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mels (padmeskywalkers) | 21 comments The headquarters of the Department of International Magical Cooperation.

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Maia had spent her later years at Hogwarts looking forward to standing in this elevator on her way to work in the morning, to finally be a part of something bigger and have found her place in the world. It was a disappointing feeling to be having the elevator going up, to the department she'd always dreaded working in, rather than down, to the department she'd always dreamed of working in.

It wasn't that the Department of International Magical Cooperation was a terrible place to work. In fact, if you had asked her a few months earlier, she might have said that it was her second or third preferred department to work in, after the Department of Mysteries. But that was before her older (and infinitely more annoying) brother had somehow wrangled his way into being the head of the department.

It wasn't that she was afraid of Silvius. In fact, she wasn't. It was difficult to be afraid of someone who had helped change your diapers, after all, but of all her siblings he was the one she was the least familiar with. He'd left for Hogwarts when she was only two, and after that she'd only seen him during the summer and Christmas. And they'd never attended school at the same time.

No, she wasn't afraid of Silvius. It was more of a feeling of... intimidation. And working for him for an entire year was a daunting prospect, especially with his reputation for never playing favourites. It was even more daunting knowing that even after working here for a year, she still might not become an Unspeakable without a glowing recommendation from Silvius. Which he wasn't likely to give.

She was startled by the sound of the lift doors opening and a feminine voice clearly stating "Level 5: Department of International Magical Cooperation." She shook herself out of her thoughts and purposefully walked down the hallway and through the door of what she knew to be Silvius's office and prepared herself for the worst.

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She sucked in a slow breath at the sound of his voice inside, realizing suddenly (though she wasn't quite sure why) that she'd somehow be hoping that he wouldn't be in his office. That she could just turn around, go back to the elevator and leave, pretending this had all been a bad dream and she was, in fact, an employee of the Department of Mysteries.

But Silvius was inside his office, and she did work for him now. Quickly, like ripping off a bandaid, she turned the door's handle and strode into the room, closing the door behind her.

Though she did her best to focus on the occupant of the office and not the room itself, she couldn't help noticing the subtle opulence that surrounded her, and she couldn't help thinking that she might quite like to have an office like this to herself someday.

Realizing her eyes had wandered, she snapped them back to her brother's and slid a sealed envelope across his desk (purposefully shifting the other items on his desk just ever so slightly. "A letter from our parents," she explained, examining her carefully manicured nails so as to not look at him. "Detailing my disgrace of the family name by not being accepted as an Unspeakable, how you're to prevent me from further disgracing myself... And so on, and so forth. Quite a bore, if you ask me. They wrote nearly five pages, which I find a bit excessive, really." Having finished her piece, she returned her hands to her lap and finally raised her eyes to meet her brother's, wondering what she would find there.

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She barely contained a snort at the sight of him in reading glasses. What was he, seventy years old? He probably didn't even need them and was just wearing them for the 'mature wizard' aesthetic. Honestly.

She glanced at the paper for half a second to make sure the one he was pointing to was, in fact, the one she'd read with her tea that morning. "Yes, the guitarist of the Weird Sisters is getting married. Fascinating stuff, though I wouldn't have pegged you as one to be interested by it." She paused for a moment, examining her nails yet again. "Unless, of course, you're suggesting that the overexaggerated collumn on 'corruption in the Ministry' is directed at me. In which case, I would inform you that the Daily Prophet sorely needs to do a better job of fact-checking, as Billy Kruger (their so called anonymous source) was a year ahead of me at Hogwarts and had nowhere near the required grades to make it as an Unspeakable. I've seen a copy of his NEWT results, and frankly he's lucky to have a post in Magical Maintenance.

"Besides, in case you haven't noticed, I didn't get a job in the Department of Mysteries despite my excellent grades and numerous connections, and the media can hardly fault you for accepting a transfer. In any case, if the Prophet is so desperate for pieces, they ought to do one on the real problem in the Department of Mysteries: foreigners. You'd think we'd want our own people doing our country's confidential research but apparently not. Two transfers from MACUSA and one from Japan this year alone, and they're turning down qualified pure-blood British applicants like myself. That's the real controversy in the Ministry, if you ask me."

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Alright, so maybe she'd only skimmed the second page of that article. So what? It had been a long newspaper. And anyways, if the real point of the article had been about 'massive leaks in the ministry' you'd think that would have been the headline or at least appeared on the front page, no?

She remained silent while he spoke, refusing to meet his eyes, although her jaw began to clench, and her fingernails began to leave imprints on her palms. When he finally finished talking, she took in a deep breath and let it out again before replying. "So. You think I'm a complete idiot, then." It wasn't a question. "Do you really think I'd be talking like this to anyone but you, or anywhere other than an office that I assume is spelled against unwanted listeners since, unlike you apparently, I believe that my siblings aren't complete imbeciles.

"And really Silvius, a babysitter? You know that I'm fully capable of completing whatever tasks are assigned to me so why are you wasting everyone's time? The head of the International Magical Office of Law has better things to do, and so do I, which is why there's no precedent for a new hire to have to spend an entire month doing nothing but follow someone around. I could see you assigning me to someone to give me the tour or whatever, but a couple weeks doing absolutely nothing? It's insulting."

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"You think there's a Legilimens working for the Prophet?" she asked, tilting her head thoughtfully. "I suppose that would be a useful skill for a reporter to have, I'm surprised there haven't been more Legilimens going into that field, now that I think about it. In any case, it'll be a good chance to practice my Occulemency for when I'm an Unspeakable." When, not if, because to her there was no if about it. She was going to be an Unspeakable, no matter how long it took.

She didn't respond to his bit about her getting a better job than he'd gotten when he started but she was extremely pleased about it (though she tried not to show it). "Fine. If you want to follow procedure, then we'll follow procedure. Although you did say that it's up to the Head of International Magical Law when I start getting my own assignments, right? So, if I impress, I could be done with this lame procedural orientation period within the week?"

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