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Picture Imperfect
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BUDDY READ: Contemporary/Romance > Picture Imperfect by Nicola Yeager - Starting August 26, 2018

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Carrie (boombaby13) | 4289 comments Chloe Dixon is a struggling artist in her early thirties.

She’s lived with her boyfriend Mark for almost two years and things seem to be going smoothly.

The one day Mark unexpectedly announces that he’s going on holiday to Greece for a week with an old friend – and a couple of girls.

And suddenly the Picture is far from Perfect.

Mark insists the holiday will be quite innocent.

And Chloe trusts him.

But can any woman really trust her boyfriend cavorting around a Greek island with another woman?

And is she being unreasonable to think that this might not be a very nice thing to do to your girlfriend?

As Chloe completes her latest canvas, she starts to wonder if this is the moment to take Mark out of the picture completely?

Carrie (boombaby13) | 4289 comments Sat (view spoiler)

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Carrie (boombaby13) | 4289 comments Sun (view spoiler)

Carrie (boombaby13) | 4289 comments Tues (view spoiler)

Carrie (boombaby13) | 4289 comments End (view spoiler)

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16.0% (view spoiler)

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47.0% (view spoiler)

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59.0% (view spoiler)

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85.0% (view spoiler)

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Finished... I hate that Kindle doesn't really have accurate percentages... anyways 85% was more like 95%... I liked the ending, I think that is the reason I gave this 1 star... She does need to keep an eye on her tools...

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Carrie wrote: "Sat [spoilers removed]"

she is a pushover!!!

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Carrie wrote: "Sun [spoilers removed]"

I've been on trips where I just filled in for other people that canceled but I was not in a relationship like Mark was... I don't think I would've gone if I was... or at least if I cared for what my partner thought.

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Carrie wrote: "Tues [spoilers removed]"

I agree... I think he just holds grudges against her cuz she doesn't make more money...

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Carrie wrote: "End [spoilers removed]"

I'm glad she did too... I just think she shouldn't have needed 5 people to tell her what she should do to do the right thing...

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