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((rp here. :D))

oıɔoɹ/rocio♥ (lalis26) Niamy was bored.

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Cameron finally unpacked the last box in her room, collapsing on her bed with a sigh. Tomorrow was her first day at her new high school, and she was not looking forward to it. Cameron had hardly had any friends back where she used to live, so she didn't expect to make any here.

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Sarahcorn (the-meowing-unicorn) | 2 comments Lavender sat in the corner of her room rushing through her homework. She was supposed to go fix her neighbor's computer soon so she had to get her work done quickly.

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Cameron glanced over her schedule for the next day. It scared her. She'd lived in a small town before. This would take a lot of adjustment. From what Cameron could see, she had classes on all three floors of the building! This will be fun, she thought to herself.

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Brooke woke up and yawned. she rubbed her eyes and then sighed at the quietness. she took a shower and threw on some clothes.

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Mark walked out of the studio, and sat in his car. He thought about what his boss had said. "You're getting a bit careless, kid. Your codes are barely functional, and you're very secluded, more so than usual. I imagine you're having problems at home, after the accident... I think you should take some time off." He sighed, starting the car and heading towards his house.

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Brooke decided to go out and skate. She brushed her hair and left it down. then she brushed her hair and put on some light makeup. Brooke then grabbed her skateboard and went outside. she skated down the street

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Mark went inside his house and locked the door. Well, I have some time off of work... Is that neccesarily a good thing? He wondered, opening his laptop on his bed. He started trying to write some codes that his boss would accept, but continuously failed. "What's wrong with me lately?" He asked himself. "I can't do anything right..."

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Brooke skated to the park about 10 minutes away on her skateboard. she sat on a swing and sighed. "i wish my life was normal..."

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Mark shut his laptop off and stared at the ceiling.

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brooke looked up at the sky "i miss you Dad..." she said quietly. but she didnt want to get all emotional, so she got up and went back on her skateboard. she skated all the streets in her town, she was out for a while.

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Mark put a chair near the window, and stared out over the town.

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Brooke skated a few more streets before heading back home, it was a while away...

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Mark eventually went back to his laptop, randomly typing anything that came to mind. He eventually ended up searching for successful code-writing tips.

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Once she got home she was sooo tired. she decided to take a nap, it was monday tomorrow and she had school "ughhh" she groaned while plopping down on the couch

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Mark shut off his laptop after a while, realizing that he had to go to school the next day. He went to bed, and just stared at the ceiling until he fell asleep.

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Brook ewoke up at 6am the next morning she got ready for school and rode on her skateboard all the way to school, which wasnt far away. she listened to her ipod the whole way there

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Mark got up the next morning, got ready, and went to school. He didn't look at anyone there, just walked silently to his first class. He was early, as usual.

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Brooke walked into her math class. she saw a boy in the back looking down at his desk. she didnt want to bother what ever he was doing or thinking about so she sat in a seat across the room by the windows.

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Mark saw Brooke come into the room, but didn't acknowledge her. He waited for class to start, or, more accurately, for it to end.

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class started within 5 minutes. brooke sighed and looked out the window. she tried to pay attention to class but just couldnt.

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Mark payed attention as much as he could, but his eyes kept wandering around the classroom. He was usually completely focused.

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Class ended but Brooke didnt get up right away. she had next period study hall, so she didnt care if she was late

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Mark stood up when class was over, and walked slowly to his next class.

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Brooke walked into study hall and sat in the back of the classroom.

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Mark went into his next class. Computer multimedia design. His favorite class. At least this teacher spoke to him a lot, and helped out with any problems he had.

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Once school was finnally over Brooke put her stuff in her locker and slamed it shut. she walked out to get her skateboard, she was tired and the school day could've been better

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After school, Mark was walking to the parking lot. He saw a big group of guys surrounding a girl. She was crying, and sitting against a wall, holding her hands up protectively. One guy grabbed her, and forced her to stand up. Why do I suddenly feel the urge to step in? Mark wondered. He walked slowly towards them. He grabbed one of them from behind, and threw him on the ground. He tried not to show how tired it made him. Physical activity wasn't his favorite thing. "Leave her alone." He said as calmly as possible.

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Brooke was on her skateboard and saw Mark and a bunch of other kids. she stopped on the side of the rode and looked at them. she wanted to see what was going on, but if anything got to serious, she would try to help...

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The guy who was holding the girl dropped her and looked at Mark. "What did you say?" He asked, clenching his fist. He punched Mark, hard. Mark fell over. His nose was bleeding. He saw the girl out of the corner of his eye. She was crying, but her head was raised. She looked at him, scared. Mark stood up, and looked at the boy who had punched him. "Aw, look... You're bleeding!" The boy said, laughing. Mark suddenly punched him, as hard as he could. He broke the boy's nose. The boy looked at the blood on his hands. "You just... C'mon, we're done. For now." He walked away, and his gang followed. Mark helped the girl stand up, who had fallen down again. "T-Thank you..." She said quietly. Mark nodded. "I'm Bonnie." The girl said. "I'm Mark." Mark said. "Um... Will you be okay going home alone?" Bonnie shook her head. "If it's alright with you, c-could you take me? I- I'll give you directions..."

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Brooke watched as Mark did tht. he wasnt as shy as she always thought he was. She looked at the two of them standing together. Mark was still bleeding and the girl was shaking. Brooke skated through the park and over to them "hey...i saw what happened." she said looking at the two of them. she reached into her backpack and grabbed some tissues, she handed them to Mark "here".

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"Thank you." Mark said to Brooke. Bonnie was shaking a lot. She held on to Mark's arm. "Is, uh... Is it okay if I... If I hold onto you like this? I- I'm not very comfortable around other people..." She asked. Mark nodded. "Neither am I." He said, wiping some of the blood off of his face.

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Brooke felt a little ockward. "well im gonna go i guess...need anything?" she asked worried about the girl shaking. she felt bad for both of them...

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"No, thank you... I'll see you tommorow, I guess..." Mark said. He led Bonnie to his car, and helped her inside.

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Brooke sighed and skated home. she layed down on her bed and stared at the ceiling.

why am i so weird. i mean i kant even have a 2 minute conversation with anyone!

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Mark drove around, waiting for Bonnie to tell him where her house was. Eventually, she spoke up. "I, uh... Well... Could I go to your house? J-just for a while? I want to... To stay with you..." She said, looking at him. Mark nodded. "Okay. I live alone anyway."

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Brooke had unwanted homework to do. she grabbed her bookbag and dumped out all her books onto her bed. she had math, science, and social homwork. she started with social since she hated tht she wanted to get it out of the way.

i hate this! i hate my life! i hate everything! she thought to herself

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Mark walked Bonnie into his room. "So, uh... I guess we should do our homework..." He said. Bonnie nodded, but she didn't move. She was staring at him. "You know... Y-you're the only person who ever talked to me... You're really nice..." She said nervously, fidgeting with her hands.

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After she finished her homework quickly she walked over to the bathroom. she looked into the mirror and sighed. she saw herself, but she wasnt living the life she wanted. she didnt want to be the girl she was

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"I, uh..." Bonnie said, turning bright red. "I... Um, well... I... I just..." She suddenly kissed Mark quickly. "Sorry!" She said, putting her head into her hands. Mark was surprised. "No... It's okay..." He said, blushing slightly.

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Brooke went out for a walk. she layed in the grass at the park she skated to yesterday. she wanted so much to have a life

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Mark and Bonnie just stared at each other nervously. Neither one spoke at all.

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she saw those guys who got into the fight with Mark over at the end of the street but didnt pay much attention to them

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After a while, Bonnie hugged Mark. "Thank you so much for helping me!" She said. "You're welcome..." Mark said. This poor girl... She doesn't have any friends. She doesn't have anyone... She seems so lonely... But she also seems so sweet. How could anyone want to hurt her? He wondered. He hugged her back.

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they came a little closer looking at her. so Brooke started to walk home. she got inside and didnt care if those guys saw where she lived. she didnt care anymore...

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Mark and Bonnie sat down on the bed. "I guess we do our homework now..." He said. Bonnie nodded. They started to do their homework together, Mark helping Bonnie whenever she asked.

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Brooke got into her house and layed on the couch. the only person shes talked to for a long time is Mark, and hes so attached to tht one girl tht he doesnt even notice her. but she didnt think he would anyways.

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It got late, and Bonnie needed to get home. Mark drove her to her house, and walked her up to the front door. "I'll see you tomorrow." He said. "And, uh... Please, try to stay out of trouble." He smiled at her. She smiled back, then went inside. Mark went back to his car, and drove home.

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Brooke soon fell into a dreamless sleep. s he woke up at 4am, and couldnt fall back asleep.


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