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Asia/Merci | 257 comments Rules: Please reply if your character has met mine, so I could put them into the 'relations' tap.

Do not comment for any other reason. Thank you!

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Asia/Merci | 257 comments description

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Asia/Merci | 257 comments description

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Peyton (pemhorse8) | 1479 comments Mod
Name: Icepaw
Age (moons): 7 Moons
Tom or She-Cat: Tom

Clan (if it applies): Riverclan
Rank: Warrior apprentice

Appearance (image required): description
Markings: TBD
Eyes: description

Personality: Icepaw is extremely shy, but talkative when he wants to. He loves to explore, and helping others. He hates the sight of blood.
Abilities: None.

History: Born from a family of warriors, Icepaw always wanted to be just like his mother and father. Both are reported missing, and Icepaw is determined to find them.

Mentor (past or present): None. (In need of one)
Apprentice(s) (past or present): None.

Relationship Status: Wide open.
Other: I might apply for him to have powers if it does open.

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