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message 1: by Hil (new)

Hil | 177 comments I bought the ebook version of 'Midnight Bites : tales of Morganville' which has the story 'New Blood' in it.
This book is in the series 'The Morganville Vampires: Extras' but it is not mentioned at all in the series 'The Morganville Vampires'.
I wondered why this was as all the other short stories in the book are mentioned in both series.
Please help.

message 2: by Hil (new)

Hil | 177 comments I would like to add that the same also applies to another five books in the 'Midnight Bites : tales of Morganville'
They are: -
1 - Vexed
2 - Signs and Miracles
3 - Pitch-Black Blues
4 - A Whisper in the Dark
5 - And One for the Devil


message 3: by Hil (new)

Hil | 177 comments Hi
Sorry but 'A Whisper in the Dark' is on both lists so you can ignore that one.

Again apologies about that one.


message 4: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 26907 comments Hil, do you know whereabouts the extras should go in the main series ie does Vexed come after Drama Queen but before Bite Club or after Bite Club? Or doesn't it matter?

The same question for the other books, where should they be placed?

message 5: by Hil (new)

Hil | 177 comments 'New Blood' this one is before 0.5 in the 'Morganville Vampires' series - as it is before and after the fire at Shane's house, Eve is still living at home and Michael is not a ghost yet.
'Vexed' is I think later in the series as Myrnin has been taught to drive by Claire he is on an adventure with Oliver.
'Signs and Miracles' comes after Book 12 'Black Dawn' - mentions the Draug happening recently.
'Pitch-Black Blues' comes at the end of the series - author mentions it as an epilogue of sorts.
'And One for the Devil' comes after Claire is married to Shane.

I hope this helps you.

message 6: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 26907 comments I've only read the first book in the main series, so probably not a lot of help *sigh*.

Added New Blood as #0.3
Vexed as #10.2
Signs & Miracles as #12.3
Pitch-Black Blues as #15.6

No idea for And One for the Devil so I've added it without a number.

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