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Nick Noggerath | 7 comments Hi all. I completed this book about a year ago and have been doing heavy edits and rewrites ever since. I think it's close to being ready for publication, but I need some betas to give me more feedback. Mostly stuff on story and characters and whatnot.

Title: The Sword Saints

Sword Saints, mortals of such great power many say they are only second to the gods themselves. Many say they are just figments given life by drunkards and bitter beaten Kings. But the wise know that they are as real as winter's chill.

Melias is one of the legendary Sword Saints, a title he did not seek. Tasked by the Queen for secret missions, Melias' latest target is a friend of the same title. Usually, his job has a no questions policy, but now he has to question where his loyalties lie.

Revenge and blood have made Yuna Gaedal flee the safety of her Queendom walls to hunt down her parents' killer. But this princess will learn that killing isn't as pretty or simple as she initially thought.

To Shu Salson the Sword Saints were heroes of epic proportions and he has dreamed to become one of them. While traveling to the whereabouts of his estranged father he comes across one of the Sword Saints and this makes him ecstatic, but soon he realizes they are nothing like he expected.

The lives of these three are threaded by the invisible yarn of Fate. Spinning a tale of courage, love, revenge and tough sacrifices, Book 1 of The Swordsman Saga is a novel that catalogs a series of catastrophes and the lengths one must go to save their country and their world.

message 2: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Bourgeois (jennykatharina) | 237 comments I would love to read it for you. Please PM me.

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mrharville | 16 comments * I could take a crack at this.

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Nick Noggerath | 7 comments bump

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