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Found in the Higher Precinct, this building is made of intricately carved stone and is a centre for learning in the City. It's huge and seemingly endless corridors and rooms are filled with treasures of wisdom. Its quiet, relaxed atmosphere and maze like interior means you could be lost in there for days. Many have little secret spots or corners where they curl up with a good book. It is also a hot spot for art and many paintings and drawing litter the walls.

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Verian De Fleur | 129 comments Moira was Currently stalking across a Series of Shelves Containing Recounts. a Collection of Dairies and stories from shortly before Redo took control, hoping to find one the had mention of this 'Mai' child. Brushing her free Hand through her Blonde Hair, Twirling for a Moment in its curls. the Candle she held in this deeper section of the Library had red tinted Glass around it as it was better for the eyes in the dark then to use other colours or Dragon forbid it to be undiluted light. Tilting and carefully removing a Recount that Reminisced about the Barnet family, it was a place to start. moving over to a Desk.

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Ren was sitting curled up in a hidden corner of the library, the tiny alcove right next to the Recounts and Dairies section of the library. The alcove itself was underneath a small set of stairs that led to the next floor. Half a shelf of books was also under the stairs but not pressed up against the wall which created a small gap where one person could sit comfortably between the shelf and the wall, the stairs above their heads. The wall itself also had a tiny little window to let in light. Ren summarised that they were originally going to build a closet under the stairs but changed their minds so put up the book shelf to hide the light of the window. Instead they created Ren's favourite place to read within the library as it was cosy and almost completely unseen. He could only be seen if someone walked down the corridor towards the stairs, walking in his direction and thus seeing through the little entrance gap of his hideaway - which people rarely did for some reason. ((Hope I explained that ok))

Today was the boys day off and usually he was at home in his gardens. But he had finally finished all the books at home and needed new ones. His mother also wished to get a few books so he accompanied her to the Grand Library. His mother was still browsing and knew where he was so she would come get him when it was time to go home. In his little alcove, Ren's reading was disturbed by a set of slow footsteps. They weren't his mothers since it sounded like they were looking for something in the shelves. Almost no one came down here, including the librarians, so the sound surprised and intrigued the boy. Putting down his books he crawled out of his alcove and stood up, eyes going to the source of the sound as he automatically fixed and smoothed down his robes. Imagine his surprise when his gaze met the retreating back of the woman who was technically his boss. The Rose Lordess, Lady Moira.

Confused as to what the woman would want in this section of the library Ren followed her to her desk, footsteps quiet. 'Good afternoon my lady.' He spoke up softly when he reached her desk, cheeks blushing as pink as his eyes as he initiated the conversation (which was very rare). 'I couldn't help but notice you were looking for something. Is there anything I could do to help you?' He asked hesitantly, unsure of his welcome but still wanting to help.

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Verian De Fleur | 129 comments Moira looked up slowly at the man's face, her own expression Listless as one who was in a half dream state of mind. gently pushing the Lantern to rest closer to the centre of the Desk as her slender hand gestured to the seat beside her. "Ren........ I don't often have the chance to speak with you outside of work......... calm down and take a seat."

Moira spoke in a fashion that seemed like her words could be lost if the wind changed direction, a slow tone that made you question if she was awake or just talking in her sleep. "we met a Curious Girl......... called herself... Mai ƙauna..... I believe that may not be her original name ......... I'm hoping to find out more about her."

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When the lady looked up at him his sharp eyes quickly took note of her far-away expression, the lady's face relaxed and eyes distant and blank. Whilst this would shock most people Ren had been around the lady long enough to have seen it once or twice so he just kept quiet and waited, his patience endless and serene, although his nerves still had him fidgeting. Finally she spoke, although a bit slowly as if she was pushing her words through water. Ren smiled at the woman and blushed harder when she told him to calm down (he was that obvious huh?). Still, he was pleased at his welcome and did as she asked, sitting down in the chair beside her as indicated. It took a bit before she spoke again but Ren didn't mind, knowing from experience that it was hard for the lady to speak in this state, her mind pulled in so many directions. 'Mai ƙauna?' Ren said when the lady finally finished, his delicate facial features twisting into a light frown as he thought. 'Oh! I believe I know the girl whom you speak of my Lady.' Ren said, remembering now why that name sparked clanging bells in his mind.

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Verian De Fleur | 129 comments Moira's hand paused on the cover of the book, her eyes focusing slightly as she moved her gaze towards Ren. as she grew in focus her behaviour seemed to reflect that. her words now sounding more grounded as her focus grew too. "you, recognise the you?" Moira repeated as she placed her hands together, turning her seat to more directly face the boy and placed her hands in her lap. he was a shy Boy and often needed to be treated with a careful hand. "do you think you could...... recall, where?" she asked.

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Ren watched as the Lady Moira's eyes focused, her presence here stronger and sharper thanks to his words. He certainly had her attention now! She even twisted to face him properly! Ren couldn't help his instinctive reaction at that, which was to blush and look down at his own lap, black hair just long enough to hide his pink eyes in this position. Taking a breath he looked back up slowly and nodded at her question. 'Yes Lady Moira, I recognise the name. She is the daughter of another noble family. My parents knew her parents when I was a child.' He said, fingers absently fiddling with his blue robes. All the nobles knew each other after all, it wasn't that surprising. 'I met her when I was a child, when both she and I were invited to the Barnet family estate. I've seen her at a few things here and then since.' He finished, looking down again shyly. This was almost the most he had ever said to the lady in one sitting!

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Verian De Fleur | 129 comments Moira paused for a moment as she tallied in her head. "The books the library have reported missing would all contain recounts of the nobles actions. This Mai hid her past........."

Moira sitting there for a moment before looking back up at Ren. "Can you recall her relationship or interactions with the Barnet family?"

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Ren frowned at that lady's news. That was disturbing indeed. Whilst it wouldn't be difficult to track down the girl's identity if one looked hard enough (all nobles know each other after all), that particular noble family were very recluse. If she had taken what they suspected, then the most they would be able to find on the girl would be her name and the scarce information from other nobles. And a name is just a name, without the actions that would go with it then her true self would still be shrouded in mystery.

Ren nodded at the second question, understanding now that this seemed to be much more important than he originally expected. 'Yes my lady.' Ren said, sitting in silence for a second as he thought and organised his words. 'I first met Mai when all the nobles with children were invited to the Barnet family estate.' He began, voice soft yet firm. 'Their son Apollyon was an odd child and they wished to force his engagement in social interaction since he himself refused. I can't remember much, but Apollyon broke something that day and found joy in it. Whilst everyone else was crying or shouting Mai did nothing of the sort. In fact, I believe she looked upon the boy with a certain type of rapture or reverence. Since then I have seen her at a few royal banquets here and there but she will only come if Apollyon is there. And when they are together, she follows him like a shadow. I believe my lady that if you seek any further information on the girl, the best place to gather it would be Apollyon himself. Her parents died long ago and her family was small to begin with. I do believe its just her now and any actions of hers are subsequently known only to herself, or perhaps Apollyon.'

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Verian De Fleur | 129 comments "That is what i feared, she has removed herself. Which only causes an inquirey into why and what she plans to do now....." tapping her fingers against the cover of the book as she contemplated.

"I believe we'll need to keep the smith under watch and to keep track of the girls actions as much as possible. Can i trust you to arrange that?" Moira glancing up at the boy questioningly.

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Ren nodded solemnly at the lady's musing, for he agreed with her assessment. For someone to remove themselves as Mai has only bodes badly for everyone for it indicates a plan for action that may not be 'good'. When the lady spoke once more Ren straightened imperceptibly, noticing that she was now addressing him. Blushing the boy nodded, a slight smile to his lips. It pleased him that the lady trusted him with such an important matter. 'Yes Lady Moira. I shall see to it straight away. Was their anybody in particular you wished for these roles?' He asked innocently, head cocked to the side like the curious little birds that flitted around in his gardens.

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Verian De Fleur | 129 comments "part of me wishes to have it brought to the attention of Sheol, Redo's little assassin. but I have never felt comfortable with someone or something I couldn't face or experience myself, nor do I believe Redo would just 'lend them out' so freely. so I shall defer to your judgement of who you think would be viable." Moira answered honestly before standing up, collecting the books she had brought out.

"now I must place these back, but I trust that both the Origins of the search...….. be kept..... secret from whoever you assign...…. and that..... I,.. will be kept...…. updated?" Moira seeming to drift back into that listless state now that her focus had begun to drift once more.

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Ren couldn't help but shudder at the mention of Sheol. Everyone in the Dragon Tower knows of Sheol, but the assassin is only ever spoken of in whispers. Ren himself rightly feared this unknown ghost and was thankful the lady chose not to employ him or her.
'Of course Lady Moira.' Ren said, recognising the signs of the rose lordess's drifting attention in her speech. However he continued on like normal, knowing that only in reply was she slow. 'I think I may already know the perfect candidates. I have many siblings and two of them are under Lord Exousía's command. If I could commandeer them they would be perfect for this job. They are both excellent warriors and wouldn't ask questions if I ask, unlike an outside hire.'

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Verian De Fleur | 129 comments "a...... reasonable choice .......... but ....... warriors alone ......... would be .......... counter...... productive ....... for information..... gathering....... wouldn't....... they?" Moira clarrified as she Walked along the nearby shelves, placing a few back in their positions. slowly and delicately. "but...... whom..ever ...... you pick...... shall be...... rewarded.. with ...... half a day ...... bonus ......... for information ....... a full day bonus ....... for any ....... knowledge ....... you deem ....... important ...... and ...... valuable."

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Ren walked along with the lady, waiting patiently until she finished what she was saying. He hummed at her question, thinking for a second. 'I have another sister who is a seamstress and is surprisingly good at information gathering. Her twin is one of the warriors I mentioned. Perhaps I could use both of them....' He trailed off, mind whirring through possible ways for his sisters to gather the information needed. Lady Moira then spoke up, bringing his attention back into the present. She spoke of a reward for whoever he chose making him nod in understanding. 'I understand my lady. I shall see to it at once and hopefully bring back the information that you require.' Smiling gently he bowed his head, deep blue robes barely making a whisper as he moved.

((what do you want to do now?))

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Verian De Fleur | 129 comments ((i'll probably have Moira enter the village in her disguise after this, if you have anything you wish to do with her there. imagine Rens thoughts at how similar yet different they are. or a different character.)

"that is ...... a ..... loyal ....... statement. i ...... hope ...... i am just ..... paranoid." Moira stated as she placed theblast of the books back and glanced at Ren, recollecting the date. its been awhile she thought to herself. "is that .... all? i ...... have some ....... where to ...... be."

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((Ok! And we can have Ren meet her again there. That would be interesting. What would you want to do? Or we could have her meet Apollyon if you wanted.))

Ren blushed at her words, but inwardly smiled, pleased the lady recognised his and his family's loyalty. If the Mizuki family was anything, it was unfailingly loyal.
Ren also hoped that the lady and himself were just being paranoid but he couldn't help the nagging feeling that their concerns were justified. Goodness he hoped he was wrong though!
'Yes, that is all Lady Moira. I have to go meet with my mother anyway. Thank you for your time. Have a good day.' He said with a smile and a deep bow. At the lady's nod he smiled again and left, heading towards the reception where he hoped his mother would be waiting.

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Verian De Fleur | 129 comments moira nodded as she collected the last of her things, heading back to her room and preparing. after she got dressed, Alithis had returned from dropping of Exhousia. Moira now ready in her disguise and dropped down outside the city gates. Alithis returning to the tower for some Resting.

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((Lets go into town! You or me to post??))

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