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SamuraiKitty | 155 comments Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes...
As Claes/Nicholas regains his senses, he realizes that he is laying naked but decorously in a tub in the well equipped kitchen of a household of means. And we readers get a snap shot of what that well equipped kitchen looked like. And Katelina is there as well - casually dressed with her hair unbound, studying Claes/Nicholas as an artist studies, "a painting brought in by a foreigner."
They talk.
"You have me at a disadvantage" Claes/Nicholas - (In more ways than one)
She is contemptuous - she has seen nakedness in a man before - her parents, servants, and cousin sleep naked. (Thank you for that info Katelina). On that note Claes leaves the tub - she gets a view of his backside, and he goes to the fireplace, grabs his shirt and ties it round his hips.
He's charming (typical), she's cold, and tells him there is soup. He serves them both. Comments that she has saved him twice now.
Questions - both have questions. Which will be answered, and which will remain unasked? For Claes, a puzzle; hopefully conversation will bring answers. He sees how handsome she is. He likes girls, and not only for sex. He knows his reputation, and it's deserved. But NOT with virgins, and Katelina is a virgin. Again they talk, this time about Simon, and Gelis, and Jordan, and she is now standing before the fire; her robe is off, exposing the outline of her body through the fine linen of her night rail/chemise. She has picked up the towel that Claes/Nicholas could not/did not find? And talk about Jordan de Riberac - and he fills in the blanks of the night, and what Jordan did.
She is 19, clever, and capable. And acting like her younger sister Gelis. (According to Claes/Nicholas - who always acts like an adult?!!! - just saying)
"Demoiselle, the world is full of bridegrooms."
"I expect too much. What I want doesn't exist," Katelina (I love that line and no you don't expect too much!)
Claes regrets that he has to be explicit: "I'm the surrogate. I'm not flattered."
"Show me how, it's my whim." Katelina's whim!!!!!!!
And they make love/have sex - and he plans all except for falling asleep afterwards - but hey - he's had a rather stressful day :) And in her sleep Katelina is smiling (lucky virgin!) and he's awake and smiling - and for the same reason. So after getting up he tidies the house where he has been - leaving no traces - um sort of - and goes back to Katelinas room to get dressed and leave.
But she is not ready to let him go, and so... and so....
If it's wrong, it's wrong, what name can I give you? (Oh Lymond readers think!)
So disarming - so cruel.
Back to Jordan: A charming family: They hate one another.
And Claes/Nicholas didn't realize that, once, he had called her Katelina.
He didn't understand, in the slightest degree, what he had done.....

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Giki | 272 comments I thought this chapter really turned the story on it's head. It is the first time that we really see Claes in a position of power (and I still do think of him as Claes at this stage). Katelina knew for sure that her suitor wasn't who he was supposed to be from the start - I am very sure that she wasn't hoping for JdeR, she was hoping for Claes. She got him in the end - if only breifly, good for her.

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SamuraiKitty | 155 comments Hi Giki -
Hope all is well with you! I agree - this chapter is where the story gets turned/upended.

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