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Powder (The Lagotti Family, #3)
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Leopold Borstinski | 3 comments Leopold Borstinski


Owning a huge amount of money is useless if you can’t spend it. With the mob and the Feds on your tail, the last thing you need is family trouble. And there’s plenty of that in this gripping new installment in the life of the Lagotti clan.

When hiding in Canada doesn’t work, the only option is to run again and build a fortress of your own in the land of the free. To start in a new town means you must prove yourself all over again – no matter how much money you bring to the table. Building a drug peddling business takes time and there’s always the kids to worry about when you get home.

So when a drug deal goes south, Mary Lou must fight to save her children. How far will she have to go to keep her family alive with Latino heroin traffickers and the East Coast mob holding her babies captive?

Set three years after the First Bank of Baltimore robbery, this fresh tale is a perfect stand-alone story, which wil be enjoyed by new and existing readers.

In case you can’t tell from the blurb above, the book contains swearing, scenes of violence and one scene of a fairly explicit sexual nature.

The novel is available for ARC review in mobi or ebook format and its publication date is November 19. Honest reviews on Amazon, as well as Goodreads obviously, are most welcome.

Thanks in advance


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CbugL | 3 comments Hello, I was wondering if you could send me an ebook format via my email This book sounds very interesting. I will review on Amazon and goodreads, if you allow me to read your book. Thank you

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Leopold Borstinski | 3 comments CbugL thanks for the request. Please go to and download the ebook from there.



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