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Kiss Me While I Sleep (CIA Spies, #3)
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message 1: by Tanvi, Moderator-in-Training ;) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tanvi (trwriteratwork) | 1121 comments Mod
Efficient and unapologetic, Lily Mansfield is a hired assassin working as a contract agent for the CIA. Her targets are the powerful and corrupt, those who can't be touched by the law.

Now Lily is playing a deadly, unauthorized game, seeking her own vengeance, compromising her superiors and endangering her life. Fellow CIA agent Lucas Swain's orders: either bring her in or bring her down. Yet he too is drawn into the game with Lily Mansfield, dancing on a tightrope, trying to avoid a major international incident while battling a tenacious foe dogging their every step.

Vigilantly watching her back, Lily doesn't see the lethal peril directly in her path . . . or that loyalty has a price.

message 2: by Eve (last edited Sep 14, 2018 03:40AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Eve (everf) | 816 comments How you ever wondered how is it possible that Linda Howard can write about professional killers so beautifully? Kiss Me While I Sleep, Death Angel, all of them had characters that are tricky to write but somehow she makes these stories work.

An assasin is not someone you'd expect to like...but the heroine of KMWIS was so beautifully written that it was surprisingly easy to like her. Howard has also very good fast-paced, active storytelling that makes reading her books very enjoyable.

Marika | 78 comments Just finished KISS ME WHILE I SLEEP and I really enjoyed it.
It is indeed amazing how LH can write assassins so well.
Lily was complex heroine but I liked her.
Lucas was more of a mystery and I didn't like the way he let his first marriage to crumble and just walked away.

message 4: by Tanvi, Moderator-in-Training ;) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tanvi (trwriteratwork) | 1121 comments Mod
I just read this one last year I think. It was really good though I wanted a little more from the characters. I liked the action and suspense a lot.

Wendy Kalthoff (wkalthoff) | 132 comments I finally read this book. I
Liked the hero a lot but could not
Believe how naive the heroine was I also found the whole story with the mole a tad confusing:

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