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This dormitory is for Eli Leopold (( Santi )) and Seojun Field (( wish )). Eli is studying Business and Seojun is studying Medicine.

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seo’s side

seojun is a clean person. all of his clothes are folded up, except for the sweater that’s always hanging on the back of his desk chair. he has next to no decorations.
of course, though, he has pictures of his family everywhere.
despite his clean nature, his bed is never, ever made, unless he’s expecting company. he’s completely awful at making beds, so he just doesn’t.
his comforter is light green, and his pillows are a light orange, sometimes blue (depending on the day).

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Seojun waited nervously for the doorbell to ring (I assume they have doorbells?). He was sitting on his bed, next to two orders of kimchi. He had no idea if Hasley even liked Korean food, but it was too late now. Why hadn’t he just stuck with a normal dish? He pushed aside the obsessive thoughts and picked at the hem of his. He hadn’t bothered much with dressing fancily, wearing snug (but not tight) jeans and a loose sweater that had probably been his brother’s before Seojun’s.

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{idk either lols}

Seojun hopped off his bed and ran to the door in his bare feet. The wood floors here were so fricking cold! He opened the door and grinned widely when he saw it was Hasley. “Hi!” He said happily. When he noticed the cookies, his eyes grew wide and it was all he could do to keep from hugging her. Those were his absolute favorite American food. And the fact that she’d even brought them?
He shuffled back to the bed and jumped back onto it, crossing his legs under him. “Do you like kimchi?” He asked hopefully.

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He gave an encouraging nod. “It’s really good.” He patted the spot next to him as an invitation for her to sit down. Seojun noticed her looking at the pictures and smiled. “I have a lot of siblings.”

{my brAiN is failing}

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{google is a lifesaver}

He smiled halfway, happy that she liked his family, but also really sad. A defeated look came across his face, turning his eyes down towards the blanket. He looked most beautiful when he was sad, strangely enough, and this was one of those such times. He missed the days when he actually knew who is siblings were.
His face returned slowly to its previous expression when she sat down and asked about the food.
“Um, it’s basically pickled cabbage … I know it sounds bleh, but it’s actually really good.” He explained, licking his lips a bit nervously, for no reason at all.

{sorry if that went a bit sad up there, I’m listening to the truth untold and it’s affecting my writing lols}

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u neeed to listen to it though
it’s got the most beautiful vocals I’ve ever heard (especially on jk’s part)}

His face turned slightly red too. “Um … good,” he said, and coughed awkwardly. He pulled out his food from the box and handed the rest to her. He saw the look on her face and started to explain himself, but then realized he didn’t really want to. He owed it to her, though. “Uh … my family, they’re not really … a family … anymore,” he said, wincing a little at the words. “They’re, I don’t know. Distant? My brother and sister left, and they ever help us out with anything. I think that’s what made my parents so upset … they don’t really care anymore, but things aren’t the same as they were.” He gave a little nod. “They helped me with my tuition though, so they can’t be all bad. My older siblings, I mean.”

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Seojun started eating, putting the smallest bites in his mouth. He couldn’t eat fast; it was just a thing for him to eat slowly. He cracked a small smile. “Yeah,” he said. “Thanks.”
He sat back against the wall and pulled his food with him. “So, if you could have one kind of dog, what would it be?” He asked. He had no idea how to make normal conversation, so this was what was going to happen.

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He smiled. He was glad she liked the food, that she got to taste some part of his home. It made him fuzzy inside. He shivered a bit and realized how cold his toes were, so he got up and ran to the dresser, trying to avoid total foot contact with the floors. He grabbed socks from the bottom drawer — blue, fluffy socks — and pulled them on before sliding back to the bed. “I bet any dog would like you,” he said absentmindedly.

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A blush settled on his face. He didn’t have anything to say back, so he just ate his kimchi in silence. While he was eating, his feet slowly slid either direction so he was ultimately about to do a split. He rested his elbows on the bed and propped his chin in one hand and ate with the other. He didn’t know why he’d assumed this position, but it was just what had happened, he supposed. It was sort of funny.
“Newfoundlands?” He asked, his eyes wide. “They’re so fluffy! And big!” He loved newfoundlands, possibly more than malamutes. All fluffy dogs were amazing, but the faces on newfoundlands were irreplaceable.

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He nodded enthusiastically. His feet slid further, and he started laughing. Probably because she was laughing. It was utterly contagious, and soon he was shaking with laughter too. It was so nice to finally hear some semblance of happiness from this broken girl. Seojun loved the sound of her laugh. She looked so pretty when she was happy, he noticed. The opposite of him. He closed his eyes and took a breath, and when he opened them he calmed down a bit, and promptly burst back into laughter. “I … I can actually do it,” he said between laughs. “A split.”
His dance habits (paid for by his brother, of course) made him extremely flexible, and he could do a number of things with his body that most average boys couldn’t.

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{k! have fun}

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He laughed again at her attempt. He’d been practicing for more than months; years, actually. It was really quite easy once you got the hang of it.
His socks slipped further on the wood floors until he was doing a complete split. He rested his elbows on the floor and put his chin in his hands (a complete show-off). It burned his thighs a little, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it used to be.
He gazed at her, unblinking, for a few moments, just lost in time. She was actually really pretty. He didn’t think he’d ever taken the time to properly notice that.

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{lol same

is it too early for a kiss do you think
because this seems like an opportune moment}

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Seojun watched her. He saw. He saw her retreat back into that far corner of her mind, where she locked her feelings in a box and kept them until somone unpacked it for her.
And he was desperate for her to stay with him.
So, without a second thought, he leaned towards her. Slowly, at first, and then all at once, until he could feel her breath on his face. And he waited for a few moments. Would she make the first move, or would he? Should he? He stopped the internal debate when he leaned fully forwards (btw he’s still in a split lol) and kissed her.

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He finally released her face — he hadn’t even realized he’d been holding it — and moved his lips away from hers. He kept his face close to hers, though. Just becuase he could.
Seo reached across the space to find her hand — the bruised, battered hands that he loved so much. He was sad. Because she looked so happy. She deserved so much that a kiss wouldn’t make her happy. She needed the whole world. His philosophy didn’t really make sense, but it was his na’au.
He offered a soft smile, and an almost-laugh - a little sound somewhere between a mewl and a laugh. He tried to say what he was thinking without saying anything: that was amazing. it’s never like that.

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“Yes,” he said softly, and kissed her again, gently. He pulled away and sat up a little bit, smiling uncontrollably. His thighs hurt from staying in a split for so long, so he pulled his legs in and crossed them. He winced a little bit; he hadn’t done a split in a while (poor bby’s not flexible anymore awe). He didn’t let go of her hand, though.

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His face turned downwards at her discomfort. “Hey, it’s fine,” he said, reaching out to wrap an arm around her shoulder and pull her into him. “We’ll figure it out.”
He knew what she was doing. He’d been in enough relationships to know. She was giving him a way out, an escape latter. He wanted to shove that later down and slam the door. Even if it left them in the dark.

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He looked down at her, a strange look on his face. Her breath against his arm was seriously messing him up.
He shrugged at her question. “Dinner. Sleep. Life.” He replied in a whisper, the corner of his lips turning up in a lopsided smile. He scooted across the floor, pulling her with him, until his back was to the bed, so he could lean back without knocking his head on the floor. Man, he hated wood floors. Carpet was so much better.

{by sleep he means dreaming, y’know}

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“Yeah,” He said softly. “I don’t … I don’t really know you that well,” he said then, a bit quieter. Perhaps hoping she wouldn’t really hear him. He was a bit afraid to say it. To be honest, it felt like an eternity. But he didn’t even know what building she lived in. Who her dorm mate was. Was she even living with a family?

{ah short}

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“It’s not important if you don’t want it to be,” He said in response. He had picked up on all of the signs of course; she was a walking tragedy. But, if she didn’t want him to know, she wouldn’t pressure him. He hated what she might be thinking, though. He loved her for who she was, not because he thought she was some charity case or thin glass. He might hug her a little longer, if he knew, but he personally thought coming out of a tragedy unscathed made you a horrible person. So, if anything, it would just prove how deeply she felt things, and that was wonderful.

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He smiled softly. Everything about this moment felt … light blue. Soft, and slightly sad. But also with hope.
“Yeah,” he said, his accent coming out a bit. He shifted slightly so that his feet weren’t sliding anymore, pulling them up to his chest.
“I have two dogs, but you know that,” he said. “I’m getting another — well, my family is — this weekend. She’s a rescue.
“Um … I like blue. Not like, neon. Like the blue part of a rainbow, or the color of the rain. I don’t know. I like jelly beans. And snow.
“My family used to live in Colorado, but it got to snowy for them. So we moved here. I would’ve liked to stay, though. Theyre kind of falling apart now. It wouldn’t surprise me if my parents got divorced. I just feel bad for my sister. She’s never known them to be happy. And I kind of just want them to go ahead and get it over with, you know? Rip the band-aid off. But they’re taking so long, and they fight so much …” he trailed off, leaning his head back.

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{nah we good}

He shrugged and swallowed, staring ahead at the lightbulb in his lamp. Someone somewhere had told him that helped you dry up your tears.
He knew what she had experienced must be so much worse. But this was the worst thing that had ever happened to him, and it meant a lot. He felt selfish, though. Because he felt that way over something that would seem so small and unimportant to her.
He nodded and turned his head towards the door, looking purposefully away from her.

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He nodded again, taking in her words, but still staring at the wall. It was true. And it scared him. What if his parents ran out of their time before his little sister got to grow up? Would he have to be the one in charge?
He wasn’t responsible enough for that, and he knew it.

{ack brain cells are dying
I have math homework}

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He shook his head and looked down once again. It nearly broke his heart to hear her say that her parents were happy. “No,” he said, sniffing a little. “It’s not you. Don’t stay quiet. I … I like when you talk,” He said, hugging her close.

{it literally hurts}

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{that was a close one, that last problem there was a killer
I got 100% correcto though so yeeee}

Seojun looked down at her a little bit when she didn’t respond. “Hasley?” He could kind of see something, in how she wasn’t looking at him. “Hey,” He said gently, turning her around to face him. He reached down for her hands and held them between his own. “Is there something you want to talk about?”

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{ah I’m praying for hasley to keep her sanity now
the poor bby}

Seo looked down at the wood floors. He was absolutely horrible with situation like this. It was why he’d studied with the nurse instead of covering for the counselor or something. But he had to try. He didn’t want her to fall.
He reached out a hand and touched her face softly. “Start when you were born. Where were you born, what happened? Do you have any silbings?” He was trying to guide her, but at the same time not push her. He hoped he was doing ok.

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{goodness ok}

“Screwed up?” He had noticed her move, and that was fine. If that made it easier for her to tell. But, he still had to consciously stop himself from reaching out to her. “Hasley. How in the world are you screwed up?” He asked, not unkindly.

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“Hasley,” he whispered. “Stop.” But she kept talking, and saying all of these bad things about herself, things that she couldn’t help, that weren’t her fault — that weren’t her fault. It wasn’t her. “Hasley,” He said again. It was physically hurting him to see her like this. She hated herself. It was killing him.

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He reached out for her this time unable to stop himself, and pulled her into his chest. He wanted to keep her there. Possible forever. “I’m not lying. I swear. I swear,” he said, again and again.

{short ack}

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Seojun didn’t say a thing. But he felt his own eyes welling with tears. Someone … no one would ever deserve this. It was cruel, what her mind was doing to her body. This shouldn’t ever happen. She didn’t deserve it. It wasn’t her fault.
He closed his eyes and ran a hand through her hair, smoothing it down. “It’s okay,” he said gently, even though it wasn’t. “It’s okay. I’m here.”

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“Stop,” He said desperately. “Stop doing that. You keep moving away …” he reached for her hand and pulled it into his. “Hasley. You think your past matters to me? It’s not … not who you are, okay? It made you into a good person. I don’t care if you don’t like it. You are who you are, and I like you.” He said, a sad, desperate edge to his voice.

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“I am,” He said, putting all of his loneliness and heartache into the words. And he was. He wasn’t just trying to convince her so that he could try to fix her. Sure, it had started out that way, but now it was clear that she wasn’t the one who needed fixing.

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{ur call}

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{what do u mean?}

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{haha I totally agree
timeskip, yeah?}

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{their next date?}

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{like … seo’s older doggo died??? yeaaaah? or like … someone bullied hasley??? yeaaaaaaah?}

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{so ... jae dies, yeah?}

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{how to write a sob story by nova and laurel}

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{just do it, a story by nike.
ok sorry I'll stop

next date, yeah? can you start?}

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{uhhhh .... heeere? idek}

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{k … what about lily’s chinese restaurant?}

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