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Elise (ellinou) 3.5 stars

1665-66 England. Anna Frith is a widow with two young boys, serving as a maid in a small village. A tailor comes to the village, unknowingly with the bubonic plague, and soon infects the village. The forward-thinking preacher convinces the 300+ villagers to remain in the village and thus prevent contagion from spreading to neighbouring villages. Anna, the preacher and his wife Elinor go around healing and comforting as best they can, until the plague finally fades away after taking half the village.

The characters in here were made up, but the story is based on a real one. In 1666, there really was a comeback of the plague in London and in a random little village that really did declare itself in quarantine and prevented its spread and possibly a Black Plague 2.0.

As plague-set novels go, I preferred Doomsday Book by Connie Willis, set during the Black Plague in 1348. I did enjoy however the general tale this one told, especially the parts that were more about mining and life in the village than about the plague itself.

I was going to give it three stars, because I did enjoy it but it didn’t blow me away, but the ending managed to surprise me! I thought it was going to be a banal happily-ever-after ending, but nope! So I upped the rating a bit (not that it shows on Goodreads since we still can’t rate half-stars, but whatever...)

Joanne (joabroda1) | 8410 comments I gave it 5 stars I think-I really enjoyed it and thought Anna was a wonderful character. The ending is what sealed it for me, not at all what I expected either.

LibraryCin | 9055 comments Ellie wrote: "As plague-set novels go, I preferred Doomsday Book by Connie Willis, set during the Black Plague in 1348. ..."

I am reading this one right now - I think I have about 100 pages left!

I really liked "Year of Wonders", as well. It's been a number of years since I read it, though, so hard for me to compare the two.

Book Concierge (tessabookconcierge) | 6381 comments I really liked this one.

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