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message 1: by Sassy Sedusa (new)

Sassy Sedusa | 1537 comments This book was okay but ..... I felt the author should've ended the story like this. I just felt the book was ...... and it needed something more. Etc.

Frank-Intergalactic Bookdragon (intergalacticbookdragon) Everless (Everless, #1) by Sara Holland it was okay but . . . the world building was seriously lacking descriptions and the characters where forgettable

message 3: by Ann aka Iftcan (new)

Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 194 comments The Old Man's Back in Town I couldn't get into it at all. The mystery was totally lacking. And I usually like this author, but I guess everyone has a bad day (or book) once in a while.

message 4: by Melliott (new)

Melliott (goodreadscommelliott) | 448 comments Defy the Worlds, Claudia Gray's second Constellation book, was good! But after continuing the story seamlessly from the first book, it gave every appearance of telling the rest of the story in the second book. Then, at almost exactly 35 pages from the end, there was a moment that said wrap-up to me, and I was quite happy with how that was going to happen...but the story continued, and the two protagonists got themselves back into a major fix that will take another book to resolve. It makes me tired to think about it. A duology would have been just fine.

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