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Cold Cream 'n' Roses (coldcreamandroses) The American Library Association planned a panel “Perspectives on Islam: Beyond the Stereotyping” at its annual convention. Robert Spencer, author of eight books on Islam and jihad, was an invited speaker.

The Council on Islamic Relations (CAIR) and various academicians complained about Spencer being on the panel, and the other panelists withdrew. Rather than recruiting other panelists or letting Spencer speak alone, the ALA bowed to pressure and canceled the presentation.

For more, search "American Library Association" on Jihad Watch,

message 2: by Cathy (new)

Cathy  (cathygreytfriend) | 8 comments Why did they protest Spencer's involvement? Do you know who the other original panelists were? It sounds like quite a shame, that a panel that's intention was to open minds and introduce more people to a wide variety of Islamic perspectives and experiences was canceled.

message 3: by Cold Cream 'n' Roses (last edited Aug 20, 2009 07:30PM) (new)

Cold Cream 'n' Roses (coldcreamandroses) From ALA, panelists cave to pressure from terror-linked group, panel with Spencer canceled,, the other speakers were:

Dr. Marcia Hermansen, Director of the Islamic World Studies Program and Professor in the Theology Department, Loyola University Chicago.

Dr. Esmail Koushanpour, Emeritus professor, Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago,& former Executive Director of the Islamic Cultural Center of Greater Chicago

Alia Ammar, Ph.D., Chief Neuropsychologist, Geriatric Care Association & member of the Islamic Foundation North

What's sad is that Dr. Koushanpour's son was a college friend of mine.

message 4: by Kelly H. (Maybedog), Big Kahuna, Ministry of Illicit Reading (new)

Kelly H. (Maybedog) (maybedog) | 623 comments Mod
That's disturbing that they canceled the panel rather than finding a new speaker to replace the controversial one. I'd rather they kept people with different views but at the very least, they should have kept the event.

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