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message 1: by Ursula (new)

Ursula Hartlein (ursulahartlein) | 2 comments I recently finally got a much more professional cover for this book, and would like for it to replace the old one, or at least be marked as the most current edition. Thanks!

Old cover:

New cover:


This cover is also in most dire need of replacing.

Old cover:

E-book cover:


Print cover:


Thanks so very much!

message 2: by Gerd (new)

Gerd | 1050 comments Added new Kindle editions, but can't find any information for the print edition of Little Ragdoll.

message 3: by Ursula (new)

Ursula Hartlein (ursulahartlein) | 2 comments The print edition is awaiting final approval, but that's the cover that will be used. I'll update as soon as it goes to print.

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