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message 1: by John Paul (new)

John Paul | 8 comments I am lost as to how I can retrieve the whole body of a book review? I have used the method. But it only returns a truncated part of the review body. Is there a proper way to retrieve the whole review body? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

message 2: by Oleg (new)

Oleg Linkin (maledictus) | 60 comments Please, give me an example of review id with truncated result

message 3: by John Paul (last edited Aug 28, 2018 05:05AM) (new)

John Paul | 8 comments Oleg wrote: "Please, give me an example of review id with truncated result"

Hi! Sorry for the late response. Here is an example:
The book is "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince". I used the method.
review id : 829021593

Truncated result :

"review": {
"body": "\"Read Harry Potter!\" they said. \"It'll be fun!\" they said. \"Our childhood was built on Harry Potter!\" they said.

WELL YOUR CHILDHOODS WERE ALL HORRIBLE. OMG WHAT IS THIS BOOK? WHAT IS THIS MESS I'M IN?? Excuse me, but that large salty lake where my life used to be is my tears. Yes, yes, this means...",

The review is supposed to have more sentences. Notice the "...." at the end.

By the way, I have already gained permission to access the Reviews API.

message 4: by Oleg (new)

Oleg Linkin (maledictus) | 60 comments Hm, yes, there is. Sorry, I haven't ideas what can you do. May be public api limitaions to force you to open web page with review in browser.

message 5: by Picasso (new)

Picasso (picassino) | 1 comments Well, I think the API just does not support retrieving all (or say the first X) reviews of a given book or of a given review ID for that matter.
One possible solution would be scraping the reviews page for a given book ID... but it is definitely not robust and depending on your intentions with the data, Goodreads/Amazon might not be ok with it.

message 6: by John Paul (new)

John Paul | 8 comments thank you for your comments. will ponder on these.

message 7: by John Paul (new)

John Paul | 8 comments Update : Goodreads fixed my api access and now the review body is not truncated and completely shows the reviews. Thank you for your help guys :)

message 8: by Echo (new)

Echo | 1 comments Hi John, how did goodreads fix your problem? I can only get the review widget using some of their APIs. Is there anybody I can talk to to fix it? Thank you!

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