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A. J. Deschene (ajdeschene) | 34 comments I saw this in another group and I thought it should be here as well, just for fun.
Post some of your favorite quotes (of five sentences or less) here to get readers interested in your book and show them you have the skill required to write something they'd want to read. If it's allowed, feel free to post a link so we can find your book if we're interested.

Here's an example:

A herd of straying leaves rushed through the city and fluttered up along the tower where they met my balcony and scattered across its floor, cackling and laughing all the way until they hit the glass doors to my solar. They stuck like dead bugs.
Nisime, in development; previously Land of Burning Roses


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Ashwini (ashwinirao) | 1 comments "Most people in the world do not get to do what they want to, when they want to. When I was little, I wanted to buy something that I couldn’t afford, and later when I could afford it, there was something else that I wanted, that I still couldn’t afford. So, then I learnt a lesson the hard way, that one must learn to be happy with what one has today, and not dwell in the past or try to live in the future."
- Wish Code, Ashwini Rao

message 3: by Bernie (new)

Bernie Morris (berniem) | 128 comments Bobby's back yard hadn't changed since she was knee-high. It was still littered with bicycle bits and pieces of engine that he was always tinkering with. It looked like the same relentless weeds bravely struggled through the cracked flagstones; the same array of socks and t-shirts flapped on the washing line, though somewhat bigger these days, and even the same wasps droned around the dustbin. That's how it seemed - a place immune to time.
Bobby's Girl

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“Revenge, I want to make Eli suffer as I have.” I divulged. Sloan rose to his feet and walked over to me and sat on the floor in front of me. His intense blue eyes bore into mine as he said sternly, “Stop now, you don’t know what he’s capable of… well I suppose you do in a way but your blinded by grief and anger because of his part in your mothers death.” I dropped my eyes not being able to take it anymore and said in a small voice, “I can’t, she was my mum and the only family I had.” Sloan placed a reassuring hand on my knee and said, “I know what it’s like to not have a stable family.” I moved back out of Sloan’s reach and shot back, “How would you know? You’re a lord and have money and everything, hell you probably could pay people to be your family.”

“Enough!” Sloan yelled assertively then in a calmer voice said, “I do know. Don’t assume because I’m a lord I have what you would call a normal family because I don’t. Back on Earth I was in a care home because my good for nothing mother preferred drink and drugs over her two children. I have a sister but she’s back on Earth and we don’t really see one another. My family are also my friends that’s all I have. And I can’t believe you would think I would pay people to like me. I want to be loved and liked for who I am, not what I can pay someone. Anyway, paying people to like you just means they will like you as long as you pay then, once you stop so will they. Sorry I didn’t mean to dump all that on you. I suppose now I have, you may as well call me Steve.”

Taken from my new novella Eli's Rebellion

message 5: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Layden | 3 comments "The ruins of Maywood approached as a scattered band of shadows, half-sunk in the sick, grey fields. I squinted past the strewn rubble and shattered statues. Pale figures paced with swords in their hands, around and around in irritated patrols. Once the throbbing heart of Norgrad, Maywood lay barren but for the brigands and ghosts that dwelled there. Somewhere inside, Kolby took refuge, clutching a plain, black ring plucked from the corpse of his father."

- Follow the Light, Andrew Layden

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Emilyrose | 2 comments "The loch was not a large one. More of a pool. She could easily make out more debris that had fallen from the truck on the other side. And stepping through that debris, making their way out of the trees, were a man and a woman. Two people, where there should have been none, beginning to walk around the pool in her direction. They wore clothes of green and a shaggy brown, the like of which she had never seen. There was no mystery or romance to this peril after all. There was a sound as she stood, stomach lurching, heart as if stopped, the sound of a footstep behind her. She turned. Another woman, tall and strong, clad in the same green, the same shaggy brown. After eighteen years, taught from a child who to fear, Arnive Jacques saw the enemy for the first time. A living Separatist came around the rock that had sheltered her and took her by the arm."
- The Cadet, The Lores of Nature Book One

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J.R. | 458 comments Follmer heaved a sigh and skipped his short legs in an effort to catch up to my longer pace. “I wish to heaven I knew how it happened. We had her all laid out nice in the coffin, set to deliver her for the viewing. Before goin’ out for supper I stepped in to make sure all was in readiness. The casket was empty. Syl, I know that old lady didn’t get up and walk out of my place on her own.”
“That don’t make a bit of sense, Virgil. Why would someone steal a body?”
“I don’t know. But they sure as heck did.”
‘I take it Floyd helped with the layin’ out,” I said, referring to Virgil’s assistant.
“Course he did.”
“Maybe he moved the body and you looked in the wrong coffin.”
He peered at me as though my remark was the most idiotic he’d ever heard. “Why would he do that? I know which casket I put her in.”
I shrugged. “Just a thought.”

message 8: by Belle (new)

Belle Blackburn | 163 comments "I went to church to practice hate and revenge."

The Doctor's Daughter: Journey to Justice, Belle Blackburn

message 9: by Lenita (last edited Aug 28, 2018 11:36AM) (new)

Lenita Sheridan | 1010 comments As an enchanted pigeon, Bogwina could talk and served as a stool pigeon and resident eavesdropper for Mecandel. On one of Bogwina's eavesdropping forays, she learned about the gauntlet and its magical powers. After hearing this she flew home as quick as she could, entered an open library window and lit on the sill. Mecandel was busy reading a chapter entitled: "Garlic and Onions: Nine Easy Spells to Thwart Your Enemies."

-Guardian of the Gauntlet (Book I), Lenita Sheridan

message 10: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Mason The bartender handed me a note and passed a reference to the man at the bar. He put out a new napkin and a mint on the napkin. Then he poured water in a shot glass and gently dropped a rose in the water. He gave the rose a tender fluff, like I was the first lady of the evening. I opened the note.

Dear Ms. Cromwell,

"I am not come to make any disturbance."

My mother's father used to say this to me when he wanted to give me some wisdom. There was so much wisdom in some of these things; I didn't understand them. Whenever you should have so much good fortune, you will be in the vicinity of a Cromwell (he told me a thousand times), buy him a dinner of his choice. He didn't say anything of a Lady Cromwell, but he was a man of courtly habits; and I know this moment he would himself put a candle and flowers on your table and a sweet mint on your napkin. The waiter is fresh out of candles. If you choose, what is on your table is taken good care of; and you don't have to put up with me. With deep apologies that I intrude on your solitude.

Yours most respectfully,

Israel Zhulzhoff

p.s. I use the initial sentence in quotations as it is neither mine nor my grandfather's, but is the property of Menasseh Ben Israel, placed in the preamble of his petition to the Lord Protector of England in 1655 and ends, "but only to live with my Nation in the fear of the Lord under the shadow of your protection."

message 11: by A. J. Deschene (last edited Sep 14, 2018 11:23AM) (new)

A. J. Deschene (ajdeschene) | 34 comments My day was powered on with much motivation after tasting just a sample of that delicious vegetable. More like a fruit, it was.
Despite its hard outer shell, the inside was as succulent and juicy as I could ever imagine; its sweet perfumes filled my lungs, and the rich flavor flooded through my mouth under soft, squashing subsections on the inside of the food’s body. Even the seeds were highly enjoyable — tiny black beads that tasted even sweeter than the flesh when one managed to lick them out of her mullers and cut them open with her front teeth. It was challenging, but very much worth the effort when the flavor exploded between my jaws and took over every corner in your mouth.
Nisime, in development; previously Land of Burning Roses

A. J.

message 12: by Adam (new)

Adam Craig | 5 comments Liatrix hated tithing it always left her exhausted until she regained her magic and today was going to be no different.

"I can heal Ellette but it's going to cost you your eternal loyalty to me."

- The Pact, Adam Craig

message 13: by Harold (new)

Harold Titus (haroldtitus) | 104 comments Alsoomse and Wanchese by Harold Titus

“Mother, I want to question things. Know the why of things. Decide things. Why must weroances, priests, and a husband – kind or not -- decide who I must be?”
“We gave you your name for a reason.”
“That is not an answer.”
“Be respectful, child, dutiful. The gods have taught us our roles. We must obey them, please them. We must please also the wise ones who speak to them. Life is perilous, Alsoomse. Kiwasa makes it so. Weigh what you think before you act. Accept.”

He marveled at the potency of his temper. He was surprised that his blow to Askook’s head had not been followed by a fist to the throat and a crushing knee to the side of the skull.
He savored the idea.
Something inside him had interfered.
Had Askook been a Pomouik, he would not have hesitated. He was a warrior. Any man who chose to make himself an enemy needed to beware.
Askook had laid bare his deficiency.

message 14: by A. J. Deschene (last edited Sep 14, 2018 11:24AM) (new)

A. J. Deschene (ajdeschene) | 34 comments As the day crawled slowly on and on, the sun, at last, began to make her descent down to the prisons below the western horizon. Though she was reluctant at first to surrender her queendom to the twin kings of the night, the day finally drew to a close as the lasting rays reached out to the hills behind us and pulled themselves closer.
Nisime, in development; previously Land of Burning Roses

A. J.

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L.C. Perry | 83 comments She knew what was coming.
She didn’t realize what she was going to do to stop it until after it happened.
It came so quickly. He had risen his arm, whip in hand, ready to lash at either her face or abdomen first.
But then he froze.
His eyebrows furrowed and he took an involuntary step back. That was when she noticed the spark of anger that lingered within her, fueling her gaze without her awareness.
She had done it again.
Two times within the same week – that was an all time record for her. The officers weren’t always perceptive, but they weren’t stupid. She could feel his bewilderment even if he didn’t show it across his face. At first, there were questions stirring in his eyes, but that was quickly replaced with anger.
The kind of unruly anger that came when you were at your peak in humiliation. His arm rose quicker than the first time, as if to hide his blunder – to distract anyone who might have thought he was momentarily intimidated by a slave. The girl sucked in a breath and Ebony braced herself for the pain, the marks, the temporary escape–
“Lower the whip, Charles.”

- Gold Shadow, L.C. Perry

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A. J. Deschene (ajdeschene) | 34 comments The sun shook her last bits of light free from the horizon and stretched them beautifully across the sky above us — at first, pale rivers of washed up radiance, then streaks of yellow and orange highlights brushing calligraphy across the atmosphere, even between the heavy, rolling clouds locked against the sky, then an elegant mixture of thin red and pink strands as the sun finally shone from between an assortment of swollen vapor to let its presence be known across all of Valeon.
Nisime, in development; previously Land of Burning Roses

A. J.

message 17: by Ruth (new)

Ruth O'Neill | 36 comments Walking slowly away from the burial site she turned her head and blew a kiss Ritchie’s way, a gesture she had done a thousand times, but this time would be the very last. It was then her eyes fell on the beautiful woman she’d seen at the church and the crematorium. She was standing a fair way away, but close enough to be seen. She was still immaculately dressed all in black, but she had discarded her hat this time, and her flamboyant red hair flowed and snatched around her face.
Who was she?
Befriended - Ruth O'Neill

message 18: by Jim (last edited Aug 29, 2018 12:48PM) (new)

Jim Vuksic | 1133 comments They boldly stared and did not seem to be as shocked by the sight of us as we were of them. We were instructed to advance to the mate standing directly across from us. The Revered One then informed us that we were to each accompany our partner on a tour of the area, during which she would provide answers to the questions he was sure we were anxious to ask. I had never heard the term she before, but I liked the sound of it.
Levels by Jim Vuksic

message 19: by Thomas (new)

Thomas J. (chieftom) | 25 comments From Sweet Emily

Sara Lynn McComb looked out her office window at the gathering darkness. A bag lady scurried with her heavily laden shopping cart across the street and disappeared into an empty storefront. Sara shivered. The nightscape was cold and uninviting, so unlike the Chamber of Commerce pictures of the lighted skyline in the glow of a Texas moon. She pushed back from her desk, adjusted her shirt, and glanced around the office. The cubicles were dark and deserted. Only the sound of the wind as it ebbed down the hallway broke the deathly quiet of the building. Everybody was gone.

message 20: by Dana (new)

Dana Vacca (danavacca) | 17 comments FREEDOM CALLING: A Civil War Slave Escapes By Sea - by Dana Vacca

Amazon Book LInk:

"We go through there," he said and pointed down a swale to an opening no wider than a deer path.

"But careful where you step. Lots of dangerous snakes live in this wet land," he cautioned as he stepped around a coiled rattlesnake that was vibrating its tail in warning and ready to strike.

We moved slowly taking care to not damage the wagon, and Traveler obediently pushed his way, step by step, into the twined vines of the tangled woodbine. The steady horse willingly pulled the wagon through the snarled brambles, and Beau, tied to the backboard, followed faithfully. The further we walked the more waterlogged the ground became. The wet earth sucked at my shoes and a few times the wagon wheels got mired deep in the mud. We secured tow lines to the sideboards. Then Enapay and I, pulling in tandem with Beau, tugged the ropes this way and that, until Traveller could haul the wagon free.

Ahead was an expanse of turquoise sky where towering and weathered cypress trees stood like graying old men, burled and twisted. Below gnarled knees and crooked legs their feet were spread wide to anchor them deep into the boggy mud. Their branches hung heavy with dripping with moss as if they were weeping tears of malignant green. In the distance, junipers balanced precariously at the edge of a sea of oily umber. Their limbs, like crippled arms, were extended at unnatural angles as if they were relying on each other to stay standing.

Roots poked up through the mud. Some resembled sharpened stakes, pointed and menacing. Others like gravestones in a long-forgotten cemetery, leaned eerily: - lifeless, solemn and forlorn. Still more, like herds of disfigured creatures or the spawn of sinister abominations, rose up from the unholy black water and stood staring - motionless and tall.

I shook those images from my head. Think happy thoughts, I told myself as I moved across the strange landscape.
Ahead of me, something splashed, and I gasped. The surface of the still water dimpled. In the sunny clearing to the right, a large dark form lumbered toward the brush. Its shiny hide rolled and rippled as it bounded...

Freedom Calling A Civil War Slave Escapes By Sea by Dana Vacca

message 21: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Willis (stephenjwillis) | 47 comments Spirits of the Dead
Spirits of the Dead by Stephen J. Willis

Yeah,’ replied Jason, ‘and like I said, just how many dead people are stuck all over the place? They can’t let go I guess.’

‘Or they don’t even know they are dead,’ said Christopher thoughtfully. ‘They are just stuck in some sort of time-loop, reliving the same moment in time… lost and confused.’

Jason grimaced.

The lid groaned as they moved it to one side. Shining their torches inside, Jason and the detective clearly illuminated the hundred-year old remains of a young body, his crumpled corpse, now mainly of bone and patchy cloth, lay innocently still on top of the grey and dusty wrappings of another body. Although faded, Christopher recognised Peter’s clothes instantly. But to Christopher it still seemed surreal, that he was looking at Peter’s remains of over a hundred years ago. He had barely known him, but they had shared so much in so little time.

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Mark Kloss (markkloss) | 63 comments Game Hunter
Game Hunter (Game Hunter, #1) by Mark Kloss

With a sigh that sounded like a steam train struggling up a hill, I concluded zombies must by now be an endangered species. Neither that sad conclusion nor the sigh that accompanied it did anything to lessen the ache inside my own nineteen-year-old zombie head.
On the other side of the scratched and beaten up bedroom door was the skeleton of one such zombie, picked clean by rats after being tied down to a large bed.
I took a couple of deeper breaths, then grudgingly walked back into the room to try and work out exactly what had happened.

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H.J. Peterson | 6 comments She’d thought for sure that she would be able to truly change the world for the better by fighting those armies in France: surely, she’d be able to help the situation, gain some satisfaction in being able to do her part to win the war. Wasn’t that what they were supposed to do? Those propaganda reels at the theaters were always going on and on about how every man, woman, and child needed to do their part. She’d never imagined the lessons she’d learned in France and in Germany, when she discovered that the bad guys sometimes won and killed the good guys. That sometimes, people didn’t have a good side: sometimes, monsters hid in the clothing of a human.

H.J Peterson, "Prosper"

message 24: by H.J. (new)

H.J. Peterson | 6 comments The ones whose men had died from the cold normally just looked exhausted, their bodies shivering at the slightest breeze; the ones that died from injuries, though, were much different. Those poor officers were always covered in blood from trying to save them, their eyes distant as that terrible scene ran through their heads over and over, again.

H.J Peterson, "Prosper"


message 25: by Robert (new)

Robert Zwilling | 6 comments “Sure is a monster ship, you never told me where your people got it from?”
“The short version is, we borrowed it.”
“Ha, you stole it, tell me about it after I get back from talking to Prezz.”
“You sure you’re okay going in alone?”
“My personal foot cannon is fully loaded.”
“And if you need oxygen?” Ursa asked.
“You’re nuts. I’ll be okay.”

Asteroid Fever,

message 26: by A. J. Deschene (new)

A. J. Deschene (ajdeschene) | 34 comments I looked around the woods surrounding us — trees that resembled raven legs with frail limbs protruding on the top, bare in places red and orange leaves had left behind as they raced down to the forest’s floor below. The ground was covered with them, and the fiery roof that used to umbrella over weary travelers, like us, was now gone. In its place was a collection of grotesque, grey skeletons that tangled into each other and provided no break between the ground and sky.
Nisime, in development; previously Land of Burning Roses

A. J.

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J.R. | 458 comments We were in sight of the house when Cyrus asked, “You don’t think we’re dealing with body-snatchers, do you, Syl?”
“Of course not. You heard what I told Zimmerman. If that was the case I think they’d be lookin’ for fresh, young bodies in the cemetery instead of taking an old lady like Mrs. Arbuckle. It’s money these people want, not a dried up old corpse.”
“I expect you’re right. I recall Uncle Luther talking about a plot to abduct President Lincoln’s body and hold it for ransom.” Cyrus is Lydia’s cousin and her father loves telling tales. Cyrus Gutshall is a ready listener, especially when it means avoiding work.
“Mrs. Arbuckle isn’t a Lincoln, but her remains are just as important to Mrs. Zimmerman. Our job is to get her back and that’s what we’re gonna do. I have a few things for us to look into in the morning. Right now I need something to eat and then my bed.”
I hoped I sounded more confident to Cyrus than I actually felt. I didn’t realize then what a tough job lay ahead of us.
The Bartered Body:

message 28: by W.C. (last edited Sep 15, 2018 05:03PM) (new)

W.C. Clinton | 5 comments “What’s this all about?” I asked, when Nebhut waved me to a halt as I came home from the office the first night of the patrols.
“We’ve been having a problem with foreign incursions,” he explained, adjusting his smoky bear hat further down over his brow. “We aim to get a visual ID on every person who enters the perimeter.” I didn’t stop the next night, or the next; and on the third night a makeshift, manual gate had been erected using sawhorses.
“These are public roads,” I commented. “Anyone is allowed to use them without interference.”
“There’s no reason to use these roads unless you live here or have business with someone who does,” he said, placing his meaty hands on his hips and leaning forward.
“The idea of a public road is that you don’t have to have a reason to be on it,” I said.
“I take my responsibilities very seriously,” Nebhut told me, his left eye twitching a little. “Most people thank me for my service.”

"Operation Eagle Eye" from "Two Pairs of Shorts"

message 29: by Rita (new)

Rita Chapman | 502 comments From chapter 3 of Dangerous Associations.

“Would you like coffee?” I asked innocently as I cleared away the remains of our chocolate raspberry dessert.
“I think you know what I want young lady, and it’s not coffee” he replied as he stood up and took hold of me.
He kissed me until neither of us had any air left in our lungs and I led him in to the bedroom. Our lovemaking was just amazing. As I gazed at him afterwards, lying next to me naked as if it was the most natural thing in the world for him to be in my bed, I felt as if my whole world had just been turned upside down.
“Cathy” he said, taking my hand in his and pressing it to his lips “I think I’m falling for you in a big way.”
“Me too” was all I could manage.
The night passed in a blur of passion, contentment and a little sleep.
“Take the day off” he begged me in the morning over the breakfast table. “I can’t bear to let you go just yet. Say you’ll spend the day with me, please?”
He gazed earnestly in to my eyes. What could I say? I ran through my diary in my mind’s eye – was there anything there that I couldn’t miss? Fortunately I couldn’t think of anything and I made the call to my boss. She was very sympathetic and told me not to return until I was completely well. I hadn’t taken a sick day since I had started working for the firm, so I didn’t feel too bad about it.
We spent the day talking and making love. We had so much in common. He was my soul-mate, I was sure of it. When he had to leave for work I was exhausted from the intensity of the last few hours. He kissed me tenderly as he left and I sank on to the lounge, sorry to see him go but pleased to have a chance to run the last few hours through my mind. It had been incredible. I relived every minute and then my thoughts drifted to Geoffrey. How different Rob was, in every way.
Dangerous Associations by Rita Lee Chapman

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Eugene Galt (eugenegalt) | 4 comments From These Words Are True and Faithful by Eugene Galt:

As for what God wanted, whenever anyone asked five of God’s self-appointed publicists what God had meant to say, they gave seven answers, none of which differed appreciably from what the person giving it would have wanted to believe anyway.

* * *

Fate isn't going to figure out for you the exact sort of guy you want and then drop him into your lap. You just got through telling me all sorts of mutually exclusive things about what you want, so choose already.

* * *

Happy birthday, big guy. Will there be cake, or didn’t the fire marshal give Rob a permit?

* * *

Yes, I know that the heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing, but the two should at least be on speaking terms.

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A. J. Deschene (ajdeschene) | 34 comments Aoifen whipped her head around to survey the creature’s body, “Is it a boy or a girl?”
“I don’t know.” I was distracted by the smooth touch of its nose, soft as the skin of a peach, but nonetheless dry.
“She trusts you now, let’s cut her loose.”
“She? What makes you think it’s a she?”
“Because I want it to be a she.”
I couldn’t help but laugh, “It doesn’t work that way.” I noticed the creature had rolled over on its side awkwardly displaying its stomach between six stubby legs. “It’s a boy.”
Aoifen saw what I saw, “Ew.”
Nisime, in development; previously Land of Burning Roses

A. J.

message 32: by Bruce (new)

Bruce E. | 160 comments Death by Arrogance by Bruce E. Dunn

When I came back from one trip to the toilet, she was gone. She didn’t show up in our room that night. I was just about to go downstairs for breakfast when she came in. Her wig was not very carefully placed on her head.
Before she could say anything, I asked her if she wanted breakfast downstairs. She smiled and said yes after she got cleaned up. We didn’t say much until we were at breakfast. Then I started talking about stuff we’d need for our stay on Cluvius.
The talk went on for a while until finally Avita said. “You’re making me uncomfortable. You’re dodging. If you wanted to be blasé you would at least have casually asked if I had fun.”
I laughed, “And if I had you would have just as casually said that you had and nothing that anyone felt would have been mentioned again.”
“OK, how do you feel? I would never have let you get away without telling me that. My relationship to you isn’t casual.”
“Two minutes ago, awkward. Fine now that we’re talking about how we feel about it. Last night lonely and something I don’t have a name for during those few times I allowed myself to visualize.”
“I have learned that is to be assiduously avoided,” she giggled and suddenly everything was all right. “Anyway she said I had to have sex once more before I was 20.”
“You’re 20 today?” I said. “He inaugurated 20 too.” I was too my surprise a little disappointed.
She as usual read me and smiled. “In fact, no. He was worn out before midnight. But more it didn’t feel right and I can see I was right. It’s funny or perhaps not funny how the little things are the things that upset and make people insecure. I want you to be totally secure. People are really only themselves when they’re secure in a relationship.”

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A. J. Deschene (ajdeschene) | 34 comments Guys, most of these 'quotes' are too long. I just wanted to politely ask you for a five-sentence limit. If you've noticed, all of my examples follow this rule, except for one, which is only round 100 words.

The rule is going to be: no more than five sentences unless the example is less than 150 words.

{edit} The rule will be: 200-word limit. For those who have posted "quotes" that exceed this limit, please revise or remove. (Preferably revise, because I don't want to see you guys have to take your quotes down because of my rule.)

A. J.

message 34: by Bruce (new)

Bruce E. | 160 comments A. J. Deschene wrote: "Guys, most of these 'quotes' are too long. I just wanted to politely ask you for a five sentence limit. If you've noticed, all of my examles follow this rule, except for one, which is only round 10..."


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J.R. | 458 comments The first shot raised a cloud of dust between our feet. Flinging myself against Geronimo, I knocked him to the ground and covered his body with my own. The second shot struck and crackled into the framework of the wickiup. After a moment of silence and no more shots, Geronimo barked, “Get off me, fool.”

message 36: by Ben (new)

Ben Cass (bencass) "The short answer is it’s not on this particular Earth.” Ellie’s eyebrows rose.

“You’re telling me you’re an alien? E.T. phone home, live long and prosper, all that stuff?” She knew how skeptical she sounded.

He shook his head, laughing softly. “I rather like Mork, actually. Nanu, nanu. No, I’m not an alien. I’m human, Elowyn, just like you and Jen. I’m just from a different Earth.” He frowned. "Hmm. I suppose, technically, that would make me an alien, wouldn’t it?”

The Lost Tayamu:

message 37: by A. J. Deschene (last edited Sep 23, 2018 05:36AM) (new)

A. J. Deschene (ajdeschene) | 34 comments Ben: Nice one!
A. J.

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Trish Butler | 9 comments "The only beast a man wants a woman to have between her legs is himself." Helena on why women are supposed to ride side-saddle.
Redway Acres Book 1 - Helena by Trish Butler

message 39: by Paula (new)

Paula Houseman (paulahouseman) | 75 comments Trish wrote: ""The only beast a man wants a woman to have between her legs is himself." Helena on why women are supposed to ride side-saddle.
Redway Acres Book 1 - Helena by Trish Butler"

Love this!

message 40: by A. J. Deschene (new)

A. J. Deschene (ajdeschene) | 34 comments Trish wrote: ""The only beast a man wants a woman to have between her legs is himself." Helena on why women are supposed to ride side-saddle.
Redway Acres Book 1 - Helena by Trish Butler"


message 41: by Paula (new)

Paula Houseman (paulahouseman) | 75 comments An excerpt from 'My T(r)oyboy is a Twat'.
My T(r)oyboy is a Twat (Ruth Roth #3) by Paula Houseman

I rubbed my eyes again and stared at the new owners. A corn-fed Ma and Pa Kettle, they looked to be in their mid-forties. They stood there grinning like manic monkeys as I sized them up.

Wide-mouthed Ma had pasty skin; a flat, turned-up nose; and jellyfish-blue eyes with saggy bags under them and an un-tweezed, mono-brow pelmet above them. She had a large head that sprouted black, woolly, Maggi Noodle hair, and she wore a khaki midi-skirt and a clinging beige tee with a plaid peplum. Her big tits, along with the three-tiered rolls of fat under them, resembled a dog’s four sets of post-partum teats.

Pa had a thatch of red hair, his freckled face was shaped like a butternut pumpkin, and his ears stuck out like a pair of ailerons—a desirable feature for a winged being, but it would have got him beaten up in the schoolyard. His duds complemented hers—khaki tee under tight, beige overalls. The straps needed some serious lowering to overcome the unsightly moose knuckle and cut his balls some slack.

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Maria Johnson (mariajauthor) | 8 comments An excerpt from 'The Boy from the Snow' The Boy from the Snow by Maria Johnson

Through the dim light, I saw the princess in the midst of battle. At any moment, as with any of us, she could be struck. I sprinted over and put to the sword the enemy in front of her.
"Come this way, Your Highness. I have orders to take you to safety." She ignored me for a moment to strike down another foe, and then turned back to me.
"You doubt my blade, boy?" She questioned me angrily, her eyes narrowing as she wiped blood from her temple from where she already had a small cut.
“Not at all, Your Highness. But even the most skilled may fall. I bid you to come with me to safety, Your Highness, on the captain’s instruction. Your people need you alive,” I pleaded. She rose her head and our eyes met. “Please, Your Highness. It is the protocol.”
“Very well,” she relented.

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A. J. Deschene (ajdeschene) | 34 comments Maria wrote: "An excerpt from 'The Boy from the Snow' The Boy from the Snow by Maria Johnson

Through the dim light, I saw the princess in the midst of battle. At any moment, as with any of us, she could be ..."

I like this one!

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A. J. Deschene (ajdeschene) | 34 comments Inside, the world shone in bioluminescent colors that hadn’t and couldn’t be evaporated by the dimmed morning’s wake. The outside world had still reflected that of last night, but the exquisite plants of Nisime provided more magnificence in colored lights than the sky could offer.
I barely brushed past ivory-purple stems of curled leaves that stretched out to catch me if I moved to slow. There were waves of flowing seeds that breezed through the air, sometimes hooking themselves on other plants, but mainly chasing after me with unbound curiosity. Rows of crooked palm-trunks bowed to create a path straight through to the other side and arched their giant leaves for me to brush through as they tried to discern what species I was. It may have been only a year since the last Opening, but this was always the behavior of Nisimean wildlife when travelers came through.
Nisime; in development

A. J.

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Maria Johnson (mariajauthor) | 8 comments A. J. Deschene wrote: "Maria wrote: "An excerpt from 'The Boy from the Snow' The Boy from the Snow by Maria Johnson

Through the dim light, I saw the princess in the midst of battle. At any moment, as with any of us,..."

Thanks so much! If you're interested, it's a historical fiction set in the Dark Ages, about a Celtic soldier named Daniel in 590 AD. I hope you enjoy maybe checking it out :)

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A. J. Deschene (ajdeschene) | 34 comments That sounds pretty interesting, maybe I will!
A. J.

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Trish Butler | 9 comments Paula wrote: "Trish wrote: ""The only beast a man wants a woman to have between her legs is himself." Helena on why women are supposed to ride side-saddle.
Redway Acres Book 1 - Helena by Trish Butler"


Thanks Paula! Helena has a few gems like that. :D

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Trish Butler | 9 comments A. J. Deschene wrote: "Trish wrote: ""The only beast a man wants a woman to have between her legs is himself." Helena on why women are supposed to ride side-saddle.
Redway Acres Book 1 - Helena by Trish Butler"


Thank you A.J. - I hope so! :D

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