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This dormitory is for Hasley Desser (( Laurel Wreath )) and Lake Carter (( wish )). Hasley is studying Technology and Lake is studying Language.

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lake’s side

lake’s side of the dorm room is messy. her clothes are usually strewn everywhere, and her desk is cluttered with anything she can find (from fuzzy pens to family photos).
she has two music posters hanging on her walls, but what really defines her side are the quotes. she has word upon word hung on her wall, from small paper slips to huge framed paragraphs. each of them is in a different language.
she hung pink string lights on her bed frame, so her side usually has a soft pink glow. her sheets & comforter are all pink and orange, and her pillowcases are an absurd shade of blue. she has a few purple throw pillows, too.

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