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message 1: by Michelle M. (new)

Michelle M. | 46 comments The society we know today is not the society depicted in the book. Women have taken a major step backwards in life and not by choice. There are many restrictions on what they can and can't do, how they can and can't act, and what their place is in this new society. The main character's place in society is as a breeder. Her only job is to produce children for the Commander is assigned to. Readers will get a look into Offred's life now and what it was like in the past.

This story is so thought provoking. Even though I had a hard time getting into it right at first, I soon found myself unable to put it down. I will still be digesting all I read for a couple of days. I'm so thankful we don't live in this type of world and yet the story is so realistic that it is kind of scary to think there is a chance it could happen.

message 2: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte | 1663 comments Great review and I totally agree!

message 3: by Susie (new)

Susie | 4488 comments Have you watched the tv series? It is wonderful.

message 4: by Michelle M. (new)

Michelle M. | 46 comments Susie wrote: "Have you watched the tv series? It is wonderful."

I haven't yet but now that I have finished the book, I'm definitely going to start it! Thanks

message 5: by Joi (new)

Joi (missjoious) | 3834 comments Another fan of both the book and the TV series!

I'm becoming a huge Atwood fan.

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