake smile, like she cared about what he was talking about she didn't. She was to nervous to care about anything at the moment. It wasn't long before she saw the cabin throw the window. "Here we are."the man said, Olivia paid him and got out. She only had the two suitcases and one bag, she didnt need his help to get her things. He drove off, once she was walking to the door. She knocked on the door ready to see Mrs. Welch's happy face.

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Asia/Merci Ahh! I'm sorry! I seemed to have forgotten about this!))

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Asia/Merci Gio groans, slowly rolling off of the couch, yelling: 'Coming!' He lifts himself off the floor, rubbing his tired eyes, messing with his black hair. She sluggishly pulls his body towards the door, taking a moment to collect himself, before beginning to unlock the door.

It took him a bit as he wasn't so used to.. so many damn locks, before turning the handle and opening the door.

"What do you wan-" He was cut short when he locked eyes with Olivia, feeling his heart stop for a quick second. He begins to freak out internally, his breathing picking up a bit.


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Asylumm | 131 comments It is fine.

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Asia/Merci If you don't want to do it anymore, just tell me, alright?))

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Asia/Merci You could’ve just said that you didn’t want to rp this anymore.

I’m going to request a close, but I need your okay.

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Asylumm | 131 comments I actually never got a notification that you ever posted. Sorry.

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Asia/Merci Eh.. goodreads always send a notification..

I used to use that a lot when I didn’t want to rp with people, sorry.

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Asylumm | 131 comments Lmao well i am actually being serious. And just because you lied to others dont mean i do the same. I am actually a blunt honest motherfucker, if i don't want to rp with people anyone i just say it. But you can go ahead and request a close it. I don't care anymore.

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Asia/Merci Well, it would’ve been good to know before hand, but I know I never did anything to trigger you to inform me on you being blunt. Yea, maybe I was a little irrational.. scratch that, I’m too ducking stupid to realize I was a shit ton irrational. Completely my fault. I’m sorry.

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Asylumm | 131 comments Mhmm sure, its whatever.

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Asia/Merci I’m serious. It’s my fault that I got super antsy and got pissed when you didn’t answer.

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Asylumm | 131 comments Okay, i heard you the first time.

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