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Name: Cria
Age: 16
Gender: female
Grade: 12
Personality: kind, caring, fierce, understanding, gentle, creative, intelligent, stubborn, determined
Family: mother, father, younger twin bros and an older bro in college
Crush: open
Job: works at the local animal shelter and sells her art on the side
Other: loves to draw and paint and such. she has leukemia (type of cancer)

oıɔoɹ/rocio♥ (lalis26) Name: Niamy
Age: 16
Gender: f
Grade: 12
Appearance: brunnette, a little freckles
Personality: nice lol
Crush: none yet

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Name: Leah
Age: 16
Gender: f
Grade: same as everyone else.
Appearance: Grey eyes, long light brown hair with a little bit of blonde, tall, skinny, smiling most of the time.
Personality: Silly, appears quiet when she's not with friends but really crazy when she is. Nice, sweet, caring, lovable, sympathetic, good listener, feels emotions strongly. Lost in thought a lot. Can be shy, but isn't always.
Family: Mom, father died a few years ago, younger brother, older brother
Friends: New to school, none yet.
Enemies: New to school, none yet.
Crush: New to school, none yet.
Job: Works at music store on the weekends.
Other: Loves drawing and art, very good singer, writes songs, plays guitar, loves curling up on the couch with a good book or movie.

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Sarahcorn (the-meowing-unicorn) | 2 comments Name: Lavender
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Grade: 12
Personality: Geeky, shy, nice once you get to know her
Family: Lives with her 8 year old sister
Friends: Not many
Enemies: A lot of people
Crush: None
Job: Computer tech
Other: She tries to avoid everyone because she's so shy

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((I know having two characters means I might be roleplaying with myself sometimes, but I'm okay with that.))

Name: Dean
Age: 17
Gender: M
Grade: same as everyone else
Appearance: Brown very curly hair, oatmeal complexion, dark brown eyes, muscular
Personality: Tough on the outside, sweetie on the inside, silly, kind, laughs a lot, sometimes really gullible, optimistic.
Family: Mom, dad, younger sister
Friends: (not sure yet)
Enemies: none, really
Crush: none yet
Job: none yet
Other: ...

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Name: Mark
Age: 16
Gender: M
Grade: 11
Personality: Quiet, shy. Friendly once you get to know him.
Family: None. He is an orphan.
Enemies: Some people bother him, but not many.
Crush: (None yet)
Job: Has a part-time job as an animator.
Other: He is quiet because his parents died in a plane crash. He lives alone, and has very few friends.

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Name: Brooke
Age: 16
Grade: 11
Appearence: Blond medium length hair, with pink streaks. skinny and tall.
Personality: Flirty, loves to have fun, but romantic
Family: her Dad dies when she was young and her moms in rehab...she lives alone
Friends: ?
Enemies: ?
Crush: ?
Job: works for a newspaper company, shes the youngest there
Other: Brooke sometimes gets teased cause shes a loner, and a skater

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Is it ok if I have 2 characters?

Name: Bonnie
Age: 16
Gender: F
Grade: 11
Personality: Shy, talks to no one.
Family: Lives with her parents.
Friends: Mark.
Enemies: A lot of boys harass her every day, and none of the girls want anything to do with her. She only feels safe with Mark.
Job: None
Other: She'll meet Mark later...

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there is no limit to how many characters you can have. :D

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Molverine (deatheateregg) | 29 comments Name: Natalie
Age: 16
Gender: f
Grade: 11
Appearance: Wavy shoulder-length brunette hair, blue-gray eyes, tall-ish, really pale
Personality: Shy at first, but once she gets to know you, you'll wish she still never talked. She's also really nice to everyone and is EXTREMELY nerdy.
Family: Lives with her parents and two little sisters
Friends: (not really sure...)
Enemies: none, really.
Crush: Paul
Job: Works at Starbucks
Other: Uhhhhh, I don't think so (haha, inside joke)

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Molverine (deatheateregg) | 29 comments ((Yup, I'm doing two people that like each other. Normally I swear against doing this, but I'm bored and feel like it, haha))

Name: Paul
Age: 17
Gender: m
Grade: 11
Appearance: Dark brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, tall, muscular, tan
Personality: He's an extremely nice guy, but he's a little bit naïve. He claims that Russian's invented things that they didn't. (Trekkies get this XD)
Family: He lives with his dad and older brother.
Friends: Dean (if Anna's okay with it, that is. And I don't mean third person me...)
Enemies: none... I think
Crush: Natalie
Job: works in a music store
Other: He immigrated from Russia about 2 years ago (I'm still thinking about if I'm going to type in his accent or not)

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Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 221 comments Mod
Name: Poppy
Age: 17
Grade: 11
Personality: tba
Family: none
Friends: none
Enemies: none
Other: Blind

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Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 221 comments Mod

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Anna wrote: "((Yup, I'm doing two people that like each other. Normally I swear against doing this, but I'm bored and feel like it, haha))

Name: Paul
Age: 17
Gender: m
Grade: 11
Appearance: Dark brown hair, c..."

((Yeah, they can be friends. XD Haha. Russian inwentions.))

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Will someone rp with my charrie brooke

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sure,let me make a charrie

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okay thnks!

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Appearance:[image error]
Friends:any takers
Enemies:any takers
Job:she works as a DJ in a night club
Other:she is called M&M becuase she's a music maniac. and,coincedntly,her favorite candy is m&m

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okay now i only need someone to make a boy. so lets rp?

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oıɔoɹ/rocio♥ (lalis26) hi fiamata

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Molverine (deatheateregg) | 29 comments Newsie Girl wrote: ((Yeah, they can be friends. XD Haha. Russian inwentions.)) "
((Hello! We are looking for the nuclear wessels. Aaaah, I love him sooo freaking much))

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Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) Name: Cambria, goes by Bree sometimes
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Personality: Outgoing, loves a good joke, funny
Appearance: Photobucket
Crush: Open
Friends: Also open
Enemies: CLOSED! Jk, open, she makes a ton
Job: ...I dunno yet!
Family: four younger siblings-triplets and then one more

oıɔoɹ/rocio♥ (lalis26) thats selena

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» Maybe, we can still hope.

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