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message 1: by Meonicorn (The Bookish Land) (last edited Aug 27, 2018 04:03PM) (new)

Meonicorn (The Bookish Land) (meonicorn) | 44 comments Mod
Hi friends!! I'm so excited to see all of you joined in this readalong with me. As I mentioned in my announcement video, I will do a discussion video for each of the vols we read for The Story of the Stone, but I just want to ask do you have any other things you want to see me talking about?

I have one idea on mind: the book is called The Story of the Stone and also Dream of Red Chamber, I kind of want to talk about why it has two names and what does each name mean. Are you interested in this topic?

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions for video ideas, we can always have more wonderful new things to talk about XD

message 2: by Kristina (new)

Kristina Cosy Novel Niche (cosynovelniche) | 4 comments This seems as a very good starting point! Maybe not at the very beginning but it will be very interesting to hear a bit more about the "religious system" in the book, since it starts with a taoist and a buddhist meeting the stone.

But dealing with religion and philosophy can be very challenging for a short video, so it's just an idea ^^

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Biblio Curious (bibliocurious) | 1 comments I'm sorry to be so late to join in. I'm so happy you're doing this, Booktube is so lucky to have you hosting this. 😃 I'll chime in whenever I can & will bookmark your playlist for this project to refer to when I can get to reading this book in detail. November was my month of Chinese epics, I'm over a month behind.😭

I'd be interested to learn why the titles are different. Or any type of difficult to translate sections/passages, if that's a subject that interests you.

I'm sure folks would love to know what some character names mean. Like if you break down the Chinese characters & explain how to pronounce it & what it means. Often folks are interested in that part of Chinese writing. Certainly not for every character, but for a couple of the main characters.

Thank you again for hosting this & putting so much time in.

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