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Niran | 681 comments Hey, so should we get to making characters?

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Christopher (tratser) | 127 comments Yeah we should get to making our characters. How detailed do you want the bios to be?

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Niran | 681 comments I don’t do my characters too detailed, I like revealing stuff in the role play. I just include stuff like name, age, appearance, personality, but it’s up to you :D

message 4: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 127 comments Okay that works for me. I'll get started on my character now.

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Christopher (tratser) | 127 comments Name: Ajax Klein

Age: 18

Appearance: He usually comes to school in his denim jacket which is black with white spots on it making it look rugged and black pants nicely creased. He wears regular black converse with white socks on.

Personality: Ajax lives up to his name being a very aggressive man, not taking much from anyone. He tends to keep to himself and talks very little unless provoked.

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Niran | 681 comments Name: Kita Williams

Age: 18


Kita has a variety of styles; she doesn't really stick to a certain style because it all depends on how she feels that day. However, she does keep her hair curly as that's how it is naturally.

Personality: Kita tends to stick to what she knows and stays out of things that doesnt concern or suit her. Shes quiet and sticks to herself, but if you push certain buttons she becomes strong, opinionated and stubborn.

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Christopher (tratser) | 127 comments Okay cool so do you want to start us off?

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Niran | 681 comments Kita sat in her car, trying to give herself more time before she had to enter hell aka high school. She hated this place, she hated how invisible and non existent she was in this place. But at the same time she was grateful that was; she didn’t want to be caught up in all this popularity drama, she just wanted to be seen.
She scoffed and rolled her eyes. Get over yourself, she thought.
The day, literally, wasn’t so bad. The sun was shinning through the trees on the beside the bleachers and making itself visible in the schools parking lot. It was kind of beautiful, and Kita couldn’t help but smile. She got out of the car, grabbing her side bag and shutting her car door. Today, Kita wore a black mini skirt, army boots and simply white tee, paired with her leather jacket which she loved.
Kita let out a scream, falling back against her car door and shutting her eyes. But seeing as nothing happened to her, she slowly opened her eyes, seeing Mia, laughing at her and exclaiming,” You’re so easy to scare!”.
“Ha ha ha, very funny”, Kita replied, pushing past Mia in a lighthearted way.
Mia was an eccentric girl; she had bubblegum pink hair, was a little shorter than Kita, she loved wearing colourful things. Right now, she was wearing purple tights with a green dress and a violet purple bomber with studded boots. Kita loved how out there she was.
Finally, they were in front of their lockers, putting things away and gathering the things they needed; note books, pens, pencils, high lighters etc. As you do.
“Urgh, math”, Mia exclaimed, making a disgusted face, and Kita couldn’t help but laugh.

message 9: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 127 comments Ajax drove his car quickly over to the school not because he was late or anything but rather he liked the feeling of the wind against his hair as he raced down the street way above the speed limit. He finally pulls his car to a screeching stop and parks it in the spot he always parks his car. He quickly got out of his car making sure that he had his backpack on and his sunglasses on. He wore his trademark look and his hair was naturally going back thanks to the wind from earlier.
The air was fresh today with a light breeze pushing the leaves around making them dance. Ajax just walked down to the school as his friends had started to make there way over to him joining him on their walk over to the school's main building. All of his friends were just jocks sporting their team jackets and jean pants and those who weren't were also dressed similar to Ajax with denim jackets.
Ajax looked to his side and he saw the invisible girl and her friend talking to each other by their car and he just chuckled thinking about all the pranks they were going to try and pull on the two of them.
"Okay, Ajax. It's time for us to talk just by our selves." says a voice that was already near the school's main building. It was Natalie Morales, also known as the most beautiful girl in the school and probably the entire city as well. Her hair flowed in the light breeze and light penetrated her light red hair making it look gorgeous. "Now come over here Ajax." she says in a serious tone as she leads the way into a hallway.
Ajax follows and says "Well what do you want to talk about then Nat?" he didn't know why she wanted to talk but he didn't like this whole thing of them needing to be alone for this.
"Look... I met this guy on Instagram and he said that he really liked my profile and that if I wanted to get bigger then I should be with him and not some guy who doesn't even use Instagram." Natalie laughed after she spoke and then awkwardly looks up to him and continues with, "So how do I put this. I'm dumping you." She then walks away without letting him have a word or anything.
Ajax was left speechless and just stares at he walk away from him. He slowly walks backwards and decides that he needed to get his notebooks from his locker which wasn't too far away from where he was right now. He quickly opens up his locker and gets his stuff letting what happened sink in and he finally starts to feel rage. He gets his notebook and slams his locker door but that wasn't enough for him, he punches the door so hard that he actually makes a dent on the metal locker.
Unluckily for him the principle was walking by and saw what he had just done. "Young man! The school is not your punching bag." the principle says as he drags him off to the office to discuss his punishment.

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Niran | 681 comments The schools chatter was suddenly interrupted by the obnoxious cheering of the jocks; half of them wearing their jackets and half of them wearing denim jackets.
“God, could they get anymore annoying? And why do that all look the same?”, Kita stated, shaking her head and sighing.
Mia laughed,” You’re just annoyed that non of them pay attention to you or us...I think you secretly like your boys to be jocks”.
“What!?”, Kita exclaimed, giving her a shocked laugh, and staring at her. She elbowed her friends side briefly and continued,” Its not that. There just so...up their own asses”.
Mia laughed even more, shuffling around in her locker. She looked at the mirror in her locker and gave a huff.
“Which lipstick?”, she asked, showing Kita a lipstick that was pink and a lipgloss that had glitter in it. Kita had to pick the glitter one, the more outrageous the better, that was the motto with Mia.
Suddenly, someone’s locker was shut so aggressively that it echoed throughout the hall way. Kita turned around to see Mr Popular in a rage, and then to make it even worse, he punched the door, denting it. But that didn’t last long, as the principle was passing by and caught his dumb act.
Kita felt no sympathy for this guy; he was rude, obnoxious, arrogant and clearly didn’t have a brain. He used aggression rather than words, a caveman would be smarter than this guy.
“God, what an idiot”, Kita rolled her eyes, turning back to her locker. The bell rang, and as it did Kita grabbed her things for History, one of her favourite lessons. She loved knowing things about the past, it was interesting to her.
“See ya, mi amour. Good luck in Math”, Kita smiled, winking at Mia and heading to History. She was there before the teacher and before most of the students, however dodging the students who were already there. She took her regular seat in the middle row, beside the window. She loved sitting her, especially when the sun was out, it warmed her and made her feel comfortable.

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Christopher (tratser) | 127 comments After getting scolded for what he had done for what seemed like the entire first period class he was then let go to go to his class was given an hour of detention every day for the next two months. Ajax just scoffed and walked away from the office so he can make it to his first class which he would most likely be made fun of by the teacher saying why he was late.
It didn't matter to him though since he was just there to get his work done and pass the class. As he walked down the hall he realized that his hand was bleeding thanks to his dumb stunt so he quickly grabbed cloth bandages to wrap his fist in. Soon after Ajax enters his history class as the teacher gives a lecture but quickly is stopped because he sees that he had entered.
"Ah the mighty Ajax from the island Salamis. Come to show off your brute strength I see." The teacher said in a toking tone towards him. "You know that the man who had your name went mad because he was not recognized by those he idolized. Is that what happened to you this morning."
Ajax just brushes him off to the side and takes his seat right behind the invisible girl. "Look I already got scolded by the Principle and her lackeys. I don't you to jump on board as well. Can we just get to our lesson and be done with it." He says in an irritated tone. He didn't want to talk as usual since he didn't like to open up to many people.
The teacher just continues on with his lesson and Ajax pulls out his notebook and looks for his pencil but soon realizes that he had not brought one with him from his locker. He cursed to himself and looked around to see who to ask. The first person he laid eyes on was one of Natalie's friends so he couldn't ask her and then the guy next to him was not on speaking terms with him. He finally looks forward and sees the invisible girl.
Ajax takes a deep breath in and says "Hey... Kira... ugh is that your name? Look I need to borrow a pencil, I would greatly appreciate it." He didn't really know the girl much and always thought she was on the weird side since she hung out with the outrageous girl named Mia. Maybe she was cool and she was going to let him borrow a pencil or either she was going to join in on making fun of him for today.

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Niran | 681 comments History was going good so far, she was enjoying it a lot. Kita was leaning forward with wide eyes and eagerly listening to the teacher retrace the past and teach the class, however it was clear that she was the only one who showed any real interest. It was sad really. But it was their loss, not hers. She easily shrugged it off and continued to listen in.
But, that was also disrupted by Mr Popular. He just waltzed in with a moody expression on his face...as usual. To be completely honest she had never seen him actually smile. Which was kind of sad.
She shook her head out and looked out the window, thinking, Don’t feel sorry for him, he’s still a douche. She felt a presence sit behind her and she immediately knew that it was him and for some reason it irritated her.
And then, something even bigger surprised and irritated her!
Was Mr Popular talking to her?
She turned around slightly, giving him a look of annoyance, but then giving him a fake smile.
“Nope, it’s Kita but who cares”, she shrugged, whispering, being sarcastic. She grabbed a pencil from her bag and threw it on his desk,” You’re wel-“
She turned around to see the teacher staring at her in a cross way and the class just looking, and all she felt was confusion.
“Talking in my lesson? Really?”
“No no I was just giv-“, she panicked, waving her hands about and shaking her head quickly.
“Detention!”, he exclaimed.
“What!? No, I didn’t do anything wrong!”.
“Detention for the whole week!”, the teacher continued.
She just sat there, defeated, looking shocked and mortified at it all. But she swiftly turned around, looking at Mr Popular and clenching her jaw, a look of fury on her face. Thanks to him she had gotten detention. No! She had gotten detention for being considerate, when really, he didn’t give a single crap about her and was never ever considerate of her. So why was she?

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Christopher (tratser) | 127 comments Ajax looked at the girl give him her pencil like she was disgusted to be in his presence but he was starting to get used to it more and more as people showed who they really were to him. He just takes the pencil and was going to say something along the lines of 'thanks for that, you almost got my eye' or something but the teacher had started raising his voice to Kita.
He didn't know what was going on since she was the one who was helping him out so why was she receiving all the blame for this. She may have been a little annoyed by him but she didn't deserve this at all.
Ajax thought to himself though that at least he wouldn't be alone in detention but it would also be wrong for her to be in there so he decided that maybe he should stick up for her.
He soon started to run his mouth to try and defend her, "Look, teacher. I was the one wh-"
"Ajax, just be quiet and try to keep to yourself. We don't need a knucklehead like you rubbing off on the rest of the class." The teacher immediately said to Ajax.
Ajax just looked up to him and it was clear that he wasn't going to be able to change the teachers mind so he decided to just be quiet for the rest of the class but he still felt bad that he was the cause of Kita getting in trouble.
He quickly starts to write down notes of what the teacher was saying for the rest of his lecture and as he did so he even wrote a note for Kita.
'Kita I'm sorry that you got in trouble for helping me out. I'll try and make it up to you some point in the future.'
He then placed the note at the corner of her desk all folded up and making sure that the teacher didn't see him place it there. Soon after the class was over and everyone had started to rush out of the class he place the pencil down on her desk.
"Thanks for letting me borrow your pencil by the way... I'll catch you later."
He flashed her a small smile and walked away from her so he can get to his locker and get his own pencil. After getting his own pencil he quickly makes his way through the sea of people in the hall over to his science class.

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Niran | 681 comments Even Mr Popular tried to stick up for her! It was a complete surprise to her but a good one.
The teacher was being completely unreasonable and unfair, but what did it matter now anyway? She had already gotten detention and it was clear that the teacher was in no way going to change his mind or his mood. So Kita just accepted it, sighing and closing her eyes briefly. Kita really didn’t want to waste her time with detention, it was ridiculous and pointless and long.
The class continued on though, and Kita resumed in taking notes. But her mind kept going to Mr Popular sticking up for her and trying to get her out of trouble. That was kind of nice of him, she couldn’t deny that.
She couldn’t. She saw a note on the corner of her desk and read it, seeing an apology message by Mr Popular. She looked behind her slightly, towards him and gave him a soft, understanding look, but then quickly looked away. She needed to focus, otherwise they might get into even more trouble. She immediately went back to listening to what the teacher was saying, and before she knew it the bell rang, dismissing the class and signalling them to go to their next one.
A pencil was placed on her desk. Kita was surprise to see him thanking her and giving it back to her, he even smiled at her! Now, she felt bad, she felt awful.
“No prob-“, she was about to say something, but before she could even finish he was gone, out the class and to his next one. She kind of felt like an awful person, for judging him and being mean when she didn’t really know him.
She let out a disappointed sigh, gathering her things roughly, and taking the pencil softly, and then heading to her next class.

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Christopher (tratser) | 127 comments The rest of the day passes on by and all through it Ajax just kept to himself since all of his friends would start to tease him or make fun of him and he did not want anymore confrontation from any of them. He also was thinking of how he could possibly try and help out the invisible girl, maybe he could take her to buy something or even help her out with something needed done.
Even though she was a bit rude to him when she let him borrow the pencil, she still let him borrow the pencil and thats a lot more help than if he had asked the other two for a pencil. Kita wasn't that bad on the eyes as well so why wasn't she more popular with the school.
Ajax also thought to himself that she probably didn't like him that much since he was Mr. Popular as he would hear from the less popular people in the school. Could he really even make things up to her if she doesn't want the help. He figured that he would just try and see if she wanted anything that he could give her.
Lunch passed by and he just went over to music room to eat his food and maybe play something on the guitar that he had left there for them to watch over. He never really liked to eat school food but he didn't pack food for himself today.
School ends soon and he walks over to the room in which they were to serve detention but at least he knew there was going to be one other person there. He was familiar with where the room was and was the first one there taking the seat all the way in the back of the classroom.
He looked around at the dull room and he decided to read his book as he waited for someone to come into the room so he can talk to them or have them talk to him.
The book he pulled out was the Iliad by Homer, it was a gift from his mother and it was very well worn out from all the times he had read it.

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Niran | 681 comments The day went on quite quickly, to Kita’s surprise.
The lessons just went on by, and lunch was good; it was just Kita and Mia talking and joking around about things. They could speak about anything and everything and be entertained with each other for hours, sometimes they could be like Dumb and Dumber, which wasn’t necessarily good but it wasn’t bad either.
Kita had been looking out for Mr Popular for the whole day, trying to see if she could apologise to him. But she couldn’t see him anywhere, it was like he had just vanished or something. But the end of the day rolled around and she knew where they would both be; detention.
She made her way to the room and was glad to see that Mr Popular was there, she smiled to herself slightly but quickly let that smile disappear. Kita sat beside him and awkwardly looked around, part of her didn’t really know how to apologise or admit she was wrong, so this wasn’t very strange for her. So she turned to him abruptly and rushed,” So Mr Popular, I’m really sorry for being today in History, it wasn’t your fault I got into trouble. To be honest the teacher was being really cranky anyway. Oh and thanks for trying to stick up for me, you really didn’t need to but thanks anyway”, she finished.
She inhaled a big breath and then grinned at him sheepishly.
“We cool, Mr Popular?”, she asked questionably, her face kind of scrunched up in a hesitant manner, unsure how he would react. She shook out her head and let out an awkward laugh,” Sorry, I mean, A-wait, I’m going to get your name right-Um, Ajay!”, she exclaimed, as if she had accomplished something.
But for some reason that didn’t sound right, so she sat there, twisting her hair around her finger as she tried to work his name out. She knew it began with an A.

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Christopher (tratser) | 127 comments Ajax continued to read his book and then he finally heard someone sit down next to him. From there he puts his book down onto the desk that he was sitting at and he looks over to see the girl Kira looking at him and then around the room obviously not knowing what to do or say to him. He was at least glad that she was here though so he could find out how to help her out or at the very least talk to her.
She wasn't facing him for quite a while and he was going to say something to her but then she quickly turns to him and starts speaking very quickly. He just leaned back a little since he was taken back by how quickly she was speaking and all the things she said to him. He nods his head not sure what to respond to at this point but she was entertaining to him and made him want to laugh.
She then called him Mr. popular and he just lost it from there after she tried to guess what his actual name was. He started to laugh out loud shaking his head and placing hand onto his while the other went onto the table trying to hold on. His laugh was hysterical and something that he had not done in long time. She was just too much for him right now but that might be a good thing for him.
He finally calms down and looks over to her with a huge smile on his face. "Oh man, you really know how to crack me up now. I haven't laughed like that since I was in middle school." He said chuckling a little every now then in between in his words. He then reagins his composure but still keeps the smile on his face. He grabs his book and points to one name in it, "Ajax, my name is Ajax, Kita."
He looks to see the person in charge of detention who was already asleep. he lets out a sigh and looks back to Kita, "And also it is my fault that you got in here. I mean I was the one who bothered you and make you speak to me in class. I guess you weren't so invisible today."
He now looks into her eyes thinking about what to say next now. I mean now they were somewhat able to talk to each other now that they knew each other. Maybe he could ask her if she needs anything.
"So is there anything that you might need from me? Because I can help you out with a lot of things here." He says in his low but more cheery voice. "We can even try and get you noticed more."

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Niran | 681 comments Kita couldn’t hide the look of complete shock on her face; he was smiling and laughing like they were best friends. She was glad to see him happy, but couldn’t really understand why or if she had made him happy.
She looked at the name that he was pointing to on the book, Ajax, and she nodded,” I was close enough right? Ajax”.
His name felt different and foreign around her lips. His name was definitely different, something she had never heard of or seen before. But then again, there was something different about him.
All the things he was saying now just didn’t make sense to her, he was just being nice to her because he felt bad about getting her in trouble. But by tomorrow they would both forget about each other and go back into their little bubbles. That’s just how things worked.
She looked away from him, looking at the sleeping teacher that was supposed to be watching them; he was leaning back on his chair, drooling slightly. Kita made a face and looked back at Ajax, her face more serious.
“I don’t need anything from you”, she stated strongly. “Why do you think I need your help, huh?”, she continued, glaring at him,” Mr Popular thinks Miss Invisible needs him, like a damsel in distress. God, you’re so up your own ass, you just think- urgh!”. She pushed her hair back and let out a chuckle, shaking her head. She looked him dead in the eye, giving him a look of confidence. She leaned forward and poked his chest,” Maybe you need my help and you don’t even know it”, she shrugged, in a sort of smug manner.
Maybe her invisibility could do something for him, maybe they could do something for each other.
“Why’d you get so upset this morning anyway?”, she asked, raising her eyebrows. She was extremely curious, it really wasn’t good for her to be like that.

message 19: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 127 comments He just nods as she says his name and how it was some what similar to the name that she had said to him earlier. The room would have been silent if it weren't for the constant snoring of the teacher in the room. He looked onto her as she looked at the teacher and just thought about how she was dressed which was pretty cool he thought to himself.
Maybe they could talk tomorrow if things went good her today since he really didn't care much for all the fake people in his life anymore and wanted to be with people who were more true to themselves.
Ajax looked onto her as she started to get more serious and his smile was starting to grow smaller because he had not expected her to react in such a serious manner. He moves back a bit when she leans towards him and places her finger on his chest. This was a something that he would have never thought the girl would do in her life to him at the very least.
"Uh... a little too close there now aren't we?", He says, with a chuckle, as he grabs her hand with his bandaged up hand to move it away from him onto the desk.
He looked back into her eyes and saw the expressions she was making as if she was now in charge of the whole situation and he was just there.
"Well... I don't really know what you can do for me and if you really want to know what had happened to me in the morning..." he takes in a deep breath and continues, "My girlfriend had dumped me for some Instagram famous guy so I just got really angry with myself." he shrugged to himself not knowing what to do with that information.
He takes both of his hands and connects them so he could place them behind his head to try and relax a little more. She really was different from the rest of the girls.
"What are you going to offer me then?" He asks looking up to the ceiling thinking about their situation. "I mean it's not like we can just mix both or titles up together."

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Niran | 681 comments Kita watched him carefully, her eyebrows raised and her expression defensive. She immediately moved away, seeing that he was clearly uncomfortable with her moving forward and touching him. Which she understood; she wouldn’t want some random person touching her. But then her insecure side said; why doesn’t he want you to touch him? Are you that unattractive or something? Does he find you that repulsive? He even used his own hand to move her away!
She looked briefly at her hand but then quickly looked back at him, forgetting the whole situation otherwise she would overthink and analyse things.
Kita couldn’t stop herself from expression shock and disgust at the same time as he stated what happened this morning. His girlfriend left him for some Instagram famous guy? Wow, that was low and harsh and just cruel.
“Wow. That sucks”, she stated honestly, letting out a sigh and shaking her head slowly. But she looked back at him, looking him in the eyes and turning her body to face him. It was clear she was very intrigued and invested, her eyes wide. “You should get back at her. Show her you’re so unbothered by dating someone else or something. Yeah! You totally don’t need her”, she encouraged. He really didn’t, he was an attractive guy, super handsome and sexy; he could get any girl he wanted if he wanted them.
“She’ll be so jealous that you moved on so quickly...trust me-“, she stated, giving him a smirk and nodding,” I know how girls work”.
The way he leaned back was even sexy.
No! Stop, she thought.
She let out an awkward laugh,” I don’t know, what do you want?”, she shrugged, completely clueless as the connect what she had just said to him with her. She could be pretty clumsy sometimes.

message 21: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 127 comments Ajax didn't really mind being touched by Kira since she was fairly attractive but it was a bit much for the two of them since she probably didn't even like him since he was Mr. Popular and would rather go for someone who was more alike to her.
He listened as she suggested what he should do and he was kinda intrigued by it since he never really rolled like that. He smiled hearing this plan and was thinking about whether or not he should try and go through with it. He didn't really want to get with anyone if it was going to be just to get back at some girl.
Maybe I can ask her to be my fake girlfriend then, he thought to himself.
She seemed to be willing to help him out with all the enthusiasm she had for this plan and showing up this girl. And plus he wouldn't mind getting to talk to her more now that he knew her better.
"Well this plan seems very nice and all but the one problem is, is that I don't really want to get in a relationship if it's just to get back at a girl." He says as he turns his body towards her, "I mean if the feelings aren't there then I don't want to pretend they're there."
He puts his hand on his chin and starts to think on how he should approach her on this but just decides to go by his gut. He moves his hand to take her hand and grip it lightly. He looks her in her big beautiful brown eyes.
"Can I ask you a question?" he asked her, "Since it's your idea, do you want to be the girl that I date to get back at my ex. You don't have to but it just makes sense to me."
He laughed to himself a little at the thought of how strange and awkward this situation was. They were both from different worlds but something brought them together so they can have these moments between them. He crosses those thoughts out of his mind and just looks into her eyes now waiting for a response.

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Niran | 681 comments Kita looked down; seeing his hand embrace hers in a gentle manner, it was very strange, seeing her skinny fingers held by his strong ones, it made her raise her eyebrows in surprise. She had never had a boyfriend before, so she had never felt a boy hold her hand like this. It was a simple act, but something that made her heart flutter.
“Huh?”, she exclaimed, confused. She looked at him with wide eyes, her eyebrows raised and her lips slightly parted. He wanted her to be his fake girlfriend to make his ex girlfriend jealous? When she suggested this plan she thought he would get someone completely, unbelievably hot and sexy. Someone irresistible.
“Listen”, she stated, matter of fact,” I’m always up for some fun and something different, so yeah I’ll do it. Why not right? But are you sure you want to do this with me? Wouldn’t you want someone, I don’t know-“ she shrugged,”...really, really hot?”.
She didn’t think she was terrible to look at, but she also didn’t think that she was anything special. So she didn’t know how much of an affect this was going to have on his ex girlfriend who was going out with an Instagram famous guy.
Maybe this would benefit her too. To be honest, she didn’t care much how popular she was or how people saw her. But she just wanted to be seen. She didn’t want to be that girl in the yearbook who nobody remembered or couldn’t figure out who she was. She wanted to have fun in high school, and to be honest, she wasn’t. She wasn’t getting invited to parties or outings or anything. Maybe with Ajax, things would change.

message 23: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 127 comments Ajax just nods as she speaks to him, telling him that he should maybe try and be with someone who is more pretty and popular. He didn't really want to be with any one who was hot really since those people were usually the fake people at the school and he had plenty of experience with them. Plus this would still have an effect on his ex since Kira was a nobody and that would make her think he has really lost it and embarrass her.
"Well I think she would be embarrassed to see me with someone like you." He states with a smile on his face, "I mean just imagine, me and you walking down the hallway, holding hands and acting like a couple. Everyone would lose their shit once they saw us."
People would start to ask who Kira was since she was with him and how she ended up with him. She would go from Miss Invisible to Ms. Popular.
"I mean you are practically the perfect girl for this." He exclaims to her pulling her a little closer to him, "But the question of the matter is how far are we willing to go for this whole couple thing. I'm comfortable with everything. How about you?"
He knew that something like a kiss would be asked of them and he didn't want her to get herself into something that she didn't feel comfortable doing. And all the parties they would get invited to, they would be expected to be connected to each other by the hip. He actually remembered that there was going to be a party next week that was going to have all the popular people in the school at.
"I also have a party to invite you to as well. So we can go there as a couple." He says smiling to her looking into her eyes. "It'll be fun regardless though."

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Niran | 681 comments “Someone like me?”, she asked strongly, raising her eyebrows to prompt what that meant. What did he mean by that? Who was she exactly? Kita just sighed and pushed it away.
“Well then, let’s make her lose her shit, I guess”, Kita shrugged, giving a nonchalant, cool smile.
It would be nice to see the look on Miss Prissy, Perfects face, and to see how the whole school would react. To be completely honest, she was actually even a little bit excited about all of this. Sure the lying would have to be consistent and controlled but they could definitely do that.
When he pulled her a little closer, she felt her face blush slightly. Why did he do that? It made her heart flutter and she was all weirded out now. That was confusing.
“Everything except sex. My first time having sex will not be around some fake relationship”, she demanded, and yes, she did admit that she was a virgin. She actually believed it should be with someone special and not just be some random thing to get rid of or something to not care about. She knew that people would want to see them show affection and see them kiss, otherwise who’d believe they were actually together?
“Oh great”, she sighed, “A party”.
It was hitting her that she’d have to be around these people, these people who annoyed her and that acted like she didn’t exist. She thought she could just have some kind of presence and bring Mia along, which she was going to do anyway.
She looked into his eyes and gave s little smirk,” I’ll try to look as presentable as possible to make sure your ex gets jealous”. She would definitely have to go through things in her wardrobe with Mia.

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Christopher (tratser) | 127 comments "Of course we wouldn't be having sex.", he says in shock, "I mean I've never been with anyone like that before so it would be awkward if our first time was just to get back at my ex." He nervously laughs a bit at the thought of them together like that. It was a weird thought since he didn't know much about her other than she was willing to help him out with this little plan that they had.
He shakes his head slightly and then looks at what time it was on the clock to see if it was time for the two of them to leave but then he realized. They could have just walked out of the classroom and the teacher would have not noticed. He was kicking himself on the back fro not thinking about that a long time ago.
He sighs and looks back to Kita and says "So Kita, do you want to just get out of here and go somewhere else to hangout. It'll be good to get a story together so we don't end up telling two different things to people." he places his hand on his chin thinking of a place to go with her. "We can go to a coffee shop and have a coffee." he says unsure if they should do that or not.
He finally lets go of her hand and moves back a bit to give her back her space so she didn't feel awkward since he saw that she was blushing very hard from their interaction.
He was kinda glad he met her since she was more or less something that he wanted to be like but he was always in the limelight so he never got the opportunity to do it. He thought on how she was beautiful in her own right and how her attitude and behavior was starting to grow on him. If anything now he just wanted to keep her close to him.

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Niran | 681 comments He was so shocked that she had mentioned sex, that it came off as if he had never had sex either; was he s virgin, like her? They were a dying a breed of people after all, especially in this generation, not that having sex was bad. But it just seemed like in this generation sex wasn’t a big deal to anyone.
She looked at him suspiciously, wanting to be nosy and prod and ask, but instead she decided against it. It was an invasion of privacy, and if he did ever want to tell her anything like that she would want it to come out naturally. She didn’t want to be one of those people who forced people to tell her about their business and private life.
He wanted to get coffee?
It was a good idea to get their story together, because people would be suspicious of their relationship and ask how they even got together in the first place.
She looked over at the teacher, seeing that he was still completely knocked out, he was leaning back on his chair, his head completely back and his mouth parted slightly. Just then she realised they could have left earlier. She let out a little laugh, looking back at Ajax and smiling,” Yeah Ajax, let’s not waste any more time in here. Let’s go”.
He let go of her hand, and for some reason she felt some regret about that. But she pushed that thought and emotion away. Instead she got up carefully, grabbing her side bag and her leather jacket, looking over at Ajax every now and then to see if he was doing the same. She saluted the teacher briefly and jokingly and then made her way out of the classroom, seeing the hallway empty as it was after school hours. Kita looked aside to Ajax,” You have a particular coffee shop?”.

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Christopher (tratser) | 127 comments Ajax grabbed his things which wasn't much other than his book and backpack. He looked over to her as he stood up and flashed a small smile to her every time she would look over to him. He was glad that they were finally going to get out of there.
He probably shouldn't mention this to her but he really liked her outfit and thought it was cute.
He shook his head of that thought because she was just going to be his fake girlfriend so he didn't need to make this into anything real.
He looked at the teacher one last time and just chuckles to himself thinking about how often this happens and how many times he has forgotten that he could just leave the class. He walks out of the room with Kita and he leads the way to the parking lot so he could drive them to the coffee shop that he had in mind.
"Yeah I have a coffee shop in mind that is not too far from here." He says looking back to her, "It's a place called Café Erth. Nice little place and very few people come over there from our school so we should be the only high schoolers there."
They finally make it to the parking lot which was as well empty except for a few cars that belonged to the teachers and people who stayed after school for sports and stuff like that.
"Well... do you want me to give you a ride there or do you have your own car that you can take over there?" he asked unsure of what to do, "I mean I think it'll be easier to get there if you take a ride with me rather than us taking two cars."
He must have sounded like an idiot for being so unsure and making the whole thing more awkward than it had to be. He quickly scratches the back of his head to try and calm down a bit.

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Niran | 681 comments Kita looked back briefly at the teacher who was supposed to be in charge of detention, giving a small smile and shake of her head. This school really needed to get someone who wouldn’t fall asleep during detention, but to her luck, they didn’t.
She was eager to see this Cafe Erth he was talking about, she had never been there, though she had heard of it. Not a lot of people from their school went there, according to Ajax, which was good.
Both Kita and Ajax made their way out of the school and into the parking lot, seeing a few cars left over; some from students who were here doing after school activities and most of the teachers who stayed after school to do some work.
She put her leather jacket on, holding her beg between her thighs while she did then placed her bag back on her shoulder. She crossed her arms and looked at him with slight amusement as he gave his little confused explanation. Kita thought that it was cute how he scratched his head in confusion, he was like a cartoon or something. She gave a small chuckle and motioned to him,” We’ll take your car, but you’re going to have to drop me home. I’ll leave my car here and get my sister to drop me off in the morning”.
“Lead the way, Ajax”, she smiled, motioning to the parking lot due to the fact that she was unsure of what his car was. She knew her car was safe, it was all locked up and in the corner of the parking lot, so she didn’t really worry much.

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Christopher (tratser) | 127 comments Ajax was okay with taking her over to the cafe since he was the one who knew where it was and he was also okay with dropping her off at her home. But he also could take the time to pick her up in the morning so she doesn't have to bother her sister for a ride. Plus it would mean more time for them to talk to each other about the plan and other things if they wanted.
"Well I can also take you to school tomorrow so you don't have to go and bother your sister to give you a ride." he says looking right over to her. "I mean I have to be at school as well."
He starts to lead the way over to his car going all the way to the first parking spot, which was always his favorite spot. He finally makes it to a small red convertible sports car.
"This is my car her." he says motioning to it as he unlocks it with the keys, "It's a 2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF. This is my baby. I named her the Odyssey."
Ajax quickly takes her to the side of the car and then places her in the passenger side making sure to be a gentlemen and then he finally gets in his side and starts up the engine. The car was loud and it had a nice interior design, the car seats were a brown red leather and the dashboard would glow with a neon red thanks to lights outline it. The car was also not automatic, it was stick shift making it more unique. Ajax soon put the top down so they could feel the wind as they drove to the cafe.
"Well time to buckle up because here we go." He says as he starts to slowly get out of the parking lot to then quickly merge into traffic, not wasting a second to get to the cafe. "Don't worry we're good." He murmurs to her to try and reassure her.

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Niran | 681 comments They were making their way over to his car when he stated that he wouldn't mind picking her up tomorrow for school either, so she stopped slightly and looked at him with surprise, but a good surprise. It made sense to ride together, but she just hadn't really expected it. She gave a small smile, nodding,"Okay, you can pick me up tomorrow then. I mean it makes sense...especially if we're going to fake this relationship and convince everyone its real".
She came to a halt as they were finally in front of his car. Her mouth parted slightly and her eyebrows raised without her knowing.
"Oh wow...okay, shes pretty...and expensive", she stated, her eyes scanning the car,"Odyssey must have cost a pretty penny". He had to be rich, on top of being Mr Popular he was also Mr Rich.
It was even fancier and expensive looking inside! She couldn't help but to be in awe and shock from it all, this was all somewhat overwhelming and different to her. It was clear that they both lived very different lives.
She suddenly looked up to see that the car was making itself into a convertible, and she couldn't help but chuckle slightly, because of course he would have a convertible.
"Its okay, you don't have to reassure me Mr Popular", she stated," I'm a big girl". Part of her was enjoying this, only a small part, but then the other part was telling her that all of this was so cliche.
"For some reason, I feel like I saw you riding a motorcycle", she admitted, looking aside to him. He kind of had that look, denim jacket, floppy hair and this bad boy look about him.

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Christopher (tratser) | 127 comments "Well I just want to make sure that my big girl is safe and all." He says in a teasing manor to her. As Ajax drove his car down the road he smiles thinking about her reaction to him having this car and how he was well off. He was never one for showing off but his family did give him gifts from time to time so he decides to use those most often than not.
"Well my uncle bought me this car and I guess it costed him way more than just a pretty penny." He says as he stops the car at a red light, "I used to drive a motorcycle 2 years ago but since I got this I decided to switch. It got me a fair bit of attention from a lot of different people including Natasha herself."
He accelerates quickly down the street again as soon as the light turned green. They were soon on the street that the cafe was and he spares no time in finding a parking spot not too far from the cafe. It was clear that one of his most favorite things to do was to just drive his car. Ajax starts to put the top up for the car and then turns off the engine making its rumbling come to a stop.
He slowly gets out the car, closing his door so he can walk over to her side and help her out of the car taking her hand again. This time he didn't let go of her hand and lead the way over to the cafe. "I think that you are going to enjoy this place a lot Kita. It's not very packed and had great drinks." he says looking back to her face, smiling at her. He gets them both inside of the cafe and they're standing in front of the cashier looking at the drinks they could order.
"I'll take a caramel frappuccino with grounded coffee bean in it." he states to the cashier who then quickly looks over to Kita.

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Niran | 681 comments ((Sorry for such a late reply! Things in my house are being refurbished and things have been hectic))

Kita couldn't help but think this guy was loaded with cash and that his family was rich, because wouldn't that just be so typical. She raised her eyebrows and gave a little sigh, nodding her head as she took in all the information he was giving her. She was trying to process everything and remember in case question came up and she needed to answer them. They were going to be in a fake relationship after all, people needed to be convinced.
"This Natasha girl seems so lovely and genuine", Kita replied sarcastically, giving him a small smile and a joking look. Why was he with her in the first place? Just because she was attractive? She didn't seem like a nice person at all.
Finally, they were at the cafe, and he took her hand to guide her out of the car, which was nice. She was starting to get used to him taking her hand. However he didn't let go of her hand, which was unexpected and surprising, she just looked down at his hand around hers briefly and looked back at him.
She smiled and nodded, making their way into the cafe and ordering. She was daydreaming and looking around at the cafe, it looked very homey and chill.
"Oh, its my turn", she chuckled nervously. She looked up at the menu and then turned to the cashier again, smiling," I'll have a cinnamon hot chocolate with whipped cream". Kita looked back over and smiled sheepishly at Ajax, feeling their hands still together.

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Christopher (tratser) | 127 comments ((It's alright I was just busy as well since a lot of new things just happened at my home.))

Ajax listened to her and what she had to say about Natasha and just chuckles lightly to her sarcastic remark. Natasha was a nice girl when she wanted to be which was usually when she wanted to get something out of the situation. Ajax had fallen for her lie and only now did he realize what she was really.
He smiles at what she had ordered and looks over to her face seeing her have a very embarrassed smile on. He wondered why and then realizes that he was still holding her hand since he was getting used to to having her hand in his. "Oh uh... sorry about that." he says as he lets go of her hand slowly letting it go down to her side, "I was just getting used to it is all."
He looks around the place now and looks for a nice place for the two of them to sit together. He finally lays his eyes on a table that was next to a window that only sat two.
"Let's go and sit down Kita. We can talk over here at this table." he says as he walks on over to the table, pulling her seat out for her to sit and as soon as she sat down he pushed her in. He was then going to sit down on his seat but the barista called their names to get their drinks and he goes up to get both of them.
When he comes back he is holding a mug with whipped cream towering on the top and his plastic cup drizzled over with caramel.
"Well here you are Kita, your cinnamon hot chocolate and then my caramel frappe." He says as he sets the drinks down carefully. Ajax finally sits down and takes a quick little sip of his drink letting out an mm' because of good his drink was.

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Niran | 681 comments Kita couldn't deny the disappointment she felt when he let go of her hand, however she knew she would push any sort of comfort she felt from it away and in the back of her mind. She didn't want to complicate things and have unnecessary feelings.
She gave a little laugh and shook her head," It's okay, I understand". She hadn't minded him holding her hand actually. Whatever, she thought.
Kita followed him as he led the way to the empty table next to the window, and she was surprised to feel him behind her, tucking her in. "Wow, did bad boy Ajax tuck in my chair? What a gentlemen", Kita said jokingly, clutching as her heart and giving him a mischievous smile. Who knew that he had this side to him? Who knew he could make her heart flutter with such a simple gesture? That was the real reason she was clutching at her chest. He quickly came back with their drinks and Kitas eyes widened in excitment, they looked ,"Delicious", she stated. She could see the whipped cream towering and felt herself day dreaming about how she was going to eat that up.
"Thank you", she smiled at Ajax.
She got her hands on her drink and sipped it carefully, but not carefully enough, because without realising, she had a whipped cream moustache. She looked back at Ajax, smiling widely and stating," Now that, is heavenly".

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Christopher (tratser) | 127 comments Ajax only chuckles at her remark that he was acting like such a gentleman. He really just wanted to make her as comfortable as he could and as soon as he saw her smile he felt a little more in his chest, as if his heart had just stopped in that moment. If someone were to ask him what his favorite feature is of Kita, he would have to admit that it was her smile that she used to express herself.
“Since you’re going to be my girlfriend from now on I want to make sure that you feel good.” He says as she drinks her hot chocolate. “Whatever you say. As the old saying goes, your wish is my command.”
He took another sip of his drink and looked out the window to the park that was nearby the cafe. It was nice with trees covering it all the way and when it would be a windy day the trees would almost look like they would be dancing. Maybe I should take her over there for a bit after, he thought to himself. He really didn’t want to lose this but also didn’t know what this was. Was it real or was it all fake.
Ajax looks back to Kita and sees that she has a nice and big whipped cream moustache and he tried to hold in his laughter from the site. He nods in response to what she had just said and still was trying so hard not to laugh.
“Kita...” he says with a bit laughter in his voice, “you have something on the top of your lips. It seems to be a white moustache. Huh I never knew you rolled like that.” He starts to chuckle a bit.
After he is done laughing he gets his composure back together and gets a napkin to wipe her mouth. When he’s done he gives he a smile and a pat on the head. “Gotta be more careful next time sport.”
He starts to drink his frappe again and was now halfway down with his. “We can go to the park if you would like. It’ll be nice to go on a little stroll with you.” He says lookin her in the eyes with a small smile on.

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Niran | 681 comments Kita didn’t realise she had a white, cream moustache until Ajax started laughing his ass off. She touched her mouth slightly, but he was already cleaning her up with a napkin and patting her head. She somewhat sat there, dumbfounded and shocked and grateful all in one. But she gave him a small smile and a small laugh, grateful that she was being taken care of.
She was about to continue drinking her hot chocolate, but stopped when she remembered what he said before about being his girlfriend. She looked to him, her face somewhat monotone,”Fake...girlfriend, Ajax”. Sure, they were going to be in a fake relationship and pretending to play house but they weren’t actually playing house. They both needed to remember that, otherwise things would get complicated.
She sipped her hot chocolate some more and then eventually finished it, looking towards Ajax and smiling softly.
She leaned forward, looking at him carefully and then saying,” We can go wherever you want to”. She liked this little cafe, so she’d definitely be coming back here whenever she needed some space or just a quiet place to relax and read. Kita pushed back her hair and softly said,” Somewhere where only you know, somewhere beautiful and peaceful”. She wanted to know more about him, every little thing; secrets or just facts or just general things about him. She would need to know these things too.

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Niran | 681 comments ??

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Christopher (tratser) | 127 comments ((Omg I am so sorry about forgetting about this one. I am fully willing to continue this Rp with you if you are.))

Ajax nods his head knowing that the two of them would have to be able to get this all together if people are to buy their lie or else they'll have to step up their little show by showing some PDA, but that would be a last resort for their plan. He didn't want to make Kita feel uncomfortable since she was actually someone that was nice and was volunteering herself to help him out. He actually started to blush at the thought of the two of them making out together and shook his head looking away from her thinking, Don't think thoughts like that man, she's right in front of you.
"You know I wanted to show you the park that was right across the way from her." He says as he looks out the window and points over to the nice little park. "It's almost as nice and beautiful as you are." He puts his index finger under her chin and lightly flicks it up "And people don't go there so it'll be nice and beautiful like you want."
Ajax didn't know why he was doing the things he did with her but he liked doing them since he felt like they were natural and not forced on. He then gets up and offers her his hand to grab so they can get going. "Now lets go my lady, to take a nice stroll down in the park." he said in a joking way to her.

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Niran | 681 comments ((Im sorry too! I would love to continue this roleplay))

Kita raised her eyebrows at his touch, feeling warmth as he placed his finger under her chin and was forced to look deep into his eyes. She couldn't deny the fact that he was attractive, but she needed to remind herself that this was a partnership. That their relationship would be fake, and that was that. Kita looked out the window, towards the park and then looked back at Ajax, she nodded and took his hand," Lets go".
They were walking through the park, and it was beyond beautiful. The sun was setting; turning the sky a range of colours, from pink, purple, orange and to yellow. The lake was glistening and the birds were chirping lightly.
"It all seems so insignificant; our problems and our lives", she sighed, looking around at everything," Compared to all this, the nature and animals, us humans are all so small. I wish I could just live somewhere with animals, a nice warm location where I don't have to worry about grades and money and my future". She realised she was going on a tangent of personal thoughts and immediately look to Ajax, blushing slightly and shaking her head," Sorry. I just bombarded you with all my thoughts". She let out a sheepish laugh and put her hands in her pocket, looking back out at everything.
"You're right though, this park is beautiful", she smiled widely at Ajax, approving of this location and somewhat approving of him. He wasn't so bad after all.

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Christopher (tratser) | 127 comments Ajax walked with her through the park looking around at all the nature around them and he soon saw some little rabbits wondering around not really minding that there were humans near them. This area of the city was sort of isolated and the animals here felt more at peace and less threatened by others. Ajax smiles lightly thinking about how he just wants to leave this place and live somewhere where he doesn’t have to worry about others and what they think about him and what he should be. He takes in a deep breathe and feels a bit sad since he knows that kind of life is not possible with his family and how they think of him. He lets go of her hand and starts to keep his distance from her making it not noticeable through.
He was trying to think of something to say to her that would make nice little small talk but he couldn’t think of anything that would be worthy of small talk. But then she started to speak as if she was speaking to herself, and he was interested in what she was saying. It was like she understood how he felt, in a way and what he wanted for himself. He looks down to the grass that was almost up to his ankle with light shining through it. He smiles as he turns his head over to look her in the eyes, he was glad to see that she was blushing and laughing the way she did.
“No it was alright... I couldn’t have said that any better myself.” He said sheepishly to her not sure if he wanted to share that information with her. Honestly he hadn’t had interactions with a person like this and he didn’t know what to do. “So...ugh” he clears his throat, “Yeah this place is wonderful and good to come through to just relax and think.” He takes the lead again and lead them to a little hill with a tree perched on top next to a wooden bench, the bench was made to look over some trees and the sunset. Names with hearts around them were etched into the tree and of course some stupid jokes as well. The seat was well worn out but still there as if something wanted it to be there. Ajax takes Kita’s hand sits down with her to look over to the sunset. “This is probably the best part of the park though. The best little view you can find in this city.” He looks off to the sun and just looks out there thinking about how he found this place when he was alone.

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Niran | 681 comments ((So sorry for the sudden hiatus and not letting you know about it! But I'm back and would love to continue))

Kita found herself looking over to Ajax as they found a place to sit and take in the view. It was breathtaking, like nothing she had ever seen before in this bustling and ever fast paced environment. A few minutes passed before she even realised how quiet things had become between them. She let out a little laugh, something nervous but also genuinely amused.
"Sorry", she apologised, looking out at the setting and then looking to Ajax,"I realised how quiet it was for a few minutes and sometimes when I over think it I let out this weird laugh". She shook her head and sighed heavily, leaning forward and letting the lasting sun warm her face a little bit.
"So, this little partnership we have...are there any rules?", she asked curiously, wondering what they're little agreement actually meant. "For example, do you expect me to come to certain events with you or something? I don't know", she shrugged. He was the one with the reputation and all the popularity, all eyes would be on him, as they always were.

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Christopher (tratser) | 127 comments ((Oh my gosh I am so sorry I had just took a long break right now and I just decided to look back into the site. I remember loving where this one was going and would love to continue this one if you would like to!))

Ajax smiled as Kita let out a laugh that any other person would be super embarrassed by. “You’re fine with the laugh... I actually thought it broke up the silence quiet neatly.” He says in a silly manor to her. Ajax really liked that Kita was probably one of the most genuine people he had ever met in his life other than his mother. He let out a sigh at the thought and looks over to Kita to look into her eyes so he can tell her, “Look... I think it’ll be good if you stick by me...” he lowers his gaze down to the floor since he wasn’t too sure if she’d be fine with this, “Like stick by me wherever I go.” Ajax shrugs and nervously laughs. “I mean of course if you are fine with that.” He says with a smile on his face still lookin go down to the floor.
Ajax finally looks back up to her and fixes his hair since it was starting to fall forward a bit. “I also do have one rule if you’re going to be my pretend girlfriend.” He says in a more serious and foreboding way. He scotches closer to her and whispers to her, “Please don’t let this all get to you...” Ajax just stays silent for a moment, “I don’t want you to be compromised at all.” He looks into her eyes one more time to make sure she heard and understood what he had just said to her. “Other than that, I don’t have any rules. Do you have any for me?” He wanted to make sure he wasn’t going to be stepping over any boundaries that she had and that she was comfortable with all of this because she deserved it.

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Niran | 681 comments ((Hey! That's okay! It's crazy times lately, I hope you're keeping safe! I'd also love to continue))

Kita felt her eyebrows come together, her forehead creasing in confusion and anticipation. When she heard him say "Please don't let this all get to you...I don't want you to be compromised at all", she wondered what that truly meant. Did he mean to tell her that she wasn't allowed to fall for him? That they weren't allowed to fall for each other? Kita knew she wouldn't, they were completely different people. But it was strange to her, almost as if he was already putting up a barrier between them. She understood though, all this would be is a partnership. He was looking intently in her eyes, all she could do was gulp and then nod, confirming she understood. The seriousness of the conversation disappeared as she let out a small smile, "Stick to you at all times? Isn't that kind of impossible?".
She thought for a moment, did she have any boundaries? She sat up a little bit and looked at him," These aren't necessarily rules...but I will not be forced into doing anything I dont want to do or anything I'm uncomfortable with. I'm not going to change my personality to fit into the crowd or become part of your clique, I will not abandon my best friend for you or for your friends. If you can't take me as your fake girlfriend the way I am then you'll have to find someone else to be your fake girlfriend". Kita looked at him with her eyebrows raised, anticipating his reply and trying to gauge his expression.

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Christopher (tratser) | 127 comments ((Yeah things have really gone crazy and I’m fine and I hope you’re doing fine as well!))

Ajax nodes his head when she repeated what he had said to her. He didn’t want her morals or who she was to be changed by all the attention that she would be getting from being with him. She seemed like a kind soul that was worth protecting and keeping pure. He smiles slightly when she starts to state her terms and how she isn’t going to change herself at all for him. He chuckles lightly, “ I wouldn’t have it any other way.” he says quietly shaking his head with glee. Ajax knew this was getting a little too real for him now but these emotions that he felt were genuine and with someone who he feels is true. He moves his hand over to hers and then takes hold of it and interlocks their fingers.
“Well now we have to sign an agreement to cement that we are going forward with this no matter what.” Ajax says as he looks into her eyes. He moves their hands up to their eyesight and takes a deep breath before saying, “Kita, will you be my one and only fake girlfriend.” He then plants a kiss on her hand and then moves their hands closer to her face. “Do what I did to take me as your fake boyfriend.” He thought it would fun to have this little ritual to make the whole thing a memorable event between them.

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Niran | 681 comments Kita felt like she understood what he meant, so she simply accepted what was being said and nodded. Suddenly, he took her hand and locked their fingers, and for some reason Kitas heart fluttered slightly. Why was the guy already having an effect on her? She was acting like she had had no male attention ever, she was being pathetic. She quickly regained composure and continued to look at what he was doing. Then, he lifted her hand in his to his mouth and kissed her hand, his lips feeling soft against her skin.
She let out a little laugh, grinning and looking down, her curly hair falling in front of her face slightly. She pushed her hair back with her other hand and nodded. Kita lifted their joined hands and kissed his as well, being gentle yet firm.
"Yeah alright, I'll be your one and only fake girlfriend, and you'll be my one and only fake boyfriend", Kita smiled, nodding slowly. It was kind of cute that they had this little ritual, just them, between them, in a beautiful park.
"It's officially fake", she smirked.

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Christopher (tratser) | 127 comments Ajax smiled warmly at her and when she finally planted her lips on to his hand he was bit surprise with how smooth and soft her kiss was. Most kisses he has had were very rough and to the point and this had some magic to it that couldn’t be replicated. He laughed like a little kid at her last remark to their little ritual and doesn’t let go of her hand and actually gripping her hand softly. He scoots a bit closer to her on the bench and looks forward as the sun finally starts to get lower making it more and more chillier in the area. The wind blew in front of them and made Ajax shiver.
“Wow it suddenly got chilly over here. Huh.” He exclaims to her in a surprised voice. He looks around at his phone to see what time it was and sees that it is actually about to become 5 in the afternoon already. He knew that he would need to get them somewhere we’re they would be warm at least and then figure out how to get them out when to go home. “Well whenever you would like to get out of here then I’ll take us out of here and then we can see what we can do from there.” He says as he finally lets go of her hand.

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Niran | 681 comments Kita was surprised to see that he still held her hand, it felt warm and comforting, somewhat protective. She smiled at his laugh, thinking that it sounded genuine and beautiful. She had never truly seen him laugh like that, she had seen him around school, she couldn't exactly avoid him since he was the popular guy. She felt him move closer as he stated that it had become chilly, she gave a little smirk, teasing him, "Come closer, I'll warm you up, baby".
She glanced over at his phone to see the time, she was surprised it was already 5pm. She nodded at his last comment, getting up and stating,"To be honest I should be getting home; my dad will be wondering where I am". She started to step until she realised their hands weren't joined anymore, she looked down at her hand briefly and then let out a small chuckle. Kita quickly looked back at him," Well come on, slow coach. Let's go".

((should we skip to the morning when he picks her up or something?))

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Christopher (tratser) | 127 comments ((Yeah I think that would be a good idea, and sorry I was just dealing with finals and all here so I’m back now))

Ajax got up early in the morning because today he would have to go and pick up his new fake girlfriend from her place. He didn’t know how far he would have to travel but he thought it would be good to get up early just in case it might be a problem for him to get to her and school in time. He quickly grabbed his phone and looked at the time on his bright screen. It was barely 6:00 in the morning and it was almost pitch black outside with very few birds chirping their little songs. He texts Kita, “Hey I hope you’re awake right now because if not then I just woke you up. I’m gonna come over in half an hour or more so get yourself decent and I’ll see you there sweetie!” He ends off his message with a kiss emoji. He chuckles lightly and quickly gets up to take a shower that was brisk and steamy. He gets his clothes that he laid out on the bed and puts it on. The outfit consisted of black jeans that were straight fitted and a white t-shirt that was v necked. He then got his bag, denim jacket, and keys to walk outside into the cold over to his car to make his way over to her place. The drive wasn’t too long and was actually quite pleasant with very little traffic and no traffic lights. He finally made it to her place and parked out in front of her place with the engine still running. “Come on outside now. I’m out in front waiting for you.” He texts to her as he waits looking to her front door.

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Niran | 681 comments ((No worries, I hope finals weren't too stressful))

Kita was already up by 6am, looking at the text message that Ajax sent her and letting out a small laugh. She was up and ready by 6:15am. She had hadn't been able to sleep, she always tossed and turned when it was time to go to bed, she wasn't a good sleeper at all.
Today, she wore a black, fitted jumper dress, and knee high combat boots, her hair curly around her. She looked completely bad ass. She had been in her kitchen, eating a little breakfast bar and sipping on a tea when she got another text from Ajax, telling her he was outside. She quickly finished up and put her leather coat on, grabbing her shoulder bag and yelling,"I'm out!" to her father who was probably getting ready too. She heard a muffled yell and smiled, knowing that was her fathers way of saying he heard her.
She turned to see Ajax and couldn't help but smile, walking towards his car and opening the passenger door.
"Well well, if it isn't my fake boyfriend", she smirked, getting in and raising her eyebrows. She wondered what the day would hold for them; many stares and whispers would emerge.

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Ajax smiled back at Kita when she walked out the door and yelled out to her father. She was very amusing to say the least with the way she carried herself. And the way she dressed today was very adorable in her own way. He lets out a little sigh when she enters the car and reaches over to grab her hand. “And a good morning to my fake girlfriend.” He smirked at her and then took her hand to the stick shift to move the car into drive. “Now I’ve seen other couples do this before in movies and I thought it would be a fun way for us to hold hands this morning in the car.” He starts to drive the car towards the school making sure to keep within the speed limit. “If you don’t like it then we don’t have to do it... but just between me and you, it’s nice to have a warm hand on mine.” He smiled lightly knowing that it would get a reaction from her and that was part of the fun with this.

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