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message 1: by Dylan (new)

Dylan (dylanthereader5) | 67 comments Mod
This topic is for spoiler talk for chapters 9-13 ONLY. Don't read the comments unless you've read all the chapters or else you will be spoiled.

Also, DO NOT post about events that happen after these chapters. You will have two warnings, if it happens a third time, you're out of the group.

message 2: by Kristi (new)

Kristi Leverington (purplemommyx3) | 16 comments So, I'm feeling the same Merphy. I'm so intrigued by Kai and feel like there's so much more to him and that he's possibly scared to share with Maggie why his eyes turn silver. That's why he wears those sunglasses all the time.. I still love his personality and think he's a good guy. I like the low key flirting he's doing with her bc let's face it, she needs to quit obsessing over the other guy who seems like a jerk to me.
And Coyote is a hoot! I don't fully trust him but he's a fun character.
I feel much the same about the Native American culture and find myself googling some of it. I'm enjoying it but it's confusing at times.
As far as the flashbacks, I think alot of it isn't necessary. Bits and pieces, yes but sometimes it feels like this is a sequel book and I'm missing information and I'd rather just be told less unless it's really relevant to what's going on in this book.. am I the only one?

message 3: by Jenna (new)

Jenna (jennascreativecorner) | 8 comments Yes, I agree with much of what you said Merphy! I’m really enjoying this book and can’t wait to continue. I really like Kai so far, and I honestly like Maggie’s snarky/sarcastic attitude. Coyote is an interesting character for sure; I wonder just how he ties into all this. Also, where are her dogs?? Lol. Yes, I’m the one who wants to make sure the dogs are okay. 😂

message 4: by Leigh (new)

Leigh (literaryleigh) I agree that it does feel like a sequel! We are getting bits and pieces of the world at a time. I know some authors do just throw you into a world but the flashbacks are adding a level of confusion for me.
Still I am enjoying the story and find myself wanting to go forward.
I also agree with the map and glossary. When she was describing the new world after the Big Water, I was trying to picture it in my head and just couldn’t do it. My geography isn’t that great 😉

message 5: by Caitlin (new)

Caitlin Tango | 2 comments Did anybody else put on Patsy Cline after Fall to Pieces was referenced in chapter 11? I normally don’t like to listen to music while I read but I totally did and I have to say it’s setting the mood perfectly for this book 👌🏻

message 6: by Nanette (new)

Nanette Fernandez (nanetteyf) | 2 comments Omg!! Ive been feeling like this book is a squeal the entire time! Ty merphy for voicing that opinion too. The flashbacks are very intense and awkwardly placed. I also think i have the unpopular opinion that i dont like coyote kinda seemed like a meddling old lady always in other peoples love lives. Im not sure what her love life had to do with anything.

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