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My book, "THE MOST SERIOUS GAME," is a psychological spy novel about two 30-somethings who have taken up catching spies as second careers. The young man, Daniel, is a former sommelier, and his partner, Esther, is a former English professor. They're sent to investigate what appears to be a routine lab accident inside a defense contractor ... and end up playing mental poker with a sadistic psychopath "mole" who is bent on destroying what he can't tyrannize.

This is the story of how the investigators catch the mole and, in so doing, how these two misfit junior detectives develop a genuine, authentic affection for each other.

I personally feel the material is a pretty "hard-R rating," but I'd be curious to see how it reads to others.

There is actually very little violence, but loads of language.

Happy to return the beta-reading favor as well.

I guess, PM me if interested?


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Jennifer Bourgeois (jennykatharina) | 237 comments I am interested

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