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message 1: by Boo (new)

Boo | 3 comments Hi all, so I have forgotten everything about a book except one sort of sex scene that happens in it. The book from what I can remember is about a researcher or doctor and a vampire. Somehow she gets turned and he is placed in charge of training her. In one of the training sessions (I think it was in a gym) he tackles her to a mat but before anything happens he disappears and then enters her mind and they have some sexy fun in her mind. Leaving her alone on the mat and him in a car.
I know this is extremely vague but any ideas on what the hell I read would be great

message 2: by Boo (new)

Boo | 3 comments More information I remembered.. I think the book starts with the vampire team breaking into the heroines lab to destroy or steal a vaccine or something. I also think she has a female friend that somehow gets involved.
Also its not anything from the 'Black Dagger Brotherhood series'

message 3: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (lisancandice) | 32 comments I think it's Rebecca Zanettis Dark Protectors series, it's so good

message 4: by Boo (new)

Boo | 3 comments Lisa wrote: "I think it's Rebecca Zanettis Dark Protectors series, it's so good"

I wish.. It sounds similar but not quite, might read this series anyway though. Thanks!

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