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Strange Times at Fairwood High (Homeroom, #1)
This topic is about Strange Times at Fairwood High
SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Teen realistic fiction series from the mid-90s or earlier focused on a particular class, possibly homeroom [s]

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Joy Snider | 9 comments Main character is a blonde girl, I think her name is Piper. In one book she is shopping and says she thinks she looks best in black because of the color contrast. In another book another girl suggests she get a dress in a “dusty rose” color instead of black. That character is a girl with dark hair who is nominated for Homecoming Queen and accidentally reveals that she is a real princess in her home country. I think I remember that it is written in first-person from the blonde girl’s point of view. It was kind of a “fluff” series, similar to Sweet Valley. I read it in the early or mid 90s but it could easily have been 20 years old by then.

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Joy Snider | 9 comments Yes! Thank you! For some reason the only “Homeroom” I could find was not this one!

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