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message 1: by Dylan (new)

Dylan (dylanthereader5) | 67 comments Mod
This topic is for spoiler talk for chapters 4-8 ONLY. Don't read the comments unless you've read all the chapters or else you will be spoiled.

Also, DO NOT post about events that happen after these chapters. You will have two warnings, if it happens a third time, you're out of the group.

message 2: by Kristi (new)

Kristi Leverington (purplemommyx3) | 16 comments Ummmm.... I am loving the new guy and love our bad ass heroine.
I don't really care for the sentence structure and wording?? Does it seem like a teenager wrote this to anyone else? BUT, I love the story so I'm not going to focus on that.
I do wish she didn't have such a negative view on herself and am hoping that's going to change.
And, the cliffhanger ending chapter 8 is so cool and my mouth dropped and I HAD to immediatly read the next chapter!
I'm curious what everyone else is thinking at this point. Do you like Kai? Trust him? What about the all powerful ex or mentor??

message 3: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea | 3 comments The writing does seem immature but I still really like the story so far.

I like Kai but he's obviously hiding something. Maybe he has some sort of connection to the monsters or is partially one himself? Maybe not every monster is bad?

message 4: by Karima (new)

Karima chermiti (karichma) | 1 comments okay, the characters so far are pretty interesting and her mentor seems intriging to me and I think there's something hidden when it comes to Kai

a bad ass female monster-slayer is a something I hadn't read before, when I usually read urban-fantasy, it's about witches and things like that so I'm liking the direction of the story so far

the pace is also great, right from the start the story gets going and i was never bored
my only problem so far is the writing like all noticed, it feels immature to me but it's not something that killed my enjoyment so far
let's see where the story takes us from here

message 5: by Leigh (new)

Leigh (literaryleigh) I agree with everyone about the writing style. I can’t exactly explain why I’m not liking it but if feels like it is taking away from the story to me. I am very interested in the world and love that we are getting more about it in these chapters. I am enjoying the relationship between Maggie and Kai. I hope to find out more of Maggie’s backstory as we go. That dream was intense and I want to know more.

message 6: by Caitlin (new)

Caitlin Tango | 2 comments I am in total agreement with everyone. I’m loving the plot and characters but I feel like it’s so slow going just because of the writing style. Feels like a chore every time I pick up the book to get through just a few chapters. I want to know what’s going to happen but it’s just so slow and drawn out thus far.

message 7: by Nanette (new)

Nanette Fernandez (nanetteyf) | 2 comments The entire time ive felt like ive been missing out on something. Like maybe there was a book before this that set up the world. Like we jumped half way in the series in the first book.

message 8: by Kourtney (new)

Kourtney | 4 comments I’m enjoying it so far but I feel like it’s unraveling very slow. Which I guess is alright. I do agree with everyone who said that the writing is a little immature or odd. I think Kai and Maggie are a good fit and I’m excited to see were their relationship goes. Kai is really interesting and I wonder if he is tied to the monsters some how? Plus what’s with Maggie’s relationship with her mentor/ex?

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