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((from grades six to eight))

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On the 1st day, Kathy walked around, trying to figure out where the heck here 1st class was. (LOL)

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Lizzy Lizzy half stumbled half walked through the school doors, a wide grin on her face.
"Nice Liz..." Lilly said, bursting into laughter. Lizzy grabbed her back pack wich she had 'delicately' dropped.
"oops." she admitted with a smile. "Man, I can't believe we're back. Oh well, at least we get to see people again, right?"

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Lizzy "Yeah whatever Liz," Ryan grumbled. "I totally would give up a million dollars to be sleeping in right now..."
"Oh suck it up ryan! Rhett doesn't seem so mad about being back in school." Lizzy added
"That's cause it's morning. and the fact that he hasn't completely regestered he's back in heck...." Ryan said bitterly.
"Ryan, go away. you're killing my positivness." Lizzy finally said, rolling her eyes. Ryan shrugged before walking over to his brother who was talking to Kyoku.

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Sadie was walking up to the school with her walking stick.

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Lizzy Karina jogged up, catching up with Sadie.
"hi Sadie, it's me!" she greeted.

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"I could sence that!"

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Lizzy Karina giggled.
"Ok, ok. I can't believe school is starting! it's soo weird." Karina said as she opened the door for Saddie. Just inside of it stood Lizzy and Lilly chatting.
"Karina! Sadie! Anyone heard from Sasha?" Lizzy asked as she greeted her friends.

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"Shes on her way!"

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Lizzy "Ok, good." Lilly said with a sigh. "Ryan and Rhett probably went off to cause havoc somewhere..." she reported.
"I know, and theyy didn't bring me!" Lizzy said with mock hurt in her voice.

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"I know not far!"

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Lizzy Ryan suddenly came bolting over, knocking right into Karina and Sadie. Lizzy dragged him up by his collar and growled:
"Oh, jeez, sorry guys!" Ryan said immediately, pushing Lizzy away and helping Sadie and Karina up. "It's just I think I pushed it with my third hour teacher."
"Already?" Lilly asked, rolling her eyes as she handed Sadie her walking stick.
"Gosh Ryan, you are such a klutz. Get out of here...." Lizzy added teasingly shoving Ryan out of the cirlce of girls. Ryan shouted another apoligy before racing off.

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"Bye Ryan!"Sadie yelled.

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Lizzy ((brb, got to make one...more...character...))

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Lizzy Rhett, passing by, calleD:
"Hey, Liz, watch out for Hayden!" Lizzy paled and looked around before giving a squeak and ducking behind Lilly.
"Agh, he's coming righ thtis way, liz!" Karina said with a groan. The gangly dark haired boy approuched. with a somewhat sly smile he asked:
"Hiding from the RJ twins,Liz?" Liz stood back up, brushing her self. off.
"no! But that reminds me, I forgot soemthing in the girls bathroom. bye." she said quickly, swinging on her heel and jogging towards the girls bathroom.
"Hello Lilly, Karina, Sadie." Hayden said glumly as a door smacked closed behind Lizzy.

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Lizzy ((GTG!!))

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Lizzy ((back!))

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Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 221 comments Mod

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Lizzy ((yay, you're on!!!))
"Oh. Hi Hayden." Lilly said briskly. "I'd better see what Ryan Rhett got into. Sadie, Karina, wanna come?"

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Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 221 comments Mod
"Yes"Sadie jumped at the chance to see ryan.

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Lizzy ((lol, hello irony. 'jumped at the chance to SEE ryan'....))
"I've got to go talk to my first period teacher. Karina sai apoligetically. "Ctch up with you two later." she said, adding a wave and walking to the eighth grade hall. Lilly quickly led Sadie towards the place she had seen Ryan and Rhett bounce off to.
"Hey, Lilly, Sadie!" Rhett called jumping out of a corner where the drinking fountins were.
"How'd Liz get out of that one? Ryan asked, keeping up with Lilly and Sadie.
"She 'forgot something in the bath room'. Lilly qouted.
"She'd better be careful, Hayden's gonn realize that'sa lie one of these days. Rhett said, rolling his eyes.
"Oh, Sadie, sorry about runnin into you." Ryan apoligized again.

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((I know right!))
"oh it's alright"Saide said alittle pink.

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Lizzy "What were you running from anyway?" Lilly asked, glancing away from Sadie's face with a knowing smile. Ryan hadn't noticed the blush, shrugged.
"my third period teacher told us no running."
"Yeah, so?"
"Well," Rhett said. "you see, she caught us the second time--"
"--threatened us with detention--"ryan said
"-- and then started a lecture."rhett added
"So we booked it out of there," Ryan explained.
"And surprsingly," Rhett said thoughtfully. "She didn't like that either."

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"Idiots"Saide laughed then looked down.

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((how can i jump in?))

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((uuuuuuhhhhhhhh who your charrie?))

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Lizzy Ryan laughed.
"Yeah, we'll now we're hiding from her."
"Running isn't half as bad as that time Lizzy threw that invisable ball around." Rhett complained.
"All of the teachers are really up tight."
"Well, Lizzy didn't run away, did she?" Lilly asked reasonably.
"Oh yeah?" Ryan challenged. "What about that time in Mr. wursts class and she walked out of class?"
"She had every reason to leave before the bell rang." Lilly snapped.
"I know, but TEN minutes?" Rhett pressed.
"The teacher was being a jerk!" Lizzy said, suddenly appearing by ryans shoulder. Ryan jumped and bumped into sadie.
"dangit," he said catching her arm and helping her steady herself. "I keep bumping int you!"

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"It's fine"Sadie said coughing alittle.

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((i have Jazz and Kana))

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((Should one be like over protective of Sadie that will be an excuse to come.))

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Lizzy "Hey, Lizzy!" a voice called from behind. Lizzy jumped and said:
"Crap, I gotta go!" and with that, she took off, slipping around the nex corner. Hayden sighed, approuching the spot Lizzy had been walking at moments before.
"What's up with her?"
"I dunno, maybe you're annoying her." ryan suggested.
"Yeah, that or she really has to go to the bath room." Rhett remarked. Hayden glared at th twins and they chuckled.
"Oh shut up. You're just jealous that I'm smarter and better than BOTH of you. Keep acting like that and I'll get you in ISS." Ryan burst out laughing, this time so hard, tears rlled down his cheeks and he had to lean n sadie slightly for support.
Hayden scowled again and disapeared back into the crowds as Ryan crowed:
"I.S.S? Ha!"

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Lizzy ((haha, sorry! what are we talking about?))

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Sadie got mad"Leave my friends alone!"She screamed at Hayden as he left. She ended in a cough.
((Like they think she a little sister because shes blind.))

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((I don't get it. that goes completely against both of their personalities))

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((Ok theeeeeen um let me think ok?))

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Lizzy Ryan stopped laughing.
"You ok Sadie? You keep coughing. And don't worry about Hayden."
"yeah," rhett scoffed. "I.S.S.? Is that really the best he can come up with?"
"I.S.S.? sounds familiar..." Lilly said, thinking.
"In School suspension. gosh, Hayden is suuuuch a loser." Rhett laughed.
"But Sadie, are you ok?" Ryan asked again.

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"Yeah fine"She said coughing this time her sunglasses fell off and everyone(Besides her friends)stared at her eyes. Sadie felt thier stares.

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((i have an idea.))
Jazz sat in the park reading a book under the shade of a tree. Kana was running around the park waiting for Jazz to finish her book

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((anyone still here?))

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Lizzy Ryan glared at a sixth grader.
"Hey, take a picture, it'll last longer," he snarled as Lilly dove, scopping up Sadies sunglasses and then handing them to her. Lizzy poked her head out of the girls bathroom and saw the comotion.

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"Thank you."Sadie said smiling but before she put her glasses back on everyone saw tears in her eyes.
((Yay yous is backs!))

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Lizzy ((yup!!))
a few girls close to the girls bathroom started to snicker, talking about 'the dumb blind girl'. Lizzy's eyes narrowed as she took a brave step towards them and growled.
"Gee, don't you two look brave talking about her behind her back. If you have a problem with Sadie, then you have a problem with me, get it?!"
"Jeez, have you lost your mind?!" one girl snapped. Lizzy glared.
"No, but if you don't shut up, I think I'll lose my temper." the girls snorted.
"Yeah whatever." and with that, one flipped her pale blonde hair and marched off. Lizzy ducked over to her friends, fuming. Rhett was patting Sadie on the back as students were told to go away by Ryan and Lilly.

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"Thanks Big bro"Sadie said useing her nickname she had for him.

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kana finally sat down by jazz. "Are you done"she asked rapidly. Jazz closed it,
"yes"she replied. Jazz got up and started walking,kana quickly followed behind her. "how are your grades?"Jazz asked.She didn't mind if Kana skipped school,as long as her grades were good.
"3 As and 4 Bs"Kana told her. "so,where to now?"Kana asked.
"Let's just walk for a bit"jazz said

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Lizzy "Yeah, yeah." Rhett said. "Let's just go to class so we won't have to deal with anymore idiots." he, ryan, Lilly and Lizzy led Sadie to their first period class, glad the bell rang, getting them out of the crammed halls.

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Sadie took her spot in back between Rhett and Ryan.

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"oh,that's right,don't we have that test in history today?"Kana asked. Jazz turned pale. She had forgotten, history was her 2nd period and they were at least 30 minutes from the school. She looked and saw a bike with back pegs. She quickly picked the lock. Kana was on the back pegs holding onto Jazz's shoulders. Jazz sped away on the bike hoping she would make it in time

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