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Kelly Troxell | 4 comments Mod
Post your Quarter 3 book review here.

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"You cannot change who you are. Only what you do." -The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman

The Golden Compass is about a young girl named Lyra who is destined to set off on a great adventure and change the world. It all starts when she sneaks into a cupboard in her home, Jordan College, where she sees the Master pour a mysterious powder into their guest, Lord Asriel's, cup. She tells him in secret, and he survives. But it turns out that his quest is as dangerous as Lyra's and will change the world drastically. Will Lyra be able to stop him in time?

I personally loved Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass. The story was so passionate and you could see all the compassion the author poured into the book. The book has suspense every step of the way, and the world Pullman has created in the book is truly magical. I understand that some people may think some parts of the book are slow or boring, but most of the pages are action-packed and full of emotion. It's the kind of book that makes you want to cry at some times and laugh out loud at others. I highly recommend you read The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman; you will truly be amazed at the characters, world, and objects the author has created.

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Kaleb Day | 3 comments Book: Million-Dollar Throw / Author: Mike Lupica

"For this one night, the less he cared, the more he made". When a twelve-year-old quarterback gets the chance of a lifetime, to attempt a thirty-yard pass through a target at Gilette Stadium to win one million dollars, the stakes are high. Young quarterback prodigy, Nate Brodie, faces many problems and setbacks throughout this book; his friend, Abby, is losing her sight, his dad is struggling to maintain a job, and Nate, himself, is finding a hard time staying focused on football. This is a pretty good book I would rate it a 4.5 out of 5.

This book is very hard to put down. Every challenge Nate and his friends and family face makes you keep questioning if Nate will be able to make the throw and if he does what will happen next. It has many plot twists that keep it interesting and that is what I most enjoy about it.

Another thing I enjoyed was how the author draws the reader's attention by making them emotionally attached to the characters. It makes you feel empathy for them. And it keeps you reading so that you can see how their story ends.

In conclusion, this was a fantastic book. It is especially good for those who like sports drama-related books. I would reccomend this book to fifth through eighth graders, that know somewhat about football because they would most likely understand Nate's point of view the best.

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Katelin | 4 comments Title: Hunger Games: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

“But Gale is not one to keep secrets from me. “Katniss, there is no District Twelve.” The Hunger Games is a cruel game forced onto the innocent districts of Panem. Katniss and Peeta, last games’ winners, must participate again, due to the 3rd Quarter Quell, which states that one previous boy and girl winner must fight once again. Katniss, the only girl winner from District Twelve, knows she probably won’t make it out alive again, so she makes a commitment to keep Peeta alive, even if it costs herself her own life. This was an amazing book and I would rate it a five out of five stars. Its level of thrill and suspense made this novel a true nail-biter.

First, I would like to point out how well the author dragged you into the book emotionally, making it impossible to resist feeling all the emotions that the characters go through. It had so many dramatic events that made me want the book to never end. Throughout the whole book, I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat, wanting to read this novel whenever I had the chance. An example from the book that displayed this point well was when the tributes were inside the arena fighting the poisonous fog that the game makers had created. Katniss and Peeta’s first allies, Finnick and Mags were with them, fleeing from the poisonous fog, when Peeta got injured and couldn’t walk. Mags was older and wanted to make sure that they all got out safely, sacrificing herself so that so Finnick could carry Peeta instead of her. She walked into the fog and was gone. This moment in the book shows how the author did a phenomenal job of pulling the reader into the book emotionally.

Next, my second point is that the author had an amazing ability to express characters thoughts and feelings throughout the book, all the content was relatable and truly expressed the characters’ thought processes. This factor made the book so much better and more in-depth. It made you better understand the characters’ personalities through the thoughts that are described. An example of this point in this novel is when Katniss understood what one of her allies meant when they said “tik-tok,” trying to describe that the arena was a clock and that all events repeated at a certain time and in a certain place. This is a good example of my point because Katniss was trying to figure out what it meant in her head, so it shows how her thoughts made her come to this conclusion.

Overall, this book was amazing and thrill-seeking. I would recommend it to readers looking for a suspenseful, thrilling book. If you are looking for a short-term book that will take about a week, then it is just right, only 391 pages. Again, I would rate it a five out of five stars. I would also suggest reading the rest of the series, which is also amazing.

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Mikala Ross | 4 comments Title: Prisoner B-3087 Author: Alan Gratz

“It was too late. The Germans were here. If I had known then what I know now, I would have run. I wouldn't have stopped to pack a bag, or say goodbye to my friends, or to even unplug my projector. None of us would have. We would have run for the woods outside of town and never looked back.” Prisoner B-3087 is a book about a Jewish boy named Yanek Gruener who lived in Poland during the 1930s. In this book, everyone he loves is violently taken away from him by the Nazis. Soon he is taken as well, and from that day on his life was a lot more complicated. This book has a lot of action and suspense. It also makes you feel emotions. Whenever Yanek was in an unfair or sad situation it would make him as well as I feel mad or sad. This is a very well written book with much suspense and action and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a page-turner.

This book makes you feel very involved in the story and the very sad events. All of the changes that Yanek is going through doesn't only trigger his emotions but the readers as well. The time Yanek arrived at his first concentration camp he was afraid and upset as well as I. Then when he was faced with death himself I was afraid and excited to know what was going to happen. Lastly, when Yanek’s family was taken away from him it made me frightened and upset about what was going to happen. Along with many other events in the story did it make the reader feel emotions. Overall this story is very enhanced and intensifies your emotions into the story.

Another thing the author does really well is he provides many details to help the reader understand the situations and experiences Yanek is put in. When Yanek arrived at his first concentration camp I had no idea what it was like or what it looked like but the author did a great job at painting a picture in my mind. When the author does this it helps the reader understand more about what their reading and helps them to be more interested. Another example is the first Death Walk. The Death Walk was an awful experience that we would have no idea what it was about without the explanation and details the author provides. With the details, we know what it felt like and what it looked like. Overall the author of this book does a great job at describing the situations Yenek is in.

Overall this book is very well written and has many details that help you understand and feel emotions. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a page-turner.

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Emmie Sumski | 4 comments Title: Be More Chill
Author: Ned Vizzini

All Jeremy Heere wants is to be cool. If he were cool he could get the girl he likes, go to parties and actually enjoy them, and have a successful life in general. If only there was some way to obtain all of these things... Now introducing the SQUIP (Super Quantum Unit Intel Processor)! This grey, oblong pill contains a supercomputer that can communicate with you and tell you how to be more chill. All you have to do is ingest it (They say drinking Mountain Dew ensures the best results) and trust the SQUIP!
This book is actually really good, despite it sounding a bit strange. There are so many reasons why you should read this book!

This book is absolutely hilarious! There are so many funny things in it and I can't help but laugh when I read it. For example, throughout the book, Jeremy is completely oblivious to what the SQUIP is saying and you can almost feel the SQUIP slowly losing its mind. It's quite funny how he tries so hard to make Jeremy understand but in the end, Jeremy just doesn't get it.

This book teaches you a very good lesson. You don't need to be cool or popular or have a lot of friends to be successful in life, and you certainly don't need a lousy supercomputer to tell you how to be cool or popular. The SQUIP even ends up messing everything up in the end and Jeremy is left to fix it all.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a good laugh. If you're a fan of comedy than you would be a fan of this book! I assure you that it is totally worth the read!

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Isaac Haugh | 4 comments Title: Library of Souls
Author: Ransom Riggs

“We don’t need their wings.” The Library of Souls is an excellent book where two characters fight all odds to save their friends. After their friends are captured in the second book of the series, Jacob and Emma are on a mission to save them. They meet a man named Bentham that helps them on their way to saving their friends. The two friends do not know that Bentham was really helping the antagonist of the story. Jacob and Emma save their friends and start a rebellion against Caul, the antagonist, and all the other wights. After the short rebellion, the peculiar army eventually gets captured. In the end, it is Bentham that saves all of the peculiars. Overall, this was a great book with an outstanding plot line.

The struggles and challenges Jacob and Emma faced are ones that grab the reader’s interest. One of the major challenges occurred about halfway through the book. This was a rising action event and was when Jacob went to the arena to take a hollowgast for an experiment. This challenge was a challenge that contributed to a struggle Jacob and Emma had been facing throughout the entirety of the book, getting in the wight’s fortress to save their friends. The challenges Jacob and Emma faced and overcame were very important to the plot of the story.

The theme of the book, “Never leave a friend behind,” was on that appealed to me as a reader. This theme is shown many times throughout the book. Most of the book is focused on Jacob and Emma saving their friends from the wights. The theme is definitely a “universal” theme that one should practice being loyal to your friends and never leave a friend behind.

In conclusion, this was a great book and I rate it a five out of five stars. You should read it if you like book series like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Michael Vey. One should also read this book if they like fantasies. This is the third book in the trilogy and there is a follow-up series that begins with the book called Map of Days. Again, this was a great book with an exciting plot line, and I rate it a five out of five stars.

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Reis Schnepp | 4 comments Title: Laugh Out Loud
Author: James Patterson

“If you have a dream, just follow it. You shouldn’t care what people say about it.”-James Patterson. I agree so much with this quote, and it is basically what the book is all about. Laugh Out Loud is a book about a kid who has a dream to make a book company that makes books for kids, about kids, and is written by kids. I thought that this was an amazing book, and I recommend it very much.

One thing that I liked about the book is that it made you want to keep reading. For instance, when he got told no about his book company, it made you want to keep reading to see if he was ever going to be able to make his company.

Another thing that I liked about Laugh Out Loud was that it was different than any other book I have ever read. For instance, it used all of the characters from his other books, which I thought was pretty cool. It showed how his friends in the story ended up being characters in his books.

Overall, I totally recommend this book to anyone who has a little bit of time to read it. It is very interesting, and it is like no other book that I have read. I give it 5/5 stars. You should definitely go check out Laugh Out Loud by James Patterson.

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Wes Kupferer | 4 comments Title: Rise of the Evening Star
Author: Brandon Mull

"Sitting still would be a mistake. Ignorance is no longer a protection." That is what Kendra and Seth Sorenson are told when they return to Fablehaven. Fablehaven is a preserve for magical creatures that Kendra and Seth are trying to save with some new friends from the Evening Star. This is a great book and I would give it a 5 out of 5 stars.

This book is full of suspense. There are many instances where your not sure if the characters are going to make it and you just have to keep reading to find out. One time in the book, they are trying to get an artifact that could help them save Fablehaven and one of the characters gets injured. You're not sure if he is going to die or not because he is hurt that bad and the threat is that horrible. Thankfully, others come to help, and he survives the incidence. That is only one of many suspenseful parts of the book.

Rise of the Evening Stars has many surprises. I'm not going to share all of them because that would ruin the whole book, but I will mention one to give you an idea. The biggest surprise, in my opinion, is when one of the main characters betrays the others. I won't go into many details, but it really surprised me. One other happens at the end when you find out about a huge secret about a character.

Overall, it was a great book and I highly recommend you to read it. it is filled with so many great literary elements. It is the second book in the Fablehaven series. There is also a sequel series that Brandon Mull is still writing that I also think is great. Again, I would rate it five out of five and I strongly recommend you to read it.

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Connor | 4 comments Title: A Night Divided
Author: Jennifer A. Nelson

Your father leaves for a night for a work trip to West Germany. All your neighbors say to go with him. You wake up the next day to see a huge wall out your window and the realization that your father is not coming home. It has been years after the Berlin Wall has gone up and you finally see your dad over the wall. He sparks the idea that you need to escape to the west. This book is about all this happening to a girl named Gerta.

This book is about East Germany during the Cold War and a story about an elementary girl trying to get to West Germany. In the book, it talks about Gerta losing a friend, and the oppression and fear that the communist government gives her. It talks about their constant watch and their forcefulness on making sure no one is unique, and how they suppress all creativeness by getting rid of all music that is deemed inappropriate. This is all shown in the book through the way that Gerta describes her life, especially when she talks about her school life. I think this is a good historical fiction book and is good for anyone who wants a well-researched story on the escape of a family from East German during the Cold War.

The government, just like in its suppression of uniqueness also suppresses the resources. There is usually a shortage of food. Gerta and her brother did go hungry during the time that their mother went to take care of their grandmother. This made her want to leave East Germany a lot quicker, to the point that she does almost get thrown in jail.

The book does have a lot of twists and close calls that make you get glued to the book. I rate this book a five out of five because of its great storytelling, the historical accuracy, and the very life-like characters. I recommend this to anyone looking for a good book to read for a week.

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Reese | 4 comments Title: H.I.V.E Dreadnought
Author: Mark Walden

"You've served your purpose and so has the Dreadnought... Good-bye, Jason." H.I.V.E Dreadnought is a great book with an extremely intense climax and a very dramatic falling action.

The main character is Otto Malpense. Otto attends H.I.V.E. (The Higher Institute of Villainous Education). Otto has a power which gives the ability to become one with technology. He also has a photographic memory which gives him the ability to make mental maps of anywhere he pleases. In many cases, both of these powers are crucial throughout the plot.

The rising actions are when Jason Drake left G.L.O.V.E he joined the disciples. Next, they attacked and took over the Dreadnought. After that, Otto, Wing, and Dr. Nero went to Drake Industries to locate the Dreadnought's hiding facility. Then, he took it to his underground facility in Nevada where Nuclear testing site used to be, so the dreadnought isn't detected.

The climax is when Nero's men, alongside WIng, Otto, and Raven attack the Dreadnought to retrieve Diablous and Nigel Darkdoom. In the process the Dreadnought captures Air force One. Drake did this so he could activate Thor's Hammer (A nuke launched from outer space). H.I.V.E. fighters sneak onto the Dreadnought and fight Furen and his men to recover the Darkrooms. They successfully got them back, but Thor's Hammer was still going straight for Yellowstone National Park. So, Otto is forced to join forces with the world of technology to stop it.

The falling actions are when people on board the Shroud mourn the "loss" of Otto. Little did they know that he survived. But, will they ever see Otto again?

H.I.V.E Dreadnought is an incredible book if you like a lot of action, a little bit of sadness, and intensity throughout the whole book. In H.I.V.E Dreadnought you are bound to make predictions about what will happen throughout the entire book. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great read that will take them less than a week and a half.

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Sophia Schaefer | 4 comments Title: Lord of the Flies
Author: William Golding

"What are we? Humans? Or animals? Or savages?" This is a question extremely prevalent in this novel. This book takes place on a remote island during a time of war, the main characters include, Piggy, Ralph, and Jack, three young boys trying to stay alive and get saved on this island. Soon, fear and rumors start to spread about this fictional beast dividing the once whole group of boys. After the boys had split up into "tribes" Jack took more of a "savage" approach to things while Ralph and Piggy decided to become more rational about the situation. After a few deaths, the boys finally ended up getting saved and coming to the realization of what they'd turned into. This book was very well written as well as suspenseful and because of this is rated 5/5.

One of the reasons I liked this book was because even though it was well written it was also very thought-provoking, it really made you think because the main conflict is civilization vs. savagery it brings up questions like are we driven completely by impulses and are people just inherently evil.

Another reason I liked this book was because of the writing style and how it is used to display moods and tones in this story. The writing wasn't all too descriptive but, was straight to the point and displayed a lot of emotion with it, because of the way the characters had been introduced and how you saw them kind of split apart this deepens the effect that the writing will have on the reader.

In conclusion, I would completely recommend this book to someone who justs wants something quick to read but also something memorable. This book will definitely have you asking yourself a lot of questions in the end but the well-written tone of the book will leave you with a self-assured feeling. I would definitely recommend this book and rate it 5/5.

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Abby Nelson | 3 comments Title: Catching Fire
Author: Suzanne Collins

Imagine if you had to fight to the death and when you won you were told you would never have to do it again, except the following year, they made you do it again anyway. Well, that is what happens to Katniss Everdeen in Catching Fire By Suzanne Collins. In the last Hunger Games, President Snow did not believe that Katniss really was in love with Peeta. He threatens to kill her friends and family unless she proves she is in love with him. She then needs to go back into the Hunger Games because Snow sucks and wants her dead. I love this book and think it is very amazing.

One of the reasons this book is awesome is that it is written is a way where you are hanging on to every word. Such as on page 227 where it says “I can’t think straight. The image of Cinna, beaten and bloody, consumes me. Where is he now? What are they doing to him? Torturing him? Killing him? Turning him into an Avox?” You most likely want to read more of this book.

Another reason this book is so amazing is that it is not very predictable. The book states, on page 290 “Then Finnick unzips the top of Peeta’s jumpsuit and begins to pump the spot over his heart with the heels of his hands.” Finnick is trying to save Peeta’s life. Since they are in the Hunger Games, even if they are allies if someone's heart stops, you would not try to save their life because you would just have to kill them later anyway.

My final reason for why Catching Fire is so amazing is the creativity of the book. In the book, the author takes ideas, even boring predictable ideas, and changes them up to be unpredictable and exciting. Like on page 309 “Something’s wrong with this fog. The progression of the front line is too uniform to be natural. And if it’s not natural . . . A sickeningly sweet odor begins to invade my nostrils and I reach for the others, shouting for them to wake up. In the few seconds it takes to rouse them, I begin to blister.” Poison fog is considered “predictable”, but the author took it and made it exciting.

I would rate this book a five out of five stars. The book is amazing and I love how the author is able to make this book just as good, or even better than the first. I love this book and would recommend it to anyone who loves books with a lot of action in them and doesn't mind a bit of death.

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Maddie | 4 comments Title: Projekt 1065 Author: Alan Gratz

“I had managed to scare even the monsters, and when you can scare monsters, you can be sure you've become one yourself.” Projekt 1065 is about a boy named Michael O’Shaunessey who comes with his family to Nazi Germany from Ireland during World WarⅡ. Michael and his family try their best to fit in with the Nazis. They go to dinner parties, make friends with the most important people, and Michael joins the Hitler Youth. The O’Shaunessey family has a secret, though. Michael and his parents are spies. They aren’t spying for Germany, though. Michael and his family get stuck helping a Jewish airman, which results in Michael having to find the plans for Projekt 1065, a secret Nazi jet plane. This book includes lots of action and surprises, an overall good read.

Character development can be seen all throughout this story. While still making the story interesting, the author manages to make Michael become more mature without it being obvious. At parts in the beginning, Michael becomes very upset when he sees a dead body. Later on in the story, Michael doesn’t think that much of someone dying, unless it is someone he knew. Michael also wants to save anyone and everyone in the beginning. Throughout the story, Michael finally starts to realize what his parents mean when they say that some people need to be sacrificed in order for the rest to survive. This is when he realizes that he needs to stop worrying about saving everyone he sees, but that he needs to instead worry about saving himself and his family.

The theme also has a very important role in the story. The theme would be that you shouldn’t trust everyone you meet. In Projekt 1065, Michael has to be cautious of everyone. This is so he doesn’t accidentally tell someone that he is a spy for the Allies, the opposing side to the Nazis. When Michael accidentally makes the mistake of giving himself away to the wrong person, things become a lot more difficult for Michael and his family. Michael does have to be extremely careful with who he trusts, but so does everyone else around him. With Michael being a foreign spy, no one wants to trust someone that will only end up hurting them in the end.

Overall, Projekt 1065 was a pretty good book. I would recommend it to anyone that likes suspense and historical fiction, as long as they are okay with some of the favorite characters dying. It has lots of action, surprises, great character development, an important theme, and a great end. The book was interesting and I never wanted to put it down. I would give Projekt 1065 a 4 out of 5 rating.

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Haley W. | 4 comments The Ranger's Apprentice: The Lost Stories, by John Flanagan

THE SECRETS OF ARALUEN FINALLY REVEALED!! The Lost Stories is, unlike the first ten books in the series, a compilation of many tales from the Kingdom of Araluen, taking place in a few different times and many different places throughout the book. The first entails the backstory of how Ranger Halt became the surrogate father of Ranger Will, the next the adventure of Gilan as his mentor searched the mainland for Will after he was kidnapped by Erak the Skandian to be sold as a slave. The following tales are stories of what occurred after the heroes left Nihon-Ja. They are full of thrill, adventure, love, and witty humor. The author wrote very eloquently and The Lost Stories gets a 6/5 in my book!

The first part of this book I really loved was that it didn't focus on one central character, but rather what happened in many characters' lives. True, many of the stories are about Will and Halt, but there are quite notably a handful of stories about other characters, such as Gilan and Jenny. The many different stories also had quite diverse plot lines, one about a wolf and one about a grudge and a dutiful debt. One about marriage and one about Moondarkers, and even one about a date gone wrong (JEWELRY THIEVES AAUGH)!

The second part I really enjoyed was the witty humor sprinkled like snow across the many plot lines, most notably in the story "The Inkwell and the Dagger", in which Halt and Will had to hunt down the Moondarkers and defeat them (or ruthlessly destroy them. Either way, problem solved). In the story, Will is also extremely stressed about his speech he has to give at his best friends' Horace and Evanlyn's wedding, wanting to make it memorable with the biggest and most complex and fancy words he can. To help save the ship from the Moondarkers, Halt gives Will a special fire pigmentation to throw into the roaring blaze to signal the fake beacon, but when it comes down to it, Will throws his whole satchel into the fire, which becomes a bright, vibrant purple. In the resolution, Will morosely admits his speech was also in the satchel and Halt responds with something similar to, "Well, I didn't know what color the dye would make the fire, but I'd never believed it'd turn purple! It wasn't the dye, that's for sure. It was the speech."

This book is definitely full of adventure and jokes, but you'd only find them funny if you were wisened enough to understand their deeper meanings. Besides, sarcasm is the best form of wit! I'd definitely recommend this book to any and all who thirst for adventure and appreciate sarcastic jokes! 6/5 stars!!!!!!

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EmilyH | 4 comments Hi, I'm doing my Goodreads review on Deep Down Popular by Phoebe Stone.
The book Deep Down Popular is about a 6th-grade girl who is unpopular. Her crush, Conrad Smith, is the most popular boy in the school. He plays soccer and goes to every school dance. That is, until he develops a limp, has to wear a leg brace, and can't keep up with his popular friends.
When the main character, Jessie Lou, has to help Conrad home from school, she gets brave enough to talk to him. Soon enough, they become very close friends.
In the story, Jessie Lou has to deal with her annoying sister, her crazy grandpa, and her not to friendly friends.
I would give this book a 7/10 because the story is very basic, and wasn't very fun to read. Thank you for reading my book review.

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Eddie | 4 comments The Darkest Path
Jeff Hirsch
How far would you go to get back to your family? Would you go through the frontlines of war, would you kill to get back to your family? Callum, the main character in “The Darkest Path” would, and he would do more if he had to. In the book, he has to escape from enemy camps and war zones multiple times. He also had to murder to get back home and do favors for the enemies. The U.S. is fighting a war against the Glorious Path, who are a religious extremist group. In all the madness Callum wants to get home to New York, but he is halfway across the country. He must journey long distances and through many dangerous places.

The first reason that this book is good is because it shows that even things that seem good and forgiving, a can be turned into something horrible. In the book, The Glorious Path is a very messed up Christian group who kill you if you do not join them. People usually think that Christianity is a forgiving and good thing, it is, but it can, and has (the Christian Crusades), been turned into a reason to kill.

The second reason I liked this book is that it showed that the seemingly weaker people can go through the unimaginable, and come out victorious. Callum in the book goes through many trials of his perseverance and strength, and he always succeeds. Even at the end of the book, he says that he is planning to travel even farther.

I would give this book a 9/10 because it is very descriptive and shows many unthought of ideas.

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