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message 1: by Elinor (new)

Elinor | 1548 comments I'm reading Fangirl right now and it makes me want to write to bad. I've been writing for a very long time, even though I have trouble finishing what I start. I write novels and poetry, and used to write a bunch of short stories as well.
So I was wondering, do some of you guys write ? Want to but don't for some reason ?

message 2: by Ahdam (new)

Ahdam (snowlocke) | 2429 comments Well I'm writing scripts but I also do other stuff like videography and I have a small idea for a youtube video kind of a film and story type thing

Right now I'm developing a slate (List of projects) of all my scripts and so far I have written a handful of first draft scripts which need to be rewritten

Idiffer likes a bit of poetry and has written some I believe but don't quote me on that

I can show you some and I might have advice because when I was 15 I tried to write a story after listening to some music but I never finished it because I was doing too much I can give you some advice or show you some of my scripts if you want scripts are a lot different to novels but they all share one thing story

message 3: by Elinor (new)

Elinor | 1548 comments I've never ever tried to write a script. How did you came to it ?
I would like to read one of yours :) However if you don't read French I can hardly show you my works since I write in my native language...

message 4: by Ahdam (new)

Ahdam (snowlocke) | 2429 comments Elinor wrote: "I've never ever tried to write a script. How did you came to it ?
I would like to read one of yours :) However if you don't read French I can hardly show you my works since I write in my native lan..."

I just finished my second year in uni doing film studies and to be honest with you for the last year my passion for the area has grown and it's something I really want to do so I started to write scripts of stories I want to talk about and I've learned that theme is such an important thing in story and something I try to put in most of my scripts

Scripts are very different to novels first off you have to limit the details as you can't go on about one thing and also your writing something that will be played on screen so we don't need to know about what our character is thinking and so on so it's a different field but one I quite like

I'll show you 4 scripts which I feel I wanna continue with in the future. I warn you there are grammar and punctuation errors and I know your French but something to keep in mind.

Magic Pen (4 pages)

A man receives a magic pen which grants him whatever he wishes however there is one catch.

Here I took some inspiration from stories like King Midas and the monkeys paw and wanted to do something different. This script I learned about sparing with the details so it's a bit loaded.

An Awkward Encounter

Logline: Michael is lonely and hopes to find love in his local bookstore and once Catherine walks in he tries to work up the courage to talk to her.

My attempt at a romcom in a library and I have notes which parts need to be rewritten so since it is about us I would love to know what you think

Generations- 8 pages

2 men argue whose generations is better and decide to put it to a test

My first attempt at a dialogue heavy type story/skit which looks at different generations judging people

Calm Down- 10 Pages

Logline: Adam dreams of being a hero and sees his chance when he notices a woman in a rocky relationship with her husband which forces Adam to take action

One of my first scripts so there may be errors but this is overdue for a rewrite since I finished this in January but I was going for a story I was really passionate about and that was the flaws of heroism and vigilantism so yeah

I have one other left but I'm not happy with the dialogue as I think it is messy so not today

You can send it to me if you want and I can put it through a translator if I can find it (I can also blame the bad grammar on the translator as well)

message 5: by Slytherpuff (new)

Slytherpuff I write novels and short stories although I never end up finishing it. I wrote one script

message 6: by Scott , Karsa Orlong (new)

Scott  Hitchcock (lostinthewarrenofchaos) | 8078 comments Mod
I feel that if I could maintain focus I could write. I also acknowledge that will never happen.

message 7: by Virginie (new)

Virginie | 5783 comments Scott wrote: "I feel that if I could maintain focus I could write. I also acknowledge that will never happen."


message 8: by Elinor (new)

Elinor | 1548 comments I will check everything Ahdam :)
@ Slytherpuff : do you never finish short stories as well ? that was what I liked about them, I wrote them in one sitting and it was done ^^
Aaahh Scott and Virginie, it really is a commitment when you're attempting to write a novel. That takes quite some time !

message 9: by Ahdam (new)

Ahdam (snowlocke) | 2429 comments Look forward to see what you think Elinor the generations one I wrote in about 50 minutes so it shows once you put your head in it you can make anything

I think focusing is something I struggle with because I procrastinate easily but if I can put my head down and tell myself to make my one idea into a script then I’m good

Short scripts are fun to write since you should aim for less than 10 pages and everything lenient personally when I have the urge to write I focus on what I want to write and then outline my story/characters until I get on to the details within my script

message 10: by Slytherpuff (new)

Slytherpuff My issue is I plan on writing a short story but they get way too long or it’s too
Short and I move on to something else.

message 11: by Saul the Heir of Isauldur (last edited Aug 27, 2018 06:39PM) (new)

Saul the Heir of Isauldur (krinnok) | 209 comments The thing about short stories is that they help you hone your craft. Start by writing very basic things, with more focus on your prose and style than on plot. This way you'll find your voice a little faster as you write. After that, try structuring a plot, but do it losely. I can't tell you how many times I've by plotted myself into a corner by wanting such character to forcibly do such thing. After that, try to write works that are a little longer, maybe 10k words or so. Then, once you're confident that you can write a long short story or a basic novella, move on to trying an actual novel. And stick with it. Allot some time every day to write, even if you only write a paragraph or so. It'll eventually come to you, and you'll get into the habit of writing consistently.

message 12: by Wendy (new)

Wendy Anderson (wendylanderson99gmailcom) | 2 comments I've written two fantasy novels. Of Demon Kind and Redemption of the fallen. I have three other books written waiting to publish and two other books not part of that series written. Not sure when those will get published.
I also write poetry and short stories. I find writing easy and wish I could do it full time, but... life gets in the way.

Sometimes you just have to sit down and start, especially if the desire is strong within you to write. To coin a phrase; just do it! :)

message 13: by Ahdam (new)

Ahdam (snowlocke) | 2429 comments On a side note I try to write any ideas I have to keep in mind later like a walk around the book store gave me an idea of Aliens coming to earth but finds that there is no life and they slowly learn what transpired on the planet and earlier today I was thinking about a story with the acceptance of death which would be good for a short film all I need is to think of how it will go.

But in terms of fantasy I always imagined the prologue of the way of kings as a short film and hopefully when I get the experience I want to film it preferably before the film is made.

message 14: by Sha (last edited Sep 15, 2018 11:15AM) (new)

Sha | 1522 comments OH HEY. I write stuff!
Well. Sortof. Sometimes.

Most of what is decent enough (and coherent/completeish enough) to post online has been fanfic. Any original fiction tends to be lengthier and more ambitious, and also not very good because I have problems with structure. The one I'm currently working on is a sci-fi locked room spaceship story which can't decide if it wants to be a murder mystery or a genetics-based drama.

I've been trying to write shorter original fics, but it's been a while since I've written (as opposed to plotted) regularly, so I'm struggling with the inertia.

I have occasionally written poetry, and I like about half of what I've written. I think my interest in poetry suffered a bit from being exposed to too many nature poems (which I have no particular feelings about) and not enough dramatic human emotion poems (which I actively like) when I was younger. I'm reading more poetry now, but I have a lot of catching up to do and my default art preference tends to be prose.

Scriptwriting is very definitely not my thing, because my thought processes tend to work via dialogue/feelings and not visuals. The one time I wrote a script I wanted to sit down and weep because oh god it was horrible and I think I buried it somewhere far away from everywhere where it could never see the light of day again. I want to try again though, because I think there's a lot I can learn from this format, because of the kind of detail and brevity it requires.

I've been really lazy about doing outputtable writing for a while now, though. The most I've done in a while are goodreads reviews or tumblr posts. Although admittedly I'm pretty fond of some of the more outraged reviews. Those are fun to write.

message 15: by Ahdam (new)

Ahdam (snowlocke) | 2429 comments Yay another writer I get you won’t write scripts I have trouble writing novels because I worry I go to deep in the emotions and I think it’s easier for me to visualise

I think I said earlier I tried writing a novel about a guy who gets shot in an alley but he doesn’t die and tries to find answers

message 16: by Sha (new)

Sha | 1522 comments I don't remember what I was writing the script on, but I know I was working off of specific prompts. Which makes sense, because if I came up with an idea myself it would tend to default to prose-format.

I tried to stick with what I knew and made it very dialogue heavy, but I realized later that it made the whole scene unbalanced. There was one line of screen directive between literal paragraphs of people speaking.

I'm currently looking through my horrendously disorganized writing works folder trying to find the thing so I can skewer it better. But I got distracted by a word document named "roster of traumatic incidents." Heh.

message 17: by Sha (new)

Sha | 1522 comments The list is fun. It ranges from "tends to get bullied by everyone" to "high expectations leading to fragile psyche" to "murdered a parent."

message 18: by Ahdam (new)

Ahdam (snowlocke) | 2429 comments Yeah I write a lot of my ideas on my phone when ever I get one and I try to focus my ideas to have some theme since I believe a script should teach something to the audience and if you scroll up you can see some of my scripts if you want

message 19: by Ahdam (new)

Ahdam (snowlocke) | 2429 comments I don’t you could make a social realist piece with those ideas although it sounds like you were thinking of the most horrible experience I’m expected to see something about tape in there somewhere 😂😂😂

message 20: by Sha (new)

Sha | 1522 comments There are actually notes from/for the romance novel section, since trivial sounding internal conflict actually plays a large role if the authorial intention is fostering closeness between characters. The woman who killed a parent was going to paired up with the family-oriented guy.
When in doubt, always flip traditional gender roles.

The fantasy section had a "what do we do with the monarchy" plot I'm struggling with. Because like any self-respecting fantasy fan, I really love the idea of monarchies but also monarchies kinda suck and I was trying to reconcile those into a single story and boy is it not making much sense.

(note that everyone gets to kill people/have their families murdered/murder family members in the fantasy section because fun! and that's another thing I really need to re-examine)

I haven't looked at these for so long I am feeling very wistful.

:D I have the scripts open in tabs, but I haven't read them yet.

message 21: by Ahdam (new)

Ahdam (snowlocke) | 2429 comments That is actually an interesting pairing of ideas with the romance one it could be a woman doesnt want a relationship because of what she went through

As for the monarchy one why don't you have a story set after an uprising occured like the revolution or what not you could write a story about the effects of this event or something but yeah you might want to deal with that yourself

I have a slate with all of my scripts I have worked on and I'm trying to figure out what I want to do for a youtube video since I want to do a review but with some episodic elements as I introduce 2 different characters (played by me) who review books and film but it's all about finding the right subject which I'm struggling with

message 22: by Ahdam (new)

Ahdam (snowlocke) | 2429 comments Well if you do have time to read my scripts then I would like your feedback on it since some of them are in need of a rewrite

message 23: by Sha (new)

Sha | 1522 comments @Ahdam; What's the difference between cut to black and dip to black?

message 24: by Sha (new)

Sha | 1522 comments Ahdam wrote: "Well if you do have time to read my scripts then I would like your feedback on it since some of them are in need of a rewrite"

I have a few thoughts on the magic pen story. Do you want me to send you a message or discuss it here?

message 25: by Ahdam (new)

Ahdam (snowlocke) | 2429 comments There isn't much difference from what I can see really although from the scripts I've read they always dip to black in the end to signify the end of the story and to roll credits but essentially at the end of the scene it just goes to black immediately without any fade which would be fade to black if you want it.

I hope that answers that. You can PM me about it since I'm interested I might say it again but I'm aware there are some grammatical and punctuation errors which I hope to fix. Also how it is written isn't how normal scripts are supposed to be and I learnt from this not to write it like a novel so fire away

message 26: by Sha (new)

Sha | 1522 comments V.O. is voiceover right? What's O.S. though?

message 27: by Ahdam (new)

Ahdam (snowlocke) | 2429 comments O.S is off screen essentially we can hear it but this usually means the noise is coming from someone that isn't there so like a phone call from someone

I assume your reading the romance script and that is actually an error which I found out now as all of that dialogue should be V.O as we are looking into the main characters head but I must have missed that

message 28: by Simi (new)

Simi Sunny | 73 comments I've been writing since I was in freshman or sophomore year in high school. I didn't take it seriously, until I realized how much I had potential. So after taking creative writing classes, I'd been writing stories and poems. So far, I have two published works, but the main thing is that I have written for fun, because anxiety and depression would get in the way of life at times.

message 29: by Elinor (new)

Elinor | 1548 comments Magic pen : (view spoiler)
An Awkward Encounter : (view spoiler)

I'm finding reading scripts quite strange ^^ And I'm wondering a few things : do scripts writers have a writing style like novelits or poets can have ? And what about the film making part ? Do you want to film it yourself or not ? I'm really not knowledgeable on film making process ^^ But I guess the script / realisation is like in comics when there is someone who writes the script and someone who draws it ? Or perhaps that's completly different ?
Why don't you write much indications on light or scenery or stuff like that ? Is it because it doesn't belong in a script or for some other reason ?

message 30: by Elinor (new)

Elinor | 1548 comments @Sha : I love you traumatic incident file XD
I'm not very good at plotting and structuring myself. I only finished one novel because of that, and that was during Nanowrimo a few years earlier. I'm currently reading a book that I hope will be helpful in structuring plots and stuff : The Anatomy of Story: 22 Steps to Becoming a Master Storyteller
I love the idea of locked spaceship mystery (2 of my favorite elements !)

I'm thinking about doing the Nano this november again. I'm still working on the concept and story and characters and everything to be honest, but I'm going to do a Five men band with a redemption arc for on of the baddies. I'm trying to write it like a show like, say, Avatar (... yes I'm really obsessed).

message 31: by Elinor (new)

Elinor | 1548 comments @Simi : great job at getting published !!

Saar The Book owl | 2086 comments I write since a couple of years. I do Camp Nanowrimo and Nanworimo each year. Not always with success. No one has ever read what I wrote, because of my failing anxiety and also I don't find it good enough.

message 33: by Ahdam (new)

Ahdam (snowlocke) | 2429 comments Thanks for reading my script Elinor and I appreciate your comments

To answer your questions a lot of scriptwriters do have there own style as some have a way with words on the paper and others with the dialogue. To me an awkward encounter is a bit more like a script because I was told not to write it like a novel like on magic pen.

I do plan to make a lot of these films and to be honest filmmaking is a long process and a common piece of advice you hear from scriptwriters is that scripts are not written they are rewritten and I’m mainly looking for feedback that could improve this story. Hopefully once I get my friends behind me with this then we can hopefully work on pre production (casting, location, rehearsals etc) and then we move on to production where we film it and after that it is post productions in which we edit the film together and put some final touches to it.

I’m not sure what you mean by light and scenery but a common rule of thumb is to write what the characters would see or hear.

message 34: by Ahdam (new)

Ahdam (snowlocke) | 2429 comments Also there are people who write scripts and sell it for money which get optioned but most likely will never get made. A lot of scripts in hollywood does this so there’s that

message 35: by Simi (new)

Simi Sunny | 73 comments Thanks, Elinor

message 36: by Sha (new)

Sha | 1522 comments //sorry can't talk i have exams and i've been slacking off so much that i can't afford to not study now

message 37: by Ahdam (new)

Ahdam (snowlocke) | 2429 comments Good luck with the exam Sha and thanks for the feedback as well 👍🏽👍🏽

message 38: by Ahdam (new)

Ahdam (snowlocke) | 2429 comments Speaking of writing I'm actually doing some world building for a science fiction dystopia which might be a novel and I'm considering showing you guys my worldbuilding notes if any of you guys have questions which could build up my world since I've nearly got my world together and I like what I see

message 39: by Slytherpuff (new)

Slytherpuff Cool. I’m taking creative writing right now. One of the books where using is Bird by Bird by Anne Lammott

message 40: by Simi (new)

Simi Sunny | 73 comments That's awesome. Hope you have fun. I remember taking Creative Writing classes in high school, and I had so much fun. It was small, but we were enjoying each other's works and being supportive ^^ Sorry. I sound sappy

message 41: by Ahdam (new)

Ahdam (snowlocke) | 2429 comments Good luck with it right now I’m outlining my story so I know where I am going with for the most part I know how to end it but I need to know what is going to happen in the middle

As for creative writing I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it because of career prospects but I hope it goes well for you slytherpuff

message 42: by Simi (new)

Simi Sunny | 73 comments Oh, Slytherpuff, you want to be an author or something? :)

And I can agree, Ahdam. I know to write the middle and ending, but the middle can be tricky. Planning helps, but I always step back when writer's block gets in the way. Too bad I can't write today because of my arm. It's in huge pain.

message 43: by Ghanshyam (new)

Ghanshyam Dani I have recently begun writing
in the beginning it was very hard to get a feel for writing
I juggled back and forth between in 1st person and 3rd person
also I wrote absolute shit for the first 3 months in terms of quality of writing and had do some major revisions when I read what I had written

it has started to become easier now but I somehow feel that 3 more months down the line I'm going to consider my present quality to be shit too and want to revise the whole thing again

message 44: by Ghanshyam (new)

Ghanshyam Dani but that's how it is when you begin new endeavors
I shall keep on it
cheers ;)

message 45: by Ahdam (new)

Ahdam (snowlocke) | 2429 comments I thought I would revitalise this thread because this Christmas I was working on a few stuff

I had created an introduction for a visual novel about time stopping at one moment and other than a handful of people everyone has frozen and it kind of tells the story from there

Also I had written a pilot episode for a historical medical drama. It’s the longest I’ve written about 45 pages and there may be mistakes I might have glossed over you can read it here if you want.

Essentially it’s about a Muslim paramedic who is transported back to 14th century England after being taken hostage by a few robbers and how he tries to survive this new world that is on the brink of war .

I know weird but if you wanna Easter an hour of your life then yeah. To be fair I will probably let this cook for a bit and come back if anything needs changing

message 46: by Talia (new)

Talia | 19 comments Hey, guys it me Eloise, I'm kind of a new member but last year I tried to write a fantasy novel of my own and it kind of sucked. I still like the idea I had and I'm going to try the same story but just write it better... one day.

If you want to know what my fantasy story was about you can friend me and ask in the comments section, then I'll reply to you in the comments section.

message 47: by Talia (new)

Talia | 19 comments Sometimes I think of catchy song lyrics and I write it down just in case.

message 48: by Talia (new)

Talia | 19 comments I write a little bit of poetry too and sometimes songs. I can write you the lyrics to a song I wrote if you befriend me. I also attempted a fantasy novel call "Zephyr," the idea was great but the writing sucked. I can tell you about that as well if you befriend me.

The thing I'm really awesome at is drawing, someday I hope that if I get good at both drawing and writing I can illustrate my own books in future. (BTW I am 14 yo this year.)

Saar The Book owl | 2086 comments Maybe we can revive this topic a bit? I know there are some members who write, so I was thinking maybe we can put out ideas and stuff. I participate every year in NanoWrimo and Camp Nano.

message 50: by Maria (new)

Maria (mariasaleem) | 684 comments Saar The Book owl wrote: "Maybe we can revive this topic a bit? I know there are some members who write, so I was thinking maybe we can put out ideas and stuff. I participate every year in NanoWrimo and Camp Nano."

That's so cool! I could only ever hope to try writing a novel. I participated in a Wattpad novella contest recently and failed pretty bad. And I couldn't even hit the 2k words mark! Which was the first round. I have ideas, but I struggle with executing them 😅. Novels are hard.

I do write short stories occasionally, in WSS group on GR. And I CAN hit 1k to 1.5k words there. It's just novels that are hard to plan and execute

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