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message 1: by Cindy (new)

Cindy (cindyinvt) | 4 comments I recently finished a courtesy review copy of Ghost Busting Mystery. This is the first in a new cozy series by author Daisy Pettles -

Check out Daisy's website to preview the other titles in the Shady Hoosier Detective Agency series.

The "stars" of the series are Ruby Jane and Veenie, two lifelong best friends who need more than social security to make ends meet. They sign up as senior sleuths in training at the Shady Hoosier Detective Agency.

Book one finds RJ and Veenie chasing ghosts. The gals have a nose for snooping, and they manage to get to the bottom of the ghosts while also recovering a stolen motorcycle, finding a missing drunk wiener dog, and discovering a long-ago murder!

This book is funny and quirky and reads like a Garrison Keillor/Janet Evanovich mashup!

message 2: by Pat (new)

Pat Cray-Hollis | 66 comments sounds interesting....thanks for the review.

message 3: by Pat (new)

Pat Cray-Hollis | 66 comments I downloaded on my tablet and cannot stop reading it.

Thanks, Cindy!

message 4: by PugMom (new)

PugMom (nicoleg76) | 124 comments Thanks for the heads up. I just got it!

message 5: by Tari (new)

Tari (thann) | 210 comments OMG I laughed so hard when I was reading this book!

message 6: by Cindy (new)

Cindy (cindyinvt) | 4 comments For all of those who enjoyed Daisy's first Shady Hoosier Detective Agency romp, I'm delighted to share that book #2 in the Shady Hoosier series, Baby Daddy Mystery, was released in mid December and is already getting raves!
Check out Daisy's website for all of the links to find Baby Daddy Mystery!

message 7: by PugMom (new)

PugMom (nicoleg76) | 124 comments Yay!

message 8: by Angel (new)

Angel | 14 comments thanks for the add to my reading list.

message 9: by Pat (new)

Pat Cray-Hollis | 66 comments Thanks Cindy!

Need to download on my e-reader.

message 10: by PugMom (new)

PugMom (nicoleg76) | 124 comments Got it!! Can’t wait to read it!!

message 11: by Beverly (new)

Beverly Owens (bevspaper) | 12 comments New to the group and just saw this post. Have added the series to my TBR list. Since I actually am a Hoosier, I'm thinking I will love it for sure!

message 12: by PugMom (new)

PugMom (nicoleg76) | 124 comments This series is great. Lots of humor but also well planned mysteries. Really entertaining!

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