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La Maison dans laquelle
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Elise (ellinou) There’s a big house where a lot of teenagers live. These teenagers are all disabled, physically or mentally, or were just deemed odd by whoever cared for them outside and were gotten rid of. The House is a dorm, where they live and eat and go to school, but as we read we realize it’s much more than that. It’s a character in and of itself. The students write on its walls and so claim it for themselves, leave traces or themselves behind everywhere they go. The kids are broken into clans, which they take very seriously, and the House actively participates in these separations and wars.

There are books sometimes that you end up adoring without having the faintest idea why. This was one such book for me. I should have found it long and boring, at 960 pages, but I just kept reading and couldn’t get enough. I should have been turned off by the many fantastical passages I didn’t quite understand, but they were so wonderful, I think the fact that I’m not exactly sure what happens just made me enjoy everything even more.

I also have to mention how immensely pleasant it was to read about disabled characters not being treated as disabled characters. They were young men and women, protagonists doing all sorts of things, before being disabled. Some of them even had their disability as a name, and yet it wasn’t used as their dominant trait. That was so refreshing.

I read it in French, and I gotta say it’s been a long time since I enjoyed reading something in that language, so very big kudos to the translator! She completely nailed it!

Cora (corareading) | 1457 comments Glad you enjoyed it Ellie!

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