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Vojta | 2 comments Greetings,

I’m looking for someone to read over my work and provide feedback. I think it’s fairly solid, however, this will the be first time that someone else had read it in the current state. I know for a fact that I will be doing at least one more pass to try to tighten it up, but I’m going to be taking a 3 to 6 month break from the novel and wanted to get some feedback during this time. I’d be happy to swap works, however I will be extremely busy the next while. So if you want to swap, prepare for long delays.

I’m not looking for line by line edits. I’m looking for big picture comments. How’s the story flow. What parts should be cut (this is a big one as I know the novels on the long side), expanded on, or is confusing. Are the characters relatable and unique? That sort of thing. If you want to do line by line I won’t stop you, but that isn’t my goal of this beta read.

As a time frame, I don’t need the feedback returned until I’m ready to pick it up again. Call it three months from now.

If you are interested let me know and I’ll send you a link to the first couple chapters to look over.

Genre - Space Opera
Novel Status - Complete, with several draft reviews / rewrites
Total Word Count - ~185k
Content Warnings - Violence / language / sexual situations / drugs / alcohol / depression

Hook - Kind of still a work in progress...who ever thought it would be harder than the actual novel...

Future Technologies Corporation is a marvel of human technology and ingenuity. Ever since the return of the Destino Colony ship, they have catapulted from one breakthrough to the next, leaving their competition scrambling to catch up. Until now, their blistering pace of discovery has been a mystery. When smugglers gain hold of a crate of top secret Future Technologies equipment, the stage is set for a heated battle over its possession.

Senior Detective Chyou Loukori of the Alliance State Security Services begins an investigation into the missing equipment as a string of bombings and assassinations rip through the Alliance. Now she is not only working against the shadowy forces trying to seize the technology, but her own government that wants to bury the investigation.

However, Yahzi fundamentalists track down the crate first. To them, technology and industrialization are the root of all evil, responsible for humanity’s fall from Earth. Only they can wield the technology to serve the Gods. With these Future Technologies secrets they hope to destabilize both the Alliance and its rival, the Republic of Walderwind, enabling the reformation of the Holy Zeeland Empire.

The Republic of Walderwind is weak and divided, and King Philip Reegan knows it. The only way to survive is to maintain relations with the current Alliance government, even at the expense of popular opinion back home. Having long walked the line between symbolic figurehead and outspoken maverick, he now finds himself risking a constitutional crisis as war looms on the horizon.

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Jennifer Bourgeois (jennykatharina) | 237 comments I love to read it for you. I do not do Google Doc.
please Pm me if you are still want me to read it.

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