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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Shifter romance the guy is a werewolf but I’m now unsure what kind of shifter the girl is. [s]

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Novapicksromance | 49 comments So I read this in the past 6months and I remember it being about a werewolf shifter that falls in love with a deer (I think) shifter and the pack doesn’t approve so he has to protect her from his pack.

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Tove (blacksouleater) | 15 comments Lion and the Doe by Kristen Strassel ? He is not a wolf shifter but a lion

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Lion and the Doe the click for Tove's suggestion.

Novapicksromance | 49 comments That’s not it, but i remember that she’s also a teacher
And he’s an alpha that has dark black fur

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Please always include genre and plot details in your header, as per the Group Rules. Your query is more likely to be spotted by the people who can help you find it.

Novapicksromance | 49 comments I also remember a point where the guys pack surrounds her home (a cottage) . And in another part he sees her in town with children and her hair braided ( I don’t know why this stands out to me but it does) and she might be a teacher

Novapicksromance | 49 comments Has anyone read this one?

Novapicksromance | 49 comments Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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AThousandTales, is this a story from an anthology/collection? For example:

"The Hunt" by Doris O'Connor in anthology Owned by the Alpha by Sam Crescent?

One reviewer says, "Another great story about Raphael and Aubrey. He's a wolf and the alpha of their pack. His pack was on the hunt and he found out a rival pack was hunting too. He scented their prey as his mate. An injured doe trying to run from his rival pack. He attacked them and saved her. Aubrey is a doe. She's a teacher in a small village. She's his mate but she knows his pack won't approve of her because an alpha needs a strong female by his side and she thinks she's weak. And yes, his pack didn't approve at first but she proved to them she's right for him..."


(Google search - site:www.goodreads.com "paranormal romance" "deer shifter" teacher wolf shifter)

Novapicksromance | 49 comments Thank you, yes that’s it.

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Great. Glad we could help.

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