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message 1: by Dylan (new)

Dylan (dylanthereader5) | 67 comments Mod
This topic is for spoiler talk for chapters 19-23 ONLY. Don't read the comments unless you've read all the chapters or else you will be spoiled.

Also, DO NOT post about events that happen after these chapters. You will have two warnings, if it happens a third time, you're out of the group.

message 2: by Kristi (new)

Kristi Leverington (purplemommyx3) | 16 comments These chapters have so much more depth! FINALLY!
I'm so proud of Maggie that she is feeling protective and that she finally killed that jerk Longarm! Although why did she stand there for so long watching Kai get his butt beaten?? I was screaming at the book at her!
And can we discuss Grace??? Ah! I love that woman. I think she's my spirit animal! 😜
I can really relate to her fierce love and protectiveness of her kids. And I love her business savvy!

message 3: by Jenna (new)

Jenna (jennascreativecorner) | 8 comments I was thinking the same thing. I couldn’t believe she was just standing there watching it happen when she usually gets shit done without even thinking about it. I want to know what exactly happened to Tah 😩 And I wish Maggie would just let herself feel things!

message 4: by Leigh (new)

Leigh (literaryleigh) These chapters got much better for me. I am so curious to know more about Kai’s clan powers. He obviously used mind control on Maggie...she has to catch on to this soon.

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