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Rise of the Flame (The Eura Chronicles #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA Fantasy about a human girl with a fire ability that is the chosen hero for humans and must connect with the heros from other races because the walls separating the kingdoms are crumbling. [s]

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Nicole (saelalei) | 6 comments I read the book at least a year ago (2017) and I could have sworn I read it when I had a kindle unlimited subscription, but I can't find a record of it anywhere and it's driving me mad. It can't be that old of a book because it was the first of a series and the second book hadn't come out yet.

The main character is a princess who was taken from her parents at birth to be hidden because she is the chosen hero of the humans and the last hero to be born and I think she's the most powerful. She has a fire type ability. But she is raised by an old guardian woman (who isn't mortal, I forget what she is) as well as the captain of the king's guard or something. He took her and his family and moved around the country, teaching her and his two daughters to fight.

There are multiple races: humans, two types of elves (dark and silver I believe), fairies and a few more I cant quite remember. Each race has their own special abilities and each person is born with a couple. Some abilites are common (focus) while others are rare (being able to create a double of yourself). And if you are the last of your family, you inherit every ability your ancestors possessed. Which is why the captain guy is protecting the main character cos he's super powerful being the last of his line.

The land is divided by walls that separate it into four chunks which is how they have managed to live peacefully. They fought so much way back when that the gods put walls to seperate the main races. But the walls are crumbling and the dark elves' god wants to be the most powerful or something so his followers are fighting the other races.

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Nicole (saelalei) | 6 comments Bump

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Nicole (saelalei) | 6 comments This is me bumping. I appreciate any help whatsoever.

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Bridget (oobridgetoo) | 172 comments It sounds familiar, but I can't exactly place it. Do you remember anything about the cover? And I'm assuming it was read in the U.S.? ;)

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Nicole (saelalei) | 6 comments OMG I FOUND IT. Rise of the Flame. I feel so dumb. I've been searching on and off for months and I actually had it marked as "Want to Read" on here (granted my Want to Read list veeeerryy long lmao).

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Bridget (oobridgetoo) | 172 comments Great! Glad you found it! My TBR list is in the thousands.. Literally. I can't judge. I might as well add Rise of the Flame too. ;D and Happy Reading!

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Nicole (saelalei) | 6 comments Thanks! It's a very good book and apparently there's three more in the series now to read ^_^

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