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Maica walked in and looked around in awe. "Oh my God... This place is huge." she said, looking around.

Phoenix~They/Them Raya walked around, nodding a bit, "Yeah it is." She said.

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She looked at the prices for the lunches. "Why so expensive for a lunch?!" She exclaimed.

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Phoenix~They/Them "My father gave me some money including my part time job. I have a better idea, lets cook in the dorm room instead, I'm amazing at cooking." She said.

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"Oooh! Yay! Cooking." Maica hummed happily. "I wouldn't be able to pay for anything here anyway."

Phoenix~They/Them "Let's go then." She said, now walking in the direction of the dorms.

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Maica followed behind quietly, silently celebrating the fact she'll be in a kitchen again.

Phoenix~They/Them Maya left.

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